It is the ah im not going to tell you what it is because im not sure what it is. I ordered this from back on january, 6th um. It took about three weeks to get here. So you can see, i placed the order. What this watch is supposed to be is the senbono 2022 model of their uh smartwatch ive ordered watches from before and about 50 of the time the company sends a much cheaper watch than what i actually ordered so lets open. This guy up see what i actually got here. It does not say send bono on here anywhere, but this should do blood pressure. Take your heart rate steps uh, send notifications, music control, sleep, monitor all the stuff. You would expect from a low end. Um smart watch. Now this is apex c specialist limited some place in uh ireland. It looks like so again senbonos, not written anywhere on the box theres the face of it lets get this guy out of the box and hmm lets explore this together. Does this look like the watch? Im gon na go with yes, just based on the fact where the the button is and theres a second button down here. So let me press and hold see if this thing comes to life. I dont think it will so im gon na have to charge this guy up, but lets see what else is in the box. Um weve got the the wristband itself and this is a full leather wristband.

All right, weve got charging cable and weve got a set of instructions here. This looks like its the i29a smartwatch. I dont know if thats in bono or not, but let me get the app installed. Let me put it through its paces and im going to splash up the name of whatever this thing actually is and then get on with the review. Okay lets get right to it. Ive been wearing this for several days and im able to verify. It is indeed the senbono i 29 smartwatch. Now you will see the same model i 29 sold under the names of senbono, bakey and lympho, and sometimes the manufacturers do that they brand it under different names and the watch hardware might be more limited under one brand than the other or the apps may be Different, so i i cant tell you for sure that all of these models are going to behave exactly the same way. So this is the senbono i 29, the other ones out. There could have more limited or more advanced features. They they just like to play that game. Its got a nice big display. This is the dial that i, like you, simply swipe from right to left, to get to your activity summary you can put weather on here. This will actually take your blood pressure folks. Now this is only using a green diode um. I am absolutely impressed that this watch can take blood pressure fairly accurately for 26 dollar.

Smart watch, its kind of amazing and im just going to let this go in real time again. This is the green diode, not the red dial. There is no red diode in this particular smart watch. This takes about a minute or so and because im talking and moving ever so slightly, it might take a little bit longer and its probably going to show that my blood pressure is a little bit higher than normal. Its been something like 1 127 over 78, something like that. I just got done working out 131 over 83, so yeah its up a little bit. If i swipe to the next screen, this is blood oxygen saturation again, something you usually only find in some of the more advanced health watches. Again, just the green diode im incredibly impressed that this does blood oxygen saturation and it does it accurately and again im letting this go in real time. So you can see how this goes. It should come up around 97 or 98 blood oxygen saturation and um its a nice big full display round its its a 1.28 inch ips hd screen. This is ip67 waterproof, so that just means its very lightly waterproof um, its kind of splash proof you dont want to go swimming with it. You dont want to go diving with it. So there you see my blood oxygen saturations. You know around 98, which is good. 97, 98. 99. Its kind of all in there so lets call it 98.

This is an indication that something might be going on with your respiratory system. If that blood oxygen, saturation drops and now ive chosen on my last screen to have sleep, you can and you can scroll back around to the beginning. If you press okay lets start from uh the main screen here once you get it to wake up and ill show you can. You can turn on a feature here. There are some settings where i can turn it on. You can put it on constant light mode. So it stays on all the time or theres a setting in here where you can have lift your wrist so from the main screen. If you press the button again, this gets you into your met your settings. If i go into the settings here, i can adjust the brightness its all the way bright right now. I can turn it down to save battery life. All right well, leave it at full. Brightness! Well, go back to the settings. I can turn on the rays to lift turn this display on so other words, when i flick my wrist, the display will come on. I usually leave that off again to save battery life. You can replace the dial. You can ill show you that in the app later um you can set an off time. Health reminder constant light languages. You can play with various vibration modes set a password shut. It off do a restart factory reset and its kind of amazing you scroll through this menu system here and you get the information about the watch there.

You see model i29 uh your blood oxygen, im, sorry, blood pressure. There are some things here for breathing and relaxation adjust the brightness theres a calculator built right into this watch that actually works. Just fine, my favorite equation well lets not get into it. You can again get into your summary of activity. You can erase all data and restore factory settings continuous heart rate. You can turn that on and off, and it will automatically do that during exercise. You can pair this with your phone okay, bluetooth phone, and then it can get your text messages sent in this actually works. Just fine. You can make phone calls again once youre tethered to your phone and ill demo. This in a minute, you can come into the dial pad. You can dial from your wrist and it will use your phone through the bluetooth connection and make that call – and this watch has a built in speaker and microphone again – kind of amazing for twenty six dollars. Im very impressed with it phone calls. You have a music controller, you can control the music on your smartphone uh, you can handshake, you can do some brushless payments and you can set it up to accept payments. You get a pressure. This is just a measure of like how much stress, stress and pressure youre under i dont really know how it gets that measurement. Um theres a theres, your sleep analysis, the blood oxygen saturation.

You can go into exercise mode here where your options are running: walking football, badminton, tennis, basketball, cycling, elliptical, hiking, on foot, yoga, strength, training, trekking and freeze, something i guess thats just free exercise. You can put it in nighttime mode, do not disturb you can get the weather again. This is pulling this from your phone when youre synced, with bluetooth theres, where you can set up the various payment options, uh a timer and a countdown timer. So its a really nice thought out well thought out touch screen very neat to change the screens. If you want something else in here, you would just press and hold lets say i dont want the weather on the screen. I would press and hold, and then you see a little minus sign pop up and now, as i scroll through, that has opened up a slot on my screen where i can hit the plus and then plug in a whichever screen i want on. There lets go see the app now. The name of the app is wherefit pro im, not a huge fan of this app because its got advertising in it. If you stick with the free version, they want you to pay to remove the ads and get some different features im not going to do that, but it gives you your step count at the top. You can look back by week by month by year. However, you wish to do it. You can look at your blood oxygen saturation over time, theres the day theres the week.

Okay, lets take a look at that again. If we go by the week, you see it kind of down at the bottom here, and it will give you your your spo2 range minimum maximum heres, my blood pressure measurements over time. Okay, pretty cool gives you, you know just a basic summary: we scroll down. It gives you continuous heart rate heres, our sleep analysis. It gives you your deep sleep versus light. Sleep total amount of time slept percentages of deep and light sleep, total duration, um. My sleep health index beats 87 of my peers. So i got a great nights. Sleep last night, thats trust me not the usual, and that is about it. It does not measure your weight. You have to input that if youre uh going to sports mode connected to your phone via bluetooth and your phone has location services turned on, then it will pull in the gps tracks. Um wow. I just got a message as we speak. It will pull into gps tracks from your phone, not the watch. This watch is not gps, theres, a fatigue level here that just lets you know, you know what your level of fatigue is again im, not entirely sure how its getting that and then something called effective activity. This is something called metabolic equivalent of task. This is basically letting you know, essentially how hard youre working – and you know the metabolic effect of the exercise youre doing thats about it, theres something here called blood glucose reference value.

I think thats just it in the app i dont think the watch does anything with blood glucose, so uh again its just really weird that um its in an app that the the watch doesnt support. If i go into devices i can go into my various dials. Now again, theres a lot of dials in here, but theyre, not all free, a lot of these theyre asking for a dollar two dollars. You have to pay for them, but theres a lot of them here. So you can choose a dial that you, like ive, obviously chosen the one i like the best. It was a freebie, so theres no lack of options for dials. I really like the one that says rolex, but i dont want to pay a dollar for it. Im kind of a cheap bastard, so um, you know thats it as far as the app is concerned. If i slide this over go back to the watch now and if i slide down, i can connect it to the phone now. Oh now it says low battery, and this is one thing i dont like about this watch is. It is always telling me low battery now i can charge it. It never says its fully charged, and you know it says its low, but i know its got plenty of life left in it because its just the way its worked. So now that im paired with my phone, i can come in here and make a phone call.

So i can pull up the dial pad lets say: oh you get the idea. I could call make a call and i can talk uh through my watch with my phone. So its got the speaker and uh and microphone so there you have it so there you have it folks, the i 29 smart watch. I really like this its packed with features for 26 dollars to get blood oxygen, saturation, continuous heart rate and blood pressure, along with the ability to get text messages and do music controls and make calls through a smart watch with a built in microphone. Speaker pretty good deal, i think its a zinc alloy case, but the back of it is definitely plastic, so its on the cheaper end of smart watches, the band i ordered it in leather. This is just some sort of cheap vinyl. It just looks and feels pretty cheap, but for 26. i think its a pretty good, cheap, smart watch so uh. You know what to do like this. Video subscribe to this channel leave a comment if you would ill drop a link on where you can buy this and if its through amazon. Just though i get a small percentage of your purchase on that trip, it costs you nothing extra, but i do have an affiliate account with with amazon. This go check me out on youtube. You can make a donation if you like what you see there. Um just donate directly through my youtube channel and uh theres, a smart watch and fitness tracker review playlist on that page and uh.

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