I guess you’d call it almost like a competitor to the apple watch since its shape and size and the way it looks, but not really, of course, for under 20 or 19.99 on pre order, which you can’t get right now, and that is the wise, smart watch. So let’s do a quick, unboxing, Music catching very simple sympathetic: the comes with soup tracking customizable screens, waterproof um. This is the 47 size. There is a 44 millimeter one women’s health tracking, very generalized i’m sure it helps with men’s health tracking two people, just like it should activity health, heart rate, blood, oxygen level. This is the model number ww3 it’s, a 5 volt charging setup. The battery is a 300 milliamp battery lithium ion is a tft 1.75 color screen, silk construct, bluetooth, 5.0 android and iso android 5.0 or iso 59.0, and the waterproof rating is ip68 and see what’s in the box. Here pop it open a little tab. Sometimes i get them sometimes i don’t here we go easy on that box. I don’t like to mess it up too bad. Oh okay, there’s the box, so i’ll sit over there, nice just in case you guys forget what we’re doing what you want of course, but just in case it’s right there, all right, there’s, the watch itself. Oh here, let’s uh! Oh they want you. It looks like they’ll grab the block first um. Oh no here we go another tab right here.

Let’S do that first actually open this part up. Oh, that makes a little easier a little meaning a lot open that flap. Oh there, it is the seal. Oh, so nice pull that out of there main watch, not bad i’ll, set to the side here. Oh, oh, oh, oh don’t want to scratch it up, just got it. Hopefully it takes a lot more than that to scratch it up. I mean it is only 20. So you never know uh preparatory type charger with a little magnetic keys, a usb c, a usb uh connector type, a to plug into anything. Uh yeah, quick, start guide, let’s see what it says. Anything fancy just tell you how to work on it, how to activate it same thing, probably qr code. Hopefully this thing does have a charge, so we can sync it to my my phone and to rest with my wife’s products. Yeah, nothing, fancy there. Oh shoot! Let’S see what we got it’s, not too bad wise logo right there yeah see it looks. I have a fitbit on right now, if it bit uh three see what this looks like on there just size wise comparison, wise all right. Well, here actually, so you can see the back of it. Here’S, the charging port wise watch 47 millimeter ww3, so we have the heart rate and blood o2 sensors right there, cool, not bad it’s, uh, really smooth compared to most bands out there it’s just a silicon based man.

Uh looks like easy to fix, replace too right. There a little prong there, a little prong there, yeah let’s, go ahead and turn it on let’s see what the startup screen looks like. Oh gave us right away, it’s, giving us a qr code, so that means i’ll have to activate right out of the box there. I know it’s hard to see because it’s pulsing with the camera so wait a second here i’m going to go ahead and activate it and put it on the connected to my phone and i’ll be right back cool. So i get it all updated, it’s hard to see um it’s, weird, like on the video camera. For some reason, it doesn’t show the screen very well. I think it might be the light outside it’s, pretty bright, okay let’s go ahead and put it on i’m gon na move us in the shade here in a second just so i can see it better yeah. It looks like let’s see oh yeah, yeah so it’s because of the camera yeah and the pulsing it’s doing the actual screen is refreshing. So many times yeah let’s uh move this over here. Real quick yeah, so let’s see yeah you can. It still does the same thing um, unfortunately, on my phone’s camera. It does this. I don’t know why it’s the first time i’ve seen this with this any kind of thing. Some other watches don’t do this anyway, let’s see we got so swipe left swipe right back.

Oh up 57 brightness let’s uh, see, i think you increase it. Oops figure this out swap pipe there’s. The settings you swipe up. My phone’s ringing that’s cool Music, ah see how we can oops change the brightness. Oh brightness low. You just tap it to make it high or low, keep it on high 57. It came with charged let’s, go back down, hold it down it’s, taking a second here, supposedly, if you hold it down, you can select the face from that i’m. Not sure. Maybe it might be updating still uh weather 72 and sunny today supposed to be 76, so it’s staying hot these. When i look at the watch, the screen is kind of in the middle. When it does the selection, um, it’s kind of different uh, i mean it’s. Fine it’s the activity, oh activity, training – we don’t – want to do that that’s for yeah. Stop that clear on that? No, i don’t want to record the exercise. Let’S go back, go back! You can tap. The side looks like two. So we’ll go down swipe right from what i remember all right, very confusing finish that, yes, i want to actually okay there we go, so i added shortcuts to it to the front here: change the wallpaper brightness heart rate, so it gives you a different way of Looking at it too about otherwise watch 47.. Sorry for the like, i said the the way it looks right there there we go sorry about that um from the distance.

For some reason, i was doing that yeah so there’s the update, what it is the mac address who cares raise to wake? We definitely wanted that action. Perfect, okay change, the wallpaper, ah i’ll just do that one it’s kind of cool, looking how’s the steps, your heart rate, oh too, let’s just press and see what it does. Oh, i don’t have any debt on it. Yet let’s do my heart rate, see where it’s at yeah, so this is um only 1999 and actually works really well that’s, pretty good i’m assuming yeah for 20 bucks. You can’t go wrong on a smart watch like this it’s. Their first stuff, i mean wise, is just really great, bringing some really affordable products with great quality, just like their cameras, just like their scale, um their outdoor receptacles, great yeah. All their products are great, um, i’m, not saying a wise fanboy, but i do appreciate the quality for the price you’re paying, especially when you’re trying to do like smart home stuff on a budget. You know why is this great for the cameras and everything like that? So but yeah there you have it. That was the wise watch. 47 millimeter number 47 unboxing video shoot at this time of the filming they’re still not available the all preorders been filled. So, who knows what’s going to happen from there if they’re going to raise the price? Usually they do on everything i’ve seen but it’s, not too much, usually but yeah that’s, the wise it’s new smart watch, a great contender for everything out there and a great tracker for everything.

Um hope you guys enjoyed it. As always.