They have a ton of watches under their belt and in their lineup as well as fairly well known brand recognition name backing them up. They were founded in 1989 and by 2005, their annual sales increased to over 70 million dollars u.s and in 2012 they got bought out by fossil. So that brings us to today the skogen hybrid hr e ink smartwatch. It is unique in that it does not use an e ink screen as its top surface instead features a traditional watch lens and actual geared hands that sit in front of the circular e ink backdrop a two week: battery life text, messaging, heart rate, tracker and even Phone call support as well as glanceable notifications are fully available on this watch that you wouldnt, think would even be a smart watch, so lets check out some of its features. The beauty about the skogen and the fossil line of smart watches is that you can really change the personality of it. The fact that this one has this really nice chainmail steel, really really heavy. It changes not only the look but the entire personality and weight of the unit, and it suits the body color as well thats. The one thing you cant change: you have to make sure when youre buying this you get the correct body. Color, this brushed gunmetal is only going to ever be brushed gunmetal. So if youre getting a brown band or a blue band, it might not actually jive with the way you want the watch to look once you have the band attached pressing.

The top button brings you into your steps, your calories burnt, the time spent walking. You can go up here and you can press the middle button to go home long, pressing the top button turns off and on the back display, it wont turn off entirely. But what it does is actually gets rid of the little circular icons and just leaves a completely blank background, but you do still get the product placement skogen logo right there in the back pressing. The bottom button once will bring up your manager to play your music on your phone. So if you were to sync it to your phone, you can play your music by pressing that you can go home by going up to home. If you long press it its going to open up all the notifications, any messages, if theres any notifications on your phone that will transfer over to here, youll also be noticing. This is an actual face of a watch with hands if youre just joining us a little bit skipping through the episode. You will see that if you do things the hands actually go back to the time every single time and why they go horizontal like that is to get out of the way as much as possible, because if it was 12 oclock, everything would be stuck up in Front of all your notifications, so thats why it gets out of the way every single time you go into a back end menu pressing holding the middle button.

This is where everything is going to be. These are your settings. These are your options. This is where youre going to go to everything you can go over here and see about ring my phone connect challenge. You can use the app to take part in certain challenges and then you have commute time. Youll choose a point a to point b of where youre actually going every day you can go to music, but that was already hot keyed by pressing one of the buttons you can go to notifications turn those off and on. This is where i dont agree with this stop watch stopwatch is so buried in the back end of this kind of sub menu. It doesnt make sense, because things like stopwatch and timer are things youre going to be regularly using now to their credit. You can press and hold and it will scan through the entire carousel from front to back like that, but it doesnt make any sense. Why theyre? So far, and so buried and kind of not that easy to navigate over to because this is e ink, because this is well a watch when you press these buttons theyre really high quality buttons. But they take a lot of power to press. And when you do it takes about half a second to a full second to even do anything and thats just the inherent nature of the slowness of e paper. But when youre trying to get to settings when, then you go into stopwatch and youre like.

Oh its. The sixth one and youre just kind of navigating your way over there and you press too many times, and it does triple inputs. Double inputs like youre, seeing there it can get a little bit tedious to go to these very simple things that we all want to use on a daily basis in the settings menu. You have your notifications, you have your heart rate. You also have the front light. You can have it on or off. Yes, it does have a front light. You can completely bury all the notifications, so they basically dont even show up. You can just use this as a watch and, of course you dont have to connect this to your phone to use it, although you can, you can choose vibration. Dial info well show you that in a second watch mode left or right, you can change the text of the notifications itself. Now what i originally thought, dial mode was you dial on your phone and then i was like well. That would be ridiculous because one theres no touch screen and two to dial or even text someone using these up down and middle button to confirm would be insanely difficult. So what this is is the actual backdrop. This is going to be whether you want those little three or four circles on your screen at any given time, but you can quick key them by just pressing and holding the top, as we showed you at the beginning of the video now for the app itself.

I wouldnt say its necessary because again, you dont have to connect your watch to this phone to a phone. If any in order to use the watch, you can just use it as a classy watch, as is, however, there are some things you can do on here. That helps you function, the watch a little better. For example, we were telling you about the hotkeys and how things were so buried. You can actually go over to customization and choose what key is what so, for example, if i want my wellness dashboard key that its on now to be my workout mode, that really changes things up, because now i dont have to go to that settings menu. I dont have to go to the sub menu i dont have to scroll across until i find the thing i want. If i have absolutely no intention of using music control, i can change that to wellness dashboard. I can change my notifications to music control. I can really change these things up. I can even add stopwatch the one that i really wanted to put there. You can also choose okay on that or choose from some presets as well, so we can go back and you can go to some presets right here. Daily fitness or travel and everythings going to be just basically the same thing except you have the control to change each respective one, so thats very, very useful. This is the challenge tab.

You can set yourself challenges, you can partake in other challenges, etc. These are where your alerts are going to be, you can add, alarms or you can just remove all alerts whatsoever and just have like a clean distraction, free watch, which kind of defeats the purpose of it being a smart watch. This is your profile. You see im right there. I can set my weight, my height and how many steps ive taken im currently disconnected on that, but all you have to do is turn on bluetooth. You have a lot of things you can do here, set out goals, auto work, detection, preferred units. If i want to use metric versus imperial or a combination of any one of them, i can just toggle those on. I can also opt in to improve my data and receive occasional emails in regards to things like updates, and what have you? You can also go home, and this is where all your stuffs going to be, how many minutes total calories, resting and hours you slept. Obviously, this is more of a review sample its not my daily watch, so i have no data for this, but thats all going to show up if you connect this via bluetooth and you can download the app for free from google play. Does this watch look exactly like the fossil collider smart watch that came out from fossil directly sure it does its the same thing, its a direct white label, release of its parent companies already available offering, but lots of companies do this rakuten, tolino, bokeen and big me.

The list goes on if you want a watch that has all the benefits of an e paper screen, but you still want to retain the authenticity and natural appearance of a watch with physical hands. Then the skogen hybrid hr is definitely a device. You need to watch out for for