The next fight is Music. It bloops Music, oh yeah, Music. Pardon me: do you need i’m, the tour guide for yep? How do i get to the ferry you’re already here? I am, this: is the ferry gate? I see Music, hey kid. Do you know the next dope got it Music Music? How do i get to the fair you joke? One all ready. This is the ferry gate or hadn’t you. I see you all right. Buddy i’ll be on Music, Music, Music, Music. There might be a clue or something here, Music. I wonder what he’s looking at. Where is this Music? Where could is that a guam Music, anything Music? Any anything else. Can i? What is this a picture of? Where is this fish shop? Music, i’d love to take focus on there is that Music, quick, Music Music. This guy looks suspicious. Where could nazomi lex kid? Where could this temple be Music? Applause? Music? This hmm isn’t this, mr u.n? Where was this photo taken? I see buddhist statues in the background in front of the buddhist shop all right now to show this picture to xinhua Music leo. Have you found out anything yeah? This was at the ferry terminal father. So it is him. This picture proves that those thugs were the ones that brought him here, yeah what’s. In the background they look like buddha statues, it must be a buddhist shop. Well then, we know what to look for here in niagara.

Yes, Music. Excuse me hello. There you’ve come to now. Do you know this buddhist shop? If i may, sir, i strongly recommend that you stay away from such a tacky shop. Our shop is full of if you want a quality statue. I strongly urge you to shop here i’m, not really here, to buy a statue. I just want to find eyes in that case i’m afraid i can’t help you oh nice. Excuse me welcome. Are you here? Do you know of this shop? They sell gaudy tasteless statues. There is that right, i may have nothing sorry, but i’m, not here to shop. Do you know where i can find the shop in this picture? If i’m not mistaken, it was in the direction of vendor avenue vendor to get there keep going down this road and go right at the mooncake stand. Okay, thanks! Ah, are you all right? I’M? Fine? Oh you’re! You are on the boat with me. Oh hello, isn’t! Your girlfriend with you, huh shenhua, isn’t mine – oh really, sorry about that. It’S! No problem. Excuse me: yes, i’m! Looking for isn’t that it Applause, uh Applause, Applause Applause, so this is bender avenue. Pardon me, hi they’re! All are you in the market, not like i’m? Looking for this buddha shop, ah this one i’m pretty sure, it’s down past vendor avenue. I see we’re the biggest one running, but there are lots of little ones down there too. Okay, great many things, it’s really late.

I think i’ll head back to the hotel Music Music – hey real! No, not, but it sounds like it’s really yeah. We should try great they all i’m going. Okay, Music. I met a nice woman in the city. She helped point me in the right direction. A few times that was nice, she came over on the same boat. We did. Was she the one staring off into the distance when we got to the harbor wow? You have a great memory. I do i mean i guess she remembered you too. She did really.