It is a versatile and compact smartwatch that you can use in your daily life. It has a nice product. Packaging lets proceed to check out what is inside the packaging inside the box. You will find one and fast smartwatch packed nicely in the foam protective slot, also included as a user guide, along with a fabric, strap a charging dock to charge up the smartwatch and a metallic strap. So users, like me, can alternate between having a fabric, strap leather, strap of metallic strap, which is interchangeable on the watch all packed neatly in the product packaging on first impressions. The smartwatch feels good, solid and durable lets peel off the protective film first Music. As you see, design wise, the watch looks really modern and sleek at the back. You will find a heart rate: scanner for health measurements. The overall body of the smartwatch is made of a metal enclosure which feels to be of high quality premium, feel the anfas smartwatch is available in different colors, mainly in brown, pink and black tones each tone with its own unique design. Color lets proceed to power. It up, i can use the scroll wheel at the side to interchange between different watch themes. The designs are very cool and fun. Look at how versatile it looks in different styles. The screen is bright and clear. Has a good high resolution to it. There are different variety of apps available on the watch like music voice assistant contacts, etc, Music scroll down on the home page to access the quick access drop down menu to adjust, brightness access, the settings page amongst other options for quick access.

Now i will try to change between the different watch straps available on the smartwatch just unlatch, the straps on both ends. Music select, a type to interchange to and latch it on it latches on easily looks pretty good with the metallic strap Music change to the fabric. Strap for a more sporty look Music. The leather strap in my opinion is my favorite feels soft and comfortable to wear on. There is a feature called watch wakes up when i point it towards my face pretty useful to charge up. It is simple, just place. The watch on the charging dock and plug it into a usb power socket to charge up the 300 milliamps battery, which can last for around seven days on a full charge. I will now download the app to sync my phone to the smartwatch. The app is available on the app store. All i have to do is download it once downloaded, set it up and sync to it via bluetooth. On app, i can monitor my health with readings recorded onto the app it measures my heart rate, real time. It also can measure blood pressure readings on it too. Blood oxygen levels are measurable too, on the smart watch making it a smart watch that i can use to monitor my health. Other smart features like drink reminder and activity. Reminder can be activated to remind you to perform such tasks to promote healthy living. I can press the quick sport mode button on the right of the watch to launch the sport mode library, where i can select from 19 different sport modes like basketball, cycling, walking and many more to monitor my pace and health during such activities.

The watch also can make calls as it has a speaker and mic built into it Music. Overall, i find the andfaz smartwatch a good option for me to monitor my health and fitness during use. It is also ip67 waterproof, so i can wear it in the rain or while performing water sports. If you want to know more about this, smartwatch check out the link in description for more details.