The watch was packed in the color paper box. The first impression is very good. The watch looks nice. The design is very similar to the Amazfit T. Rex, smart watch Senbono offers this watch in two versions., With bluetooth, calling and without bluetooth. Calling This is a version without bluetooth, calling., The other functions are exactly the same. The body is made of light, durable plastic, rubber and alloy material. The glass is made of tempered durable, glass, Strap is made of comfortable silica gel. The response of the touch to the display is very fast. You must first set your watch using the app App Dafit is simple and easy to use. If you like, the video, please subscribe, Simple change watch faces, Help my channel grow and share video. The watch supports Bluetooth 5.0.. The smartwatch has many features, For example, Heart rate blood, pressureoxygen, pedometer, stopwatch timer, music control and more. The measurement is accurate. Everything works well. Battery life is great., The battery capacity of 400 mAh lasts for 10 15 days of normal use. I really like this. Smart watch Watch look robust and at the same time sporty and modern Everything works very well.. The SENBONO smart watch is excellent. Watch have game YOUNG BIRD in which I am not very good. The application is clear and simple Lots of watch face, download and customize face. I recommend the purchase.. You will be satisfied.