It was a sponsored by a different company, so this one um sponsored by yama. Thank you so much so. Im gon na share with you my own review, my opinion to the product that um im going to show and share with you so um. If you didnt like this product, you can check them out on amazon. They have a lot in there but make sure to um check the um product company or the brand that is cmi, so um yeah lets do the unboxing and i hope, youre gon na, like this video, so um lets go lets go ahead and lets open it. I mean im gon na, be the one whos going to open it. Yay Music, oh my gosh im! So excited. I wonder what it is oops! Oh, my gosh, yes is manufactured by yama. Thank you so much. I got a its a smart watch, says here: um yeah, my smart, smart watch too. Oh, my gosh hold up omg there you go ha ha scare with a cool package like its hard to you know: um get uh destroyed when theyre going to deliver it to your mail. Oh my gosh, oh its easy, happy! Thats cool happy happy cool, so they also attach in here their email in case theres, something wrong with the product that you got so you can. You know um email them that theres something wrong with the product and they might you know, change exchange it or refund.

Uh, whatever the amount that you spend to this um smart, smart watch, so it comes, of course, with the um directions, so youre gon na know how to you know, set up your smart watch thats a lot for me to uh to read later so go ahead And show you first watch? Oh my goodness. Yes, oh wow, i got the pink one look thats so nice, oh my gosh um, im gon na try it now so im gon na remove. First, my um bracelet, oh cool its like the color, is not dark. Pink. Its actually like a baby uh baby pink collar cool – oh my goodness, thats, so nice oops here yay. Oh my gosh! This is so nice, its perfect. But now i need to remove the thing, so i can show you um uh. What do you call that? How to set it up, but i think its easy its like the same as the others. Yeah thats cool, look, thats, the back and thats the front omg. So um function, press, okay, oh and you can actually its rechargeable so wheres the charger so yeah. So there it is so it comes comes with a charger, the usb. So when you tie you can just you know, plug it: thats cool yay and let me remove now and im gon na turn it on. So to turn on this one. You have to like uh long press, the bottom to side, so long press and there you go, and this charger is like magnetic its actually in the back where youre gon na charge.

So it will just see just click, and you just have to you know, charge it when its when it died. Music and lets see the instruction how to do this thing. So Applause this is so cool, so it got like a music controller. Timer sport record, like you, when you run and you walk, you know those um thing and also with the weather, and you can adjust the brightness thats cool, so yeah its like heart rate, detection, um, also, okay, so short press the right key return to the previous Interface interface, so long press, so where there is one one finger away from your spoon: okay, okay, okay, so um! My review on this uh smartwatch is really great. I already like set it up and i have to use my phone so i have to post it. First and uh, the one that i did is like i uh turned on first the bluetooth, which is wrong. You have to like first download the app that is um uh, what uh the very fit pro app. You have to download that first and then register there and thats the time. Youre gon na turn on the bluetooth and then youre gon na um, to call that uh connect to the um phone model that youre gon na find in in the instruction or manual. And then just click, okay and now its paired now youre gon na check out uh check it and you can uh while uh by the time you connected in your phone and your uh, smart um watch theres like uh, something for you to dare to do like Whats, your height your birth, uh birthday and um your weight, something like that, so it will detect in here also and theres.

Also um, if you want to you, know, allow your photos or media in this smart watch so um. When i check it um its like its touchscreen too, which is really great so theres like the minutes of walking. You can um uh, see it there and theres. Like the location and the run and theres your like kilograms, so and then it will tell you the total. You know the week total of your um activity that you activities that you did like walking running. Something like that. So yeah that is so cool and and also i like how the um, what you call that the charger is magnetic its really cool and, of course, the color. I think i mentioned it a while ago that i really love the color, because its my favorite, color and and touchscreen of course, is so convenient, because every now and then every gadget now is like touchscreen, so yeah theres, like um uh, the icon, uh functioning um. You know in traction: you consider the sport sport heart rate, your relax, like thats, like your uh uh, how how many hours you usually sleep in a day and youre gon na show you the total in a week and also um. How fast is your heart? You know your heart rate if youre like uh, something like that so yeah, and it has also a music controller, a timer of course, and thats so cool. I really like it thats, so cool and now youre gon na connect um, also um.

If you want to check in here, you can like go into the app that you download and you can check the total rate that youve been doing activities like running and also walking something like that. So this is great. I really love it. So um im gon na give this a 5 star because um it functions so well, theres, no like um what you call that um detect that its malfunction, so it it worked perfectly. So i love it and once again, thank you so much for this um, smart! Smart smart watch – and this is my fourth – i like free stuff – that uh free stuff that i got um this uh this month, so im very thankful. Thank you! So much and yeah thats it. So if you like this video, please give me thumbs up. Give us a thumbs up, subscribe on our channel and hit the notification bell for more videos.