Music. Yes, welcome to the madwatch collector channel the show that does watch reviews a little differently now, its no secret. I love a good casio. Ive got a lovely cabinet display in my study with about 40 of them in there im old school im an 80s kid. You were cool and geeky for wearing a casio back then, and nowadays, when i buy a new one, i usually buy it because it reminds me of the old days. You know retro digital watches that are so old, theyve gone so far back theyre now cool. I absolutely love my 5610. The solar powered atomic clock beauty – that is, a spitting image of the first g shock, made back in 1983. im. Also, a big lover of my 6900, a watch that was released in the early 90s ive tried to embrace more modern casio buying two cassie oaks, the lovely camouflage one and this newly released metal casio – and i got ta say i do love that one now is A pivotal point in my casio collecting career because ive been tempted to buy a very modern g shock, a smartwatch g shock. A new g shock was released this year. That has the looks of an original square g shock, but still its own thing and looking a bit modern. Also. What pulled me in is that screen, and i really wanted to see this screen up close because its a bit of casio technology ive not seen before so we are talking the gbd200 ive gone for the blue one.

I really like the look of this color for anyone out there that just likes a casio to give you the time a timer stopwatch and maybe an alarm or two hold on to your butts. Ah, you modern g shock ready lets. Go Music im, not gon. Na talk about the box, this came in because its exactly the same hexagonal tin that you get with every g shock, but look at it and its very hard not to look at that screen. Isnt. It im already loving how clear that screen is. When i move the watch from side to side at different angles, well talk about what that screen is later. I really do love the case of this g shock, its not your regular stainless steel buttons that you have in your 5600s theyre resin rectangle beauties, and i love the little strip of white color in all of them bar one, which is the execute or run button. Thats in orange, thats really cool. The sides of the case are awesome as well. The little gray parts just jutting out from the blue is actually the inner part of the case and helps to break up that thickness of the watch, which i think that does really well. As you can see, it does resemble an original square of 5600 and thats whats gon na pull a lot of you guys and girls in but first impressions. I really like it quick spec check. Okay, we got a 45.

5 millimeter diameter case, its 13.8 millimeters thick 48. Lamp to lug, which is really good, and we wont talk about the lug width well just put non applicable as this is a g shock. You get 200 meters of water resistance, pretty sure its a mineral glass protecting the dial, all in all, a really tough built, exterior designed to be functional and look pretty cool the case back isnt too dissimilar to most g shocks. This watch does have bluetooth and also something called an acceleration sensor. No, not something out of star trek. The acceleration sensor is what tracks the steps all goes way above my head anyway, screws in each corner case back in stainless steel, lovely jubbly, i got ta say its a really good resin rubber strap. I love the slit holes. This means youre going to get a more comfortable fit weve got a tang buckle. The tank part is stainless. Steel im, not 100 loving the way the blue resin goes into this plastic section and then into the case. As you can see, you can pull apart. The strap and expose these type holes and gaps for anyone with tomsellic wrists, i.e furry. They could pull that hair. Quite a lot. Okay lets talk about this screen. Shall we – and this is what casio calls mip mip, meaning memory in pixel? They have extremely low power. Consumption have very high contrast, values and its all about an individual pixel having a one bit of memory cell in it.

But what mip displays do really well is they avoid the parallax shadows? If you turn a conventional lcd screen to the side, you tend to lose the numbers, the contrast and crisp high definition. Readability is awesome. So, on this home screen, we have the big, bold numerals in the middle, showing us the time. Then, at the bottom we have the day of the week bottom right. We have a run in seconds top right. We have the month and day top left. We have the bluetooth connect, sign a little speech bubble, telling me that ive got notifications and the fact ive got daylight saving time on yeah yeah, okay operating this watch. Are you ready? This is not your typical 5610. There are so many things to this watch, but if you just want it to be a watch, it can just be a watch. Okay, well start by talking about the top left pusher, which well call a well this isnt just an adjust button. Its also a multiple display button, a forwards button and an up and down pushing the a button once and you get your daily steps counter for every day of the week. The next display shows your monthly distance covered and the last display you can have dual time, which i think is really handy for when youre going abroad. Okay, so were back in the home screen lets start pushing the b button, which is the mode and the first one is workout, which you can connect to an app.

You can program 20 different workouts at different times of the day and for a different duration, bugger that lock anyway, moving on to something that we all know, the stop, watch top right, button or c starts to stop watch, but unfortunately it only goes up in seconds. Like most other g shocks and casios, you can time to within a tenth or a hundredth of a second, so to be fair. When youre, looking at the stopwatch on this, its a little boring anyway pushing b again and we get our activity tracker moving swiftly along with the b button, we come to our notification screen. You cant scroll on these little icons, but it tells you all the new notifications, youve got the bottom right. Pusher or d is the back button, so the undo button and we can go all the way back to the home screen. If you want to change the time, keep your finger on the a button and you get this setting screen come up and you can change the home time the world time. You can change the alarms. You can change the light time either, one second or three. Also, this has an auto light, so when you lift up the watch to a certain angle, the back light comes on, which is quite cool. This watch can vibrate for every notification you get and for every time you use the buttons and also you got your beeping ive got an issue with the sound its a slight uneasy feeling, first of all, the actual sound of it heres.

My 5610 very quick and i quite like the sound of the gbd, the beeps last a bit longer. But when you push down the button of the 5610, you get the beep straight away with the gbd the sound comes after you let go of the button. Is it just me, or does that not sit right with anyone else super, so you can connect this watch to your phone theres, an app called t shock move and you can set the time and all the other functions by using the phone connecting your phone is A little bit hit and miss it took me about 10 minutes to connect these two together. When you tell the watch to do something its kind of slow, i dont think ill have it connected for long. There are two major drawbacks with connecting the watch as well. You know i said about all the notifications being clamped together. Well, unfortunately, you cant separate the notifications coming to you, meaning i get every single notification. The phone gives me onto this watch whether its a missed call text message: whatsapp sky sports news, bitcoin down ive got an outstanding bill to pay. So if you connect this watch up and youve got the sound on and the vibrations on the amount of beeps i get per day is astronomical. Now, with that comes the other issue. Battery life casio say that this watch can go two years before you need to replace the battery, which is a bit rubbish, but wait if you want to use this watch with the bluetooth.

The vibrations and the sounds youll be lucky if it lasts you one year. So if you do get this watch, my advice is to connect this up to your phone for a bit of fun, use it for a couple of days, but then turn off the bluetooth and save that good old battery life. We havent talked about the light yet – and this is superb particularly on this amazing screen – its got that lovely big button in the front of it. Just like my 6900, two led lights shining up from the bottom and it looks absolutely magic. This watch definitely has the best screen by day and you have to say its the best screen at night time too hello on my six and a half inch wrist, and this looks great doesnt it im so glad i got the blue. Look. How crisp that screen is if youre gon na take away anything from this review today. This is the best casio display. I have ever seen up close and personal in sunlight, low light and highlight, and look at this even underwater Music. Okay. So as this is a g shock and can take a beating its going to become one of my work watches, i am a tennis coach. I love to play a bit of tennis contact, a good friend of mine sam, to give us a good hit on the court and really see if this can take a beating lets.

Go hello, Music Applause, Music Applause, yeah. There you go over 9000 steps and it hasnt even got to 11 oclock. Yet Laughter. Take two lets see a little more originality. Shall we so there we go the gbd200 i got ta say i really like the watch. I love the color. I think the resin strap is an upgrade from the 5610, no doubt guys its worth getting this watch just for the screen, its just amazing im, not too fussed about the smartwatchy stuff. I dont like the notifications that im getting all the time you know when it comes to casio, watches its the time, its the stopwatch and maybe an alarm, but i dont need anything more im, not someone that wants to connect my watch to my phone. So all those bits and bobs are lost with me to be honest but, like i said it is definitely worth getting this watch a for the screen and b just cause. It looks cool, i mean it looks retro modern, you know is that a thing retro modern. So do i think you should be embracing a modern g shock. I think you should, if for nothing else, that memory in pixel display now on amazon? This watch is around 115 to 125 pounds theres a black version, theres a yellowy green version. The other question is: does this mean the gbd200 takes over the mantle of my favorite g shock of all time, not a chance in hell? The 5610 is still my favorite g shock, but just imagine the gbd200 solar powered, i know thats.

What a lot of people are waiting for before they pull the trigger on this watch? Can it be done with this module, but if cassio can do it, we might be seeing this reference for a long long time to come. Music here is my wifes. First impressions of the gbd200 im not sure about it. It looks like optimus primes head hang on a minute. Has she got a point? You can sort of see it cant you, especially in this blue version, id love to know your thoughts of this gbd200. If there is a casio, you want me to review. Stick it in the comments like this subscribe to this become a member and have a great week from me. The madwatch collector ill, see you in a tick; tick, tick, a tick, Music, Applause, Music, every little.