Wear os well cover the aesthetics. Specs features. What i like and dont like about it, and also give you a final verdict on whether or not this is a good watch and, most importantly, this wouldnt be a video from me if there wasnt any mountain biking in there. So rest assured, i will hit local trails and put this watch to the test, so lets jump into it in terms of the looks and the feel its very premium, its very well made. It feels solid, its got a nice rubber, strap that fits most wrists. You can see its got a little bump here, so that ensures that you can track your heart rate and even when you put it on your wrist in a particular angle, uh, if you have bony wrists like me, it will still stay on and monitor your vitals As it should, it has a button here that goes to the app screen and it also unlocks your watch and then youve got a button here that can be customized, so ive just got it as stock, which means it will start and exercise after i press it. But overall i think the build quality is really nice. I really like the design its sporty, but not too much, and also you know you can wear it with anything. So just for comparisons sake here is a g shock that you would have seen in my other videos that i wear quite a lot simple watch, but i thought the tic watch will be a lot bigger but its not, i think, thats a perfect size and just One more thing to mention about the looks is that you have removable straps.

So if you do want to change to anything else, you can do very easily. So in terms of the specs, then im not going to dive too much into the detail, but this does have snapdragon where 4100, which is top of the line cpu and gpu, and it works really well its really fast responsive. No, like hang ups as such, if you do have hang ups thats because of the apps themselves, as you can see here, im scrolling through you know no problem whatsoever. If i want to open something up, i can do go back very fast, very snappy. So the watch does have eight gigs of memory and it has one giga ram, which is again pretty up there in terms of watch specs. It could have more memory, but so far i havent needed to want anymore for the full list of specs. Please check out the link in the description, like i said: im not gon na waffle on too much about them. Okay on to the features, then so, im not gon na talk about all of them, because that will take me all day, but i will talk about the ones that stand out to me and make this a unique watch compared to everything else. So, first of all its this always on lcd display. So when the watch is not in use, it is still on all the time, but it shows you just date time and steps and heart rate, if you are in the middle of a workout doesnt, show anything else.

So this means that it can save a lot of battery, so the techwatch has one of the biggest batteries currently in any wear os device – 577 milliamps on so normal day to day use. I can get about two to three days with you know, moderate tracking, with everything on and if you have a really extensive day, youll get at least 24 hours, which you might not think, but its more still than like a galaxy watch or an apple device. So take watch claimed that you can have the watch run for 45 days in that essential mode which, which is absolutely insane to think of so one other thing to mention thats quite overlooked, and it is a feature, is that it does have a hidden speaker drain System so after you go for a swim or a wet ride, you can clean your speakers out and it will blast like a jet all the water out from the speaker, which is pretty cool, so the other distinct feature about this watch is the fact that its Got built in gps, so you dont need to take your phone to track your activity and for me, thats a big deal breaker, because then i dont think theres a point of having a smart watch. If youve got to take your phone with you. So if youre running or doing anything – and you dont want to take the phone for added weight so its messing around in your pocket, then you just take the watch record.

It bam youre off and then the last standout feature for me is the google assistant. I think its amazing that you can have it on your wrist. Obviously, youve got to be connected to your phone but, like i said, if youve got in your pocket on your backpack and you want to use something quick, its a great feature to use according to tickwatch smartwatch and smart products, the techwatch pro 3 ultra gps meets The 810g military spec and it is ip68 rated and pool swimming suitable. It can be worn when swimming in shallow water washing hands sweating or when it is raining, send a message to wifey whats for dinner, Music, okay, ill just whisk through some of the apps that we have on here. So weve got tick health, which is like your daily goals, and it shows how many calories. You burn your distance, your mental fatigue, energy level, what exercise youve done, your heart rate min and max for the day, oxygen, saturation and then other days. How, well you did it shows you, your sleep, so thats really cool shows you when you were awake and in deep sleep, etc. Some cool stats, Music and then your blood oxygen as well during sleep. So if you do want to measure your heart rate, go to tick pulse and it will measure it for you Music and then take oxygen. It measures your blood oxygen levels, so it does have this tick breathe its like a yoga exercise for breathing, not interested in that take hearing.

It shows you, the environment, around you and the decibels. So if youre in a loud place subscribe to fly meta there, you go if youre willing to risk it there. You go your agenda, alarm calculator, contacts, standard stuff, then moving on to this essential mode. So, like i said before, once you dont use the watch. The screen locks away and it switches into essential mode into that lcd screen. So you can change the color of the screen once you want it to light up. So, for instance, ive got the yellow one on here tilt to light up. Lets put that on just to show you there you go and then, if i tilt my hand it should work there you go and then you got your notifications again very snappy and you can reply to your notifications. However, you want so im just say: okay, there you go and thats sent, and then i can reply even use my voice, cool stuff, mate ill, see you there, Music boom. There you go and its got a find. My phone feature, which i think all smartwatches should just have by default, which is very useful for when you lose your phone and then weve got other apps. Here youve got google google pay, which is really cool im a fan of contactless payments and youve got maps, and you can see it works really well just by the gps. In this particular example, im not connected to the phone im just out there in the woods, and it works really well and youve got spotify and strava.

Your stopwatch timer torch translate, which is very useful when traveling and then you got your weather. So just going back to the home screen, if you go to the swipe to the right right to left, you can see your tiles here. It shows all the different things that youve got on here. You can customize. However, you want this and then youve got your quick settings, your airplane mode, noise, on fine phone, google pay cinema mode and do not disturb okay. Everyone lets put the watch on lets, go to the local trails, fred sumner, test out the gps function. Just remember im not using anything on my phone. This is purely all from the watch so well see the stats after check it yo, okay, heres, the local steep line, lets drop in Applause, yo Applause, im back up to the top okay lets drop in another legendary line and then check out the stats. While we go on the watch, see what were up to yo. Okay lets have a look at the stats mid ride. So i really love how it shows, like the trail that youve sort of ridden from start to end. If we go back to the top notice, how im using it with gloves as well, it works so well a lot better than a gopro. So here we are duration, speed, distance pace, Music lapse, thats one weird thing about it: it shows laps for some reason. I havent figured out how to switch that off or go around that, but thats, okay, calories, altitude, Music elevation and your heart rate cool stuff.

I think lets go and hit a few more bonus trails just because we can and wrap it up. Music, oh, is that the one small king Music, oh yeah, heres, the lunch – rides that ive done and, as you can see, the gps is tracking really well. In my opinion, i went up here up the road in to watch more. You can see what it does on sharp corners, like that. I mean thats one issue but in my opinion, thats nothing. You shouldnt worry about that then here i did the first set of jumps and then here i did that steep section and here i wrote down and then here i did a couple of takes on the slow mos to get a nice angle. You can see the path is there and how its tracking and yeah, like, i said, im happy with that and then heres that same uh activity that ive done, but in the mobile app itself. So you can have a quick look, gives you all the stats and then gives you sections and then again it gives you the map, then heres an activity that ive done with the watchmore king, its quite a longer one, and you can see how it breaks it Down and again it gives you a nice map view, and it gives you like sections of each, which is very cool, very quick view of the mobile app itself. So again it gives you everything that your watch does, but in a better format.

So you can have a look at your stats Music. So lets talk about a good point. You can use it with gloves. Yes, thats right, you can, and i wasnt expecting it, but it works amazingly well, much much better than say my gopro and if you ever try using gopro with small or other small devices with gloves. You will understand where im coming from. For someone like me, who makes videos all the time and has to switch settings here and there this is quite crucial and it would otherwise annoy me to take gloves off all the time. So when i ride, i put the phone in my bag, so having the ability to see notifications, send messages and take and receive calls is a game changer for uninterrupted rides, and this, for me, is one of the biggest reasons for having a smartwatch combined with google Assistant, you can have almost full hands free experience, so the watch is fast and responsive with really good ui. It really is a pleasure to use and i would expect it from top end specs like this one. I have no complaints with the speed notifications appear on the watch a second after they appear on your phone. The watch has good microphone and great speak for taking calls and ive got no complaints for that. It has excellent battery life compared to all other smart watches. Like i said before, two to three days with moderate tracking and at least over 24 hours, with full tracking and extensive use, you can connect your bluetooth headphones to the watch and listen to music, using spotify or other apps that allow you to load your own music.

So some people refer to me as the 5k guy, so for running enthusiasts, all you need to take with you on the run for minimal weight is to watch and your bluetooth headphones, ditch the phone entirely. So if a smartwatch cannot do this, then i see no reason for owning one, and it has been one of the reasons why ive been holding off owning a smart watch for such a long time. So moving on to some of the bad points, so starting off with a missing feature that, i think is a must in smart watches these days. So i would expect to see full detection feature and a way to make emergency calls. If i was to have a big crash on my bike, but this also applies to other sports. Obviously you shouldnt take big risks when riding alone, but you never know when it happens. I can come up with scenarios where you have a massive stack away from your bag and phone, because you are lapping a downhill section, so having the ability to also call for help would be amazing. Hopefully this is added in the future, so i would prefer to see 30 second timeout option. Sometimes i feel it doesnt give enough time to look at the menu in the apps, and this is more apparent when i try to make this video trying to get some side shots off. The watch. Speaking of the screen tilt to wake feature seems to set off too often when going about your day and its more apparent in the evening.

Perhaps this can be improved in a future update to make the function react more force when tilting your hand in terms of functionality, i would like to see a rotating bezel or some kind of way to go back to the app i used before or to see. Recent apps, i found it slightly annoying that i had to exit and go back to the app tray again and open where i left off when i tried to adjust a few apps at the same time, speaking about essential mode, i feel like the design of the Watch face in essential mode could be better theres, quite a lot of unused space and, if anything they could make the size of digits bigger, so itd be easier to see in brighter conditions. When i first got the watch, i had trouble creating my mob boy account. In the end i use my google account to log in and make my account that way. So definitely there needs to be some improvement to have better out of the box user experience. So having a play with the watch, there is no native way to transfer music or photos to the watch from say your computer, but there are third party apps that bridges gap and allow you to do so. Finally, to save you some time other reviewers that have tested the tracking features in detail and whole see that the watch is not super accurate. I think personally for the majority of people, it shows plenty of detail and gives accurate enough results that you can be happy with and use them to compare your activities and then just a couple of bad points for wear os in general.

So currently, google assistant cannot make calls, even though it says it can. This is very annoying. Sorry, i cant do that anymore. You cannot use maps to navigate directly from the watch. You have to set the navigation and the phone first and then the directions will be displayed on the watch. There is no youtube app, so you cant watch any more of my videos, unfortunately on the watch itself, but hopefully when, where os 3 does come out on this watch sometime this year in 2022, hopefully it will fix a few. The points i have mentioned already, according to tech advisor, which watches support, wear os 3 samsung galaxy watch 4 samsung galaxy watch 4, classic google pixel watch fitbit premium, smart watches and upcoming mob voitic watches. So, overall, would i recommend this watch? Well, it all depends on your needs, but i would recommend this watch if you are, after an all around fitness tracking device, that does many features, including gps tracking google pay having the ability to play music and a very, very long battery compared to everything else. So there you go guys. Let me know what you think about the watch, but any questions in the comments and ill see if you can answer them and if you want to find out more in detail and where to buy it.