Don’T worry ma’am. I am from the internet and i love me some cheap technology which always gets me stuff sent from china that’s. Unbelievably, cheap and that i love very much check this out. This is from the meme park. This is some kids that looks like an angry pokemon what’s going on there he’s got some ideas going on. I have no idea what this guy’s supposed to be alluding to he’s. Just like a character, he almost looks like he’s knocked off angry birds or something got some psychedelic mushroom trees over here kicking around meme park. Smart watch all of the good stuff and there’s the poor kid who’s about to get his mind blown by the psychedelic mushroom tree anyway. So here we have the unit itself and it took me up until just now to figure out that it had one particular pro. Actually has multiple problems. I had to turn this thing off and back on all the time. I think i did just get a bad unit, a bad pull on this, and that happens. Even the best manufacturers get their bad runs, but i do think that something like 24 of uh all of these super cheap watches, are just bad. I found that if you just hit the back of it, if you just put too much pressure on the pack, it makes the whole thing reboot but i’m sure they’re, not all going to be that bad Music anyways. Once we get it going again, go through the setup, all that fun stuff, you can change the faces to all kinds of stuff, all freaking kinds of stuff, and that is super nice.

I still haven’t gotten through all the screens. They must have like 100 of them seriously and that ought to keep the kids happy anyways. You hit the button you move on to the next thing. Of course we have a camera yeah. We can take some awesome pictures, not the best pictures, so the camera itself is right up here, right and so we’re going to come in and take a picture of hey let’s get a picture of this guy. Oh man, you have to pull that thing way. Far back and uh yep here we got the picture in order to see the picture: clicky click. Oh, we can put beautiful backgrounds on it: that’s nice that’s, nice anyways. So you want to see the picture going down to the picture and then you can put new pictures over top of your pictures. Pretty cool huh, guys yeah! Oh no let’s give him a nose. We need to give skully here a nose. Um yeah let’s give him a big nose: that’s right, that’s, perfect yep, giving him a nose that’s. What i’m talking about? Oh yeah, grooving with that music, so we got different games. Here too, you got ta catch that apples. You got ta shoot some stuff, save the bear, avoid the balls and uh avoid the bombs, brute ninja whack, a mole and other crazy things, so very simple, but man back in the day. I would have loved to have something like this when i was young going on car rides and stuff like that thing just shoots, and hopefully you don’t hit anything.

I took one with me kamikaze style, ladies that’s right it’s. What i’m talking about, but seriously, i would have loved to have something like this on a long car ride. All right receive apple come on. I want to oh no. I pressed the back of it again what the heck is going on with that. So, of course, the apples fall down from the tree, you want to get them and you want to uh. Oh avoid mr snake it’s hard to do this and see exactly where the basket is you kind of got to imagine it, but i think your kids will love something like this. We must save the bear, get the bear across or else there will be suffering come on, bear yeah and if you miss them, they just drop right into the freaking lava how wow that’s pretty harsh that’s, pretty harsh. Why don’t you make it blue and say: you fell into the water and you got them later. Why does it have to be red? Because you know, if it’s lavish not going to be climbing out elude the balls, so yeah catch the diamond, don’t catch the balls Music air drop, a game for true americans. You got ta catch, the apples do not catch the bombs, oh and the strawberries, and oh no it’s a bomb. They actually have fruit. Ninja in here, i can’t believe it. I was actually going for the bomb there and it’s, not as bad as you might think.

Huh let’s beat that mouse. Ladies and gentlemen, take that take that this is animal abuse. Next up we have receiving the gift, get the gifts, do not get the bombs. Oh my god, folks, this next game, the panda he literally jumps over things by farting that’s, amazing. Okay, so the thing is you’re supposed to choose between a jump and a part. Oh no, if it’s too big a gap, you fart jumps aren’t as good as parting. Can you imagine what it would have been like if we had this technology when we were little? I mean shoot when i was little. It was still like a luxury to be able to uh view video in your car next interesting app that we have is this panty. You can get him to sing. You press this button and you record what you say and then you press this button and he plays it back. So just the silly things that your children would love. So you get timers alarms date calculator. I just can’t get over the fact that this is what kids can get for jesus. I think i paid like 15 bucks for it. I can’t get over it. It’S amazing it’s, so much technology, but it’s poured cheaply so cheaply made because all i have to do is press the back of it and the thing stops working right, anyways let’s, take a look at the inside all right and just like that. Four screws later i’m on the inside paul um, see if we can turn this thing on there we go now let’s see if i can find out why this thing was resetting itself and now, if i press on the battery, it definitely reboots it, but still haven’t Been able to find out exactly why just yet anywho! This is what we got on the inside that’s the battery right there and then capacitor camera wait where’s the camera camera’s right there.

Okay, so you get your camera and you got your microphone. Come on! Auto focus! Nice, okay, so that side was the speaker all right now taking her off from the front we have the panel come on auto focus there. We go soldered right down, we’re, not going to be able to see what that main chip holds because of that blob that’s on it. There are ways to take that blob off, but even after you do that, you still don’t see what information was directly on the chip, which is a bit unfortunate, but yeah a marvel of uh innovation. On this thing, especially for the price point, i am really surprised that they managed to get this thing created at this price point and ships it’s just amazing. You got ta hand it to chinese, at least for uh. The manufacturing anyways that’s really cool nothing. I love more than a good knockoff watch anyways. Ladies and gentlemen that’s it from me that from navs tech that’s like subscribe, if you like this stuff, it’s always appreciated, as always folks take care of each other. This watch is so good.