in this video. I will show you all the functions and features of this smartwatch if youre looking for a cool smartwatch, this might be a great choice. Stay until the end of the video, the link to the amazfit gts2 mini new version is here in the video description. And lets go. This is a smart watch in huge demand all over the world. Ultra slim. Design super light and thin. Enjoy the lightness of time.. The amisfit gts2 mini, adopts a borderless design featuring carefully curved 2.5 d glass to enhance your most fashionable outfits, always on the moly display, vibrant amoled display enhanced color and clarity. The amisfit gts2 mini features a 1.55 inch molded screen, meaning your display will be exciting, vibrant and practical. Whenever you check the time. More than 68 sports modes real time tracking and analysis, the amisfit gts 2 mini features over 68 built in sports modes, allowing it to cover sports enthusiasts, whether indoors or outdoors., For a more complete experience. The watch can control the music on your phone, provide notifications about exercise, stages, conditions and heart rate zones and generate a sport data report in app after finishing your workout. 24 hours, heart rate monitoring warnings to protect you. The 24 hour high precision, heart rate monitoring function Of the gts 2 mini supports industry leading in depth tracking of heart. Health. Warnings for abnormally elevated heart rate are also provided. Reducing the probability of accidents and helping to protect your life.

Blood oxygen saturation measurement. Blood oxygen saturation is one of the most important indicators of human health, and so they made sure to include an spo2 measurement function for the fully upgrade amazfit gts2 mini. After engaging in Sustained intense physical or mental activity hold your arm still and test your spo2 level. The moment you start feeling unwell to get a better understanding of your physical condition., Sleep quality, monitoring for optimal performance. Analyze, sleep stages and naps.. The amazfit gts 2 mini can assess your sleep breathing quality throughout the light, deep sleep stages during the night and also supports daytime nap identification to record more complete sleep, information. Female cycle, tracking. Plan ahead. After recording your menstrual period, the amisfit gts2 mini, can intelligently and Intimately predict the time and length of the following menstrual and fertile periods, giving women peace of mind, understanding your cycle to avoid surprises., PAI health assessment system.. One score to understand your physical state., a PAI personal activity. Intelligence score is calculated by processing data about your heart rate and other complex health information with an algorithm.. This single value score provides a customized health data, offering everyone a personalized experience.. The PAI health assessment system supports the vast majority exercise types regardless of time and place. Monitor your stress. Levels. Get calming tips when overwhelmed. Stress is an underlying cause of many health problems. With the gts2 mini. You can check to see where your personal stress level lies from relaxed normal, medium or high anytime.

You feel pressured or stressed throughout the day and get some suggestions on how to reduce it. Alexa built in., Intelligent understanding and assistance.. You can talk to alexa on your amazfit gts2 mini, ask questions. Get translations set, alarms and timers, create shopping list, check the weather control, your smart home devices and more. Long battery life. 14 day battery life. more peace of mind.. A fully optimized battery management system provides up to 14 days of battery life for the amazfit gts2 mini., Get rid of the anxiety brought on by constant charging and keep the energy flowing.. The battery is ready to power you through up to two weeks of activity. Personalized watch faces. As a trendy smartwatch. The gts 2 mini can be personalized to reflect the unique character of every user., With more than 80 watch faces to choose, from most of which have a matching, always in style, and able to see the interface you like. Or to make the watch face. Truly yours upload your own photos to the background and focus on what you care about with the custom modular dial. Pomodoro clock., Improve time management and work and steady, efficiency., Bluetooth, camera., Remotely control the mobile phone to take photos and turn on selfie. 5 ATM water resistant.. On par with traditional high end watches and can be, war worry free for daily use or when swimming., Those are the main features of this fantastic smartwatch.. If you want to buy or see more details, the link to the amazfit gts2 mini is in the video description.