I’ve had the Fossil Q Commuter on my wrist for the past six months, and wanted to give you a rundown of its best (and not-so-best) features!

ELEVEN-MONTH UPDATE (11/2018): Battery finally died on me! . About three weeks shy of a full year. I noticed a week or two ago that I wasn’t feeling the vibration alerts, so I thought this was coming.

NINE-MONTH UPDATE (8/2018): Original battery is still going strong! App shows it at about half-capacity. Few other things I’ve noticed since this video was posted:
* I do wish there were more button customization options in the app. Turns out I’d much rather use the top/bottom buttons for track forward/backward rather than volume up/down.
* It’s hard to see in the dark. The hands do glow, but only after exposure to bright light, and not for very long after that.
* Really wish there was a simple Date counter on the face of the watch. Yes, I can set a button-press to show me the date (there are 31 TINY little numbers around the face that the hands will point to), but that’s a bit too much work to just see the date for me.