I got from little so let’s make a start Music all right. So let me quickly start off again by just swiping through the menus and explaining what some of the things are. So now the watch is off to turn it back on let’s see this actually works this time i can do a twist off the wrist that doesn’t work. Okay, it works. Sometimes there we go finally worked, doesn’t always work. To be honest, i prefer to actually touch the home button there, so let’s, let that go off again touch the home button it comes on, goes on and off very nicely all right now that it’s back on. If i swipe down, i get to the brightness. So if i tap that brightness, it goes 75 that’s, 100 brightness there i’m going to leave it at 100 for now just so it picks but um. It picks up better on camera i’m, going to swipe down one more time and it gets to the temperature and all of that stuff. Okay, the daytime temperature um useful, if you’re into that kind of thing, but let me go back to the home. The main section on here: i’ve got calories, burnt, um, kilometers walked or run for the week. I believe um, and this one is actually steps taken today. So i’ve taken 6200 steps, roughly all right, so it’s gone off. I think it’s, like a 10 15. Second timer i’m, going to swipe down, and it shows me my steps.

This one shows me kilometers run. I need to double check if this is per month or per week i’m assuming it’s per month, all right. So there we go with a heart rate sensor it’s, relatively accurate. I won’t be able to give you a percentage of how accurate it is, but most of the time it picks up what i think my heart rate should be if i’m in the gym, it does get really high if i’m sitting down it’s, like normally between 55 And 65, which is my normal heart rate, i guess so pretty accurate, probably not going to be the same accuracy as one of the more expensive watches. Again. This was 25 pounds and you do get a three year warranty. I will keep stressing the price and the warranty it doesn’t have all features things don’t work perfectly all the time, but again, it’s 25 pounds all right swipe down um. This is the sleep mode, so i don’t sleep with the watch on. I take it off so that’s, probably why it says zero here. It does measure how well and how long you sleep as well, and here you can set your reminders now i’m, going to press that button to go back to home and i’m going to start. Swiping left and right this time. So if i swipe to the right, you tell it shows me my messages, my notifications, actually, so this will be text and whatsapp. I believe, if i swipe once more, it takes me back to the home screen now.

If i swipe – and i go up and down from here – okay, nothing happens there. I think it’s the other side. So if i swipe left now yeah i can go up and down from here, so i can go into these individual sections here, i’m. Not going to do that right now, i think the images are self explanatory, but probably the ones that do need to be explained that last one there that’s um finding the phone. So i can make the phone vibrate. If i just touch that, i can actually control the camera from here, so there isn’t there’s a camera feature inside um, the app that comes on the phone. So i can actually press that to take a photo when the camera app is open inside the silverquest app. Obviously, we have alarms uh. This is okay, that same information we found earlier about the and the weather. So if i go back to the home again – and i swipe across our heart rates – are all the same stuff, this is just a longer way to get to stuff. I cannot um. I can actually control music playback from here as well. That’S. A really nice feature. I believe so if something was playing on my phone, i could simply pause, skip and go back from here. Oh yeah let’s talk about navigation quickly, okay, so let’s look at the bad first um one of the things that this watch does badly is actually staying connected.

It doesn’t stay connected very well, it’s, always losing connection on bluetooth, which is a bit strange, but even more strange. What happens is that when i’m connected to the watch on my phone i’m, using a motorola g8 plus now, but actually i have a motorola, g100 i’m gon na – do an unboxing of that for you guys as well. When i have the bluetooth connected and my wifi connected for some reason, my wifi doesn’t work, so i either have to disconnect from wi fi so turn my wi fi on and off and on the phone or disconnect my bluetooth and then my wi fi works. Fine – and it only happens when i’m connected to this device, if i’m, using my bluetooth speakers with my phone, no issues if i’m using my bluetooth, headphones, no issues and even when i’m, using my bluetooth earpiece as well, no issues so it’s. Only when connected to this device it’s a bit weird but that’s what it is. Another thing i would probably say is that the sensors aren’t the most accurate. Sometimes i do feel as if um the steps aren’t being recorded as accurately, because i do also have google fit on my phone and i feel like that, does a slightly better job at recording steps. However, it’s not too far off so, for example, i’ve got 6200 steps there and on my phone, if i check it, i might have like 6150 so i’m, roughly 50 steps out depending on how much i do each day.

Okay, so another thing about this watch is that it should have a twist awake feature which doesn’t seem to work all the time as you guys saw. I tried to do it on my wrist earlier and it didn’t work. I think it’s very temperamental, so that’s another downside there. I guess, if that’s, something that really matters to you, you need to consider that now. I do feel that some of these things that are not so great are actually very superficial. They’Re, not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, because the watch works and again going back to the price it’s 25 pounds. So if it worked perfectly, i would be very surprised the fact that it works most of the time doing. Most of the things that i needed to do, it’s a good, sell to me all right. So now, let’s look at the positives um. The first one, i would say, is very nice size screen. Let me turn that on here we go very bright, um it’s at 100 brightness now, but even when it’s, normally at 50, which is what i keep it at it’s still very bright for me when reading outside there’s no issue, i can see it very clearly at Night, another thing which i wasn’t expecting to see on this actually was the fact that these straps are removable. So hopefully that focuses well enough. I can i can pull that and take this strap out, and i can pull that and take this strap out as well.

I’M, making the assumption that there are universal straps. You can get for watches like this, which is really good, so i’m. Guessing you can change the colors. You can change the the pattern on the on the band. You can change whatever you want. If you can find something of the same size, one of the downsides of the previous watches i’ve used before is that the rigidity of the straps make it very uncomfortable, meaning once the watch stuff. So this is a square watch right. The others were rectangular once the watch is stopped. There was a very hard rigid section that went on into the strap um i’ll try to do a comparison if i can find it, and that was very uncomfortable. Whereas this the watch stops there and the straps are flexible all the way through meaning whatever size your hand is, this should fit fine. Once the face fits on your hand comfortably, then everything else should be: okay, big benefit there. So i have a friend who has an exact copy of this watch. Their watch lasts about four days active use every day, wearing counting steps, doing all the activities that they do and i think, that’s a really good battery life for a watch. That again was only 25 pounds and you get four days battery life and charging is so easy it’s not like the ones before where you had to physically pull the strap off to actually plug the usb cable in i’m.

Going to show you guys quickly how the charging works all right, so here i have uh the charging magnet, and this is the back of the watch now all you have to do is simply connect it like this it’s magnet, so it pulls itself together. You won’t be able to put it on the wrong way because it obviously repels okay. So if i show you that again, if i put this on the wrong way, it actually repels it doesn’t, stick it doesn’t go on there as soon as i have it. Lined up the right way it snaps into place and that’s it. It starts charging um, i would say, takes about an hour and a bit to charge and again that gives me four days worth of battery life wearing it constantly. I don’t sleep in mine, but that’s. The only thing i don’t do in it, everything else works perfectly fine. So is this a buy or a pass um? For me it was definitely a buy and keep. I had another friend who actually returned hers, but for me, was definitely a buy and keep for such a good price for something that does all it does it’s well worth the money. 25, pounds is normally what you’d spend on on a couple drinks on a night out, so to have a fully fledged working smartwatch, where, when messages come through to your phone, it pops up here, if there’s a phone call coming in it.

Pops up here, um notifications and reminders they pop up here as well heart rate um running time, cycling time, steps per day. It has most of the features of a smartwatch stroke activity tracker that costs easily three four times as much so for me was a no brainer now, if you’re, someone who wants really good quality – and you want some heft in your smart watch – this is probably not The best one for you, this is very light, but for me that was good because i don’t really like wearing watches that much. So if something is very light on my arm and because it has this rubber at this, this nice rubberized um strap. It felt very comfortable, it was never hard or squeezing at any one point. So it was very easy for me to wear all the time, so definitely a buy again. It’S 25 pounds you have a three year. Warranty anything happens within that within those three years. Little will give you either a partial refund or they’ll, find you a brand new product or they’ll, give you a brand new product, so that was my mini review. Stroke overview it’s taken a while, but hopefully you guys liked it. Please ask any questions. You want to ask below i’ll, try and get back to you as quickly as i can. There is an app, however it’s the same app. They have all their other watches, so i didn’t think there was a point in going over it.

If you guys do have any questions about the app or about the watch, specifically, as i said, drop the question below please do like subscribe share. I do have some more interesting stuff.