com. You know things are going well in China when a new watch comes out from sin Bono. After all these guys, I mean like clockwork. They put watches out each one surpassing the previous one, doing all kinds of fun stuff this one's a bright screen. They claim easy to see outdoors. They say well we're about to take a look at the brand new s. 18. Already I, like their new packaging check out some of the older videos ass in bone. Oh and look at this look how sweet their packaging has become. Wow gold on black with embossing, just the box alone is nice. What are we looking at here? It is it's. The S 18 full screen touch SmartWatch ip68, waterproof yeah basic SmartWatch, with all the standard capabilities and a nice appearance. The 1.2 H inch screen 240 by 240 silicon, strap 280 milliamp hour battery and 25 days a maximum standby time with three to five days. Three to seven days of normal use time, you've got the heartrate detection exercise real time, heartrate continuous heart rate, all that good stuff different languages are supported, and it comes with its manual and box and tethering app, of course, to hook it up to your phone. So let's get into this sport SmartWatch inside we got a little bit of bubble, wrap covering a very nice watch already assembled with its bands and some tips make sure you fully charged before using it. We will do that, but we will take this off right now.

Wow alrighty that's a solid protector on there. I don't want to put it on there new cover. I like that. That could be a napkin. You know: whoa, okay, we've got some definite defined. Bezel design we've got some edging here, covering the really big turning knob interesting on the back. We'Ve got a big stainless steel panel. A couple of ports for charging heart rate monitor right there and removable vans. You can tell right there let's look. What else is in the box when we open it up, we've got the two pin, no doubt charging cable yeah with your standard, USB connector that magnetically couples. Why do I always get it backwards on the video if we go and it's a good strong one it'll hold the watch, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting that connected to charge it up, which we are going to do as soon as we show you, the Bracelet user manual mm hmm there's a QR code to download uh fit. We have quite a few reviews on to fits so we'll defer you to defit videos in this show notes you can link on our tethering app and get more information on that, and some of the watch faces that are available. You'Ve got blood pressure blood oxygen on this one again, all of these measurements are for entertainment purposes. Only you have to confirm them for your own if they're accurate enough for you to use on a regular basis, here's some functions on the defib, app different settings and overall disclaimer and Chinese on the other side.

Alright, today, I will be back once it's charged up to turn it on for you. So here we go. I'Ve got a charged up here's what it looks like on it's, really, a nice band it's got hash marks across it. Lots of holes very fluid, very comfortable, and it has two clasp or two rubber covers, and you see the button on the bottom one that one well. This one, too, will go into the hole, so they don't tend to slide off. As you move around okay, the watch face itself has engraving all the different three letter acronyms for the cities in the world. It'D be really cool. If that was a rotating bezel, that could give you world time, but it isn't set for that, but nonetheless it's a nice attractive feature. And then you have the digital numbers of a regular clock, itched into the glass on the inside and now there's a reason for that it's to detract from the fact that this is actually a black bezel it's, not really an edge to edge display here's a display. One of them that you can download from the app when you're tethered to the defit app and as you can see it doesn't quite go edge to edge, but it is a nice bright display and it is viewable outdoors. So that's a nice feature with this one. As well, let's walk through it quickly when you slide up, you get your step count with an animated background and they time out quickly, so we have to keep moving when we go through this after the step.

Count is your uh. I think you can actually know you can't touch it. I thought you might be able to to get deeper into it. Here'S your sleep information same thing. I haven't used it for that, but you don't have anything other than the summary here on the screen and again at times out and goes back to the beginning. Then you get to your heart rate area and you have to tap here on the heart to actually take a measurement. Otherwise, what you're looking at is the last reading. It is in Nice, large white digits against the black background, so that enhances its ability to be seen outdoors and it's also shown together with the time I really like it. When you always have time. You know the time of day on a watch face as well. It does a few iterations that flip it vibrated it's back to the animation and that's your heart rate and, as we expect it'll time out very quickly after that and again, if you just go there that's the latest reading go to another one and now we're into Sports and when you tap here, you see all the different kind of sports like running. If you want to and it's starts at ticking – and you have all your information, it gathers its distance based on pedometer step count and you get your heart rate and your calories burned against time and it's way too short a time out.

For me, I really like the ability to actually look at a watch for a few seconds. That'S, a drawback for me. You can pause it, you can stop it and you can come out of it. Overall sports walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball, football and it says swimming, so you have all of the data here, basically calories heart rate and time for swimming, and I haven't tried dunking it in water or seeing if the heart rate works underwater. But it does have that feature on here over here we got blood pressure, I'm gon na tap it and start it. You saw the figure that was on there before that's, supposedly my last reading, but it really wasn't from me I'll tell you about that in a second we're doing a holding still with my wrists, more or less at heart level, which is advised – and I should be Being quiet not talking, but you know me: okay, I get 110 over 68, it vibrated it's back in animation and that's that one here we go with the blood oxygen, it should be 98 or higher. Ideally, you get down 94 and you're in trouble. It'S a saying. I'M at 96, which is a bit concerning, but I am rhythmically talking, so it might be that here's the weather as pushed from your phone, you have to be tethered to the phone to get the weather, but it does display the weather in your area and the Predictions for tomorrow and we're back to a watch face come this way.

You get your messages. Come this way. You circle around everything again and to the left you don't get anything and to the right. You get into all these other features when you're tethered. You can use this as a shutter for your phone to take pictures. You have a built in timer here with really large digits, which is really really nice. You can reset everything. You'Ve got a brightness control and overall, this is a really right watch when you get dim, it's, good and dim for nighttime use and as you brighten it up, yeah it can get nice and solid bright. You'Ve got reset power off and about the watch, which gives you your information for tethering, the S 18, your battery level and Bluetooth, if it's on or off or not and that's it for all of those functions, and that was swiping to the right. So that's. The basic information on the watch and now we switch over to NASA, which is detected life on another post. It note yeah. This is supposed to note stack and when I come in here through the heart rate – and I activate it with the green diode on and it's got to be purple now you can't use blue can't use pink that's mm; hmm, it got ta, be purple. Ah, just kidding you can use any post, it note and you do get a reading and that's discerning, because it's a somewhat valid reading, it's a little on the high side.

You see now it's coming back down looking for the heart rate, it's, detecting and it locks in at 78. When I come over here to my blood pressure and I take a blood pressure reading, I get the same thing and I also get a blood oxygen. Reading. I'M, just showing you this folks, I'm, not gon na make any comments about accuracy because I haven't tested it. I really haven't taken the post, it note out and put a leash on it and run it up and down the driveway to see if I get higher or lower values. But I get a reasonable 128 over 75 as the blood pressure for the post. It notes and then finally, blood oxygen I'm, usually happy with the sinpo no products, and you know how I can go off when I get a device that is obviously not giving you valid readings. It'S cut better blood oxygen than I do. Amazing. Yes, 18. What can I say it tethers to Duff it? The Duff fit app and yeah it's accurate, giving you the step count whatever last night's sleep, information, you're, heart rate, overall information with statistical stuff in their last seven trend times, three of which were from the post. It note the other ones for me, my blood pressure readings it's, a beautiful display, we've covered this app. These three your mind. These two are the post. It notes, I believe, blood, oxygen, readings and so forth, and then you get your trends.

So as far as display of the data that's collected by the watch it's a pretty decent app, you got, you know, you're running in information. You'Ve got information here on the watch itself. Oh, I can show you the watch faces here. We are with this particular face. Here'S another face. Let it transfer over okay, there you go, is kind of an analogue face, so you actually have hands and digital and your step count day of the week, those kind of things, and then we have one more down here, which is this one and it's showing you Yeah a little bit more information in a different perspective. I personally like this middle one, just how it lays it out, but you have those three watch faces available to you, that's about all I'm, going to show you on the app everything else is basically the same, and then you can put in your profile information, but Back here is where you get you your primary daily update of information. So what is it it's? The sin bono s18 comes to us, of course, from sin bono in their Aliexpress store, ip68 waterproof shows splashing like crazy. It has a swimming mode. One would think it's supposed to be okay to go swimming with it, but ip68 from China's use of the term marginal and I'm, not really sure anyway, yeah it's it's here and check out some of the other sin. Bono reviews we've got on some incredible.

Smartwatches they've sent out this one I'm a bit questionable about its biometric. If that's, the right term readings, uh heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen seem to be able to be done improperly and still give valid results, and that raises a red flag in terms of trend. Analysis on whether it's actually reading what your data is on. Your wrist or if it's, obstructed or you're moving too fast or you set it on a post. It note that you may get erroneous results that look like they're real results. Nonetheless, you can pick this thing up from sin. Bono directly and we'll see you again soon.