Today we are gon na unbox. This toy guys just shake it guys. Can you hear it guys so nice lets use it like a drum. So this is really fun. Look theres, a smile on here box in it guys. Oh heres, another box, its the watch guys Music lets open it guys im going to open it. How do you open it Music? I think i needed some of my moms help. Okay, my mom gives me some help now and right now. Oh wow. Look at it! Oh, no, let me pick it up wow. How do we open up it Music, so nice guys and have a look guys? Look its a necklace. Okay lets put the watch on now guys, Music. Look at it guys isnt it nice its on and its smart to watch guys for kids. How cool is this look at it guys its three oclock? I love it guys. How do i call my parents, though, on this thing and guys they just recognized this. You got ta peel, it off turn it on Music. Look at it guys! What time is it nine oclock, guys cant? I call my parents, this thing Music. I thought. Oh, its nearly flat look guys picture of me Music. Oh, i can do stuff on me, Music and theres games on it guys, Music, there Music lets go to camera again, Music and picture yes, okay, Music picture of me and guys lets press the camera button and take a picture of me.

Look guys a picture of me looks nice and you can also add these pack, these outfits, these things and theres games on it too guys. Now we got lets pre lets press games. I wonder how to play. Oh Music, okay, Music, okay, guys lets go to music, Music, elsa Music. You can turn it down. Dont lose light in the mountain tonight on a footprint to be seen. Music, the wind is howling like the storm is Music to be Music Music. Let it go Music, not this theres, a flashlight guys on oh wow. There is a flashlight Music again, oh its color, red and yellow and pink okay. This is actually the games is Music to see your pictures, and this is how to call your mum and dad and whats this. This is the feature thats on your watch. Actually guys lets do a calculator um, one plus one equals two okay. This is loads of fun, guys but calendar okay back, i cant hold it back, really loving its really awesome.