First of all, the box hasn’t changed at all since the previous model, but what they’ve done now is they’ve printed extra extra word pro to it. So pro must be better. Let’S have a look so in the box itself. Obviously you’ll find the watch itself this time. I decided to go for a very um, not me like style, so this is a silver watch with a white. Strap actually looks pretty decent in this combination. You also find a manual fully in english um pretty useless manual, but there is a qr code that you can use to download the app which is called rd feet to connect this watch to your phone and this time around the charger has changed completely now. It’S completely wireless charger, there are no pins to follow or anything like that. You just slap your watch on top of this little little magnetic charger here and it’s gon na charge. Your watch like that um the full charge takes about one and a half to two hours to fully charge the battery and yes before you’re gon na ask me in comments. Yes, i will do a comparison between hw22 pro and hw22 and i also got now um fk99, which i’m gon na compare to fk 88 and then we’re going to compare all four together, so stay tuned, make sure you subscribe and we’ll we’ll see what’s the difference Between all of these uh apple clones, later on so hw22 comes at the price of 26 us dollars.

I will leave the link down below make sure you s. You stay till the end of the video, where i will explain why i’ve left the link down below for this particular watch. So this hw22 pro comes with a screen which is 1.75 inches across with a resolution of 320 by 385 pixels. This is an ips matrix. It’S got a pretty decent view angles. The battery inside of the watch is only 180 milliamp battery which, like i said, will reach a full charge within an hour and a half to two hours. However, unfortunately, the battery will not last longer than two days, no matter what you do, even if you’re gon na turn off the bluetooth. The battery just will not last more than two days so at best you’re, probably gon na get a day and a half and with a normal use, you’re, probably looking at i’m guessing around eight hours, if you’re gon na be using it less frequently, then you’re, probably Gon na stretch it two a day with a few conversations that you might have, because obviously this watch has a microphone and the speakers and all those things, but don’t expect like a week or two week, battery life that’s just unreal. The processor inside of this watch is mtk2502c and, like i said, the app which you’re going to be using to connect this watch to your phone is called rd, fit and also in case. If you want to buy yourself a separate straps, you’re going to be looking at straps of 44 mil, and this watch comes with an ip rating of ip67, which, in all fairness, is a complete reason, for that is every single time.

When i receive a brand new watch, whether it’s free or i paid my own money for it, what i always do is i always check what the ip rating is, and, in this case, it’s an ip67 and on the website of the of the the seller. The link who i’m gon na leave down below it says clearly that you can, you can wash your hands with this watch, you can um, you can splash water on it and you can take it to a shower and it even suggests you can take it to Your swimming pool, so i took this wash into a shower with me at the end of the working day, um and literally after 30 seconds in the shower the screen started to blink. It turned into pink and watch completely died, um. My first, my first like initial reaction, was to turn the watch off completely, so i’ve held the button for a bit of a longer time, so the vibration came on. The watch made a bit of a sound and indicating that it turned itself off um. I took the straps off and i shoved this watch into a glass of rice and i put it on the radiator and i left it for two days and luckily the watch came back, so i could make a review instead of just showing you a blank watch. So they do work just fine as they did on the first and sort of like a couple of minutes when i’ve unboxed them but that’s.

What i’m just saying so ip67 is non existent in here. So let’s just have a quick look at the actual watch itself. Um the first thing: you’ll notice, uh, the difference between the hw22 and hw22 pro is the bottom. Button is no longer fake, it’s, actually it’s. Actually pressable, you can press it same goes. For crown you can press crown as well, and crown is also using the rotation. So you can rotate your whatever it is in the watch. You want to rotate on the right side between those two buttons there. You can see a little cutout that’s your microphone. The the back of the watch is all made out of glass it’s one one glass piece, which is quite nice. The watch is made out of aluminium, so that’s quite nice as well and on the left side of the watch. This way, you’ve got your speaker. This peak is decent enough. It gets quite loud so don’t get me wrong with that. So that’s all cool, but there is no water resistant mesh to protect from water to actually entering these two holes and that’s precisely where the water made its way and whenever you, whenever you turn the screen on. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to see it. Now, because i’ve got my softbox on, however, you can actually see the led lights for the screen at the back. So therefore, if any water gets in these two little holes, there is immediately on it goes onto the electrics.

It goes onto the circuits and the screen itself and it’s, just gon na kill your watch. So basically what happened to me when i took this um into a shower uh. The other thing is um. As you can see, there is no. There is no lock mechanism for your straps, so the straps move freely. So when you’re gon na put them in uh, obviously make a note that’s how these apple um type straps go in. So you have to have your pin pointing upwards, and this part of the strap has to be on top of the watch, and this part of the truck has to be on both of the watch and because it’s not been machined correctly. What happens to my particular model is throughout the day you get a little bit of these. So if anyone was to see this watch on my wrist from the side, they would know immediately that i’m not wearing a proper um apple watch, because the the apple which just just doesn’t do that right. So let’s take a look at the inside world of the watch, so if you, if you scroll from top to the bottom, this is where you go: the quick access to your quick settings so things like, for instance, um. If you click on that button, that allows you to turn on and off um, whether your screen gon na come on or not when you’re gon na rotate your wrist you’ve got your do not disturb mode.

You’Ve got several menu styles, which i’ll demonstrate to you now. So at the minute, i’ve got swipe up and down uh style, which basically means that the menu the main menu will look like this. Then you got your nine app menu style which will make it look like that, and then you got your smart style, which basically means it’s going to look like an apple watch menu because we got a slower processor. This time the whole animation is very laggy um. You can use your crown to zoom in and zoom out, but once again like, i said because the lag is so bad on this on this watch. People will immediately know that you’re not wearing a proper apple watch as well, so that’s just one one of those downsides and then you’ve got your alien six place palace whatever it is well. That makes it look like an fk 88 that we had before on this channel. And, finally, you got strip six square grid, which basically looks exactly the same, just a bit of a different style. But anyway, i personally thought that the easiest menu to use was the swipe up and down it. Just looked very intuitive um there was a minimum lag uh on the animation and just just look alright. Also in the quick settings, you got things like your torch. For instance, if you, if you can’t, see in the dark, you can turn that on and that works pretty well and then you’ve got your bluetooth connectivity.

If that glows blue. That means the watch is connected to your phone. If it’s not like it is right now, it’s not connected to your phone and you’ve got your battery saving mode right there. So if you click on that, the screen will dim itself and bluetooth will turn itself off and several other things will turn off as well. Just to sort of to allow you to make it through the day, if you scroll from left to right that gives you that a pop up menu you’ve got your social media. Here, you’ve got your little butterfly icon. That allows you to change the style over your menu. You can also dial a phone if you wanted to so like. If you remember the number of your from the top of your head, you can do that and you got your microphone, which is basically a quick access to your voice assistant from your phone, so, for instance, if you’re using iphone that would be siri if you’re using Android that be google assistant, if you scroll from right to left, nothing happens. But what happens actually is you change your watch faces, so what i’ll do now is i’ll demonstrate you how many watch faces available in this watch um, because the majority of them i actually pre installed on the watch itself, so just count with me and see how Many watch faces there are Music, so i think it’s about 40 watch faces and there are a few available, not many um in the app itself.

We will take a look at it later on, so in the main menu you’ve got things like you can see your text messages. You can dial your phone number, you can you’ve got your phone book, but you have to synchronize um the phone book from your phone via the app um you’ve got your frequently used contacts. You’Ve got your bluetooth connectivity. You can see how many steps you’ve done. How many calories you burned just there you’ve got your social, medium information coming to this icon. There you’ve got your heart rate sensor, which i’ll demonstrate to you now. The watch is on it’s, not on any surface it’s, not on my wrist it’s. Nowhere near any object and it still measures the heart rate, so the sensors on board of this watch are utterly rubbish. They don’t work at all, like literally, they don’t work, no matter who and what they say. These things don’t work same goes for sleep tracking. So if you’re, someone who likes to use your sleep tracking in your current watch, um that’s no way any good, because it actually tracks your sleep and it usually gets around about minus two minus two hours or plus two hours. So it never never correct. So it either tells you that you slept for way too long or not enough by two hours, which is which is rubbish in my opinion, um. The other thing you’ve got here is obviously you can manipulate your brightness i’ve got it on maximum because that’s just the best way for it really you’ve got your sports modes.

So you’ve got things like walking outdoor running, climbing cycling. Uh you’ve got your basketball, badminton ping pong football papa. I don’t know what papa is on. I don’t know what the hell is that and you got your history as well. So, for instance, sake. If i was to go climbing, i just click on climbing. I click go it vibrates, it counts for me and then the watch will start um taking all the measurements. So, for instance, what was my speed? What was my calorie burn and all those things and how long my activity took place and all those things and i can stop it and i can either delete it or i can save it into my journal. Uh we’ve got our calendar that’s pretty much. The only useful thing in this watch, the calendar is always good and always handy to have you’ve got your little timer very to be honest with you, it’s, all very it’s, all very um intuitive. So you’ve got your little stopwatch very simple. You can set your alarms there now you can choose when when to set the alarm, so you can set the alarm from the watch itself. Oh, yes, you’ve got a temperature, so you can. You can take a temperature using this watch i’m, not going to even attempt it because, like i said, the sensors are um they’re not going to take the right temperature they’re just going to fake it. So please please don’t, rely on this watch to take a temperature, because in the ad of this um watch they actually show a picture of a little baby where parent is taking a temperature using this watch, it’s just it’s so dangerous.

You shouldn’t be doing that it’s. Just rubbish you’ve got your little calculator there, so you can use your little calculator that’s, pretty useful as well. Oh, yes, and down the bottom, you’ve got your social medias. I haven’t seen that before and you’ve got your little um little remote control for like like an xbox. So if you click on that, this watch actually actually has two games. Pre installed, one is called ninja climb and the other one is top gun. So, for instance, if you click and we’re gon na start the game, i personally don’t know how to play it. Oh there we go, so you have to jump from rope to rope being a ninja. There we go. Oh no i’ve just died. Oh, what it’s just rubbish and the other game is top gun. Uh it’s, like uh space, invader, sort of thing, um, something we played a long time ago. When we were kids there, you go, you can’t actually see what you’re doing, but that’s okay, yeah i’ll get that little cross. So you you get the idea that’s that’s that’s what it is. So what i’ll do now is i’ll demonstrate to you how the microphone sounds on this voice so because most of you ask what’s what’s the microphone quality is like so because you wan na you wan na, have a good quality conversation over you watching. You will decide whether it’s any good or not. I will start now hi guys so uh the hw guys.

This is the microphone, so you can decide whether it is and what we’ll do now is we’ll jump into the rd feed. App i’ll show you what the app looks like right, guys: let’s have a quick look at the rd feed app usual story on the first page. You’Ve got things like how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned and your sleep tracking heart rate, tracking and all those things, but they are fake, uh, so they’re not worth it so let’s jump into the second page. You can see that the watch is connected in the app it’s called watch. Six, although it looks very good but it’s just doesn’t mean much the first option: you’ve got you: can you can use it uh? You can use the watch to take pictures of yourself. So selfies, so you can use a watch as a remote control to take selfies, then in the second option, which is called bluetooth call. This is where it explains to you how to connect a secondary bluetooth module to use your watch as a little phone. Basically, so you need to um open your watches settings uh open the bluetooth settings turn the bluetooth on then go into your settings or bluetooth. Settings on the phone and you’re gon na have to find the rd500 on there and connect to it as well. So, instead of just connecting your watch to the rd feed app you’re gon na have to connect the secondary bluetooth device um through your watch device, the bluetooth settings um there you can find the watch device uh you can search device.

For instance, if you lost your watch, you can click on that it’s gon na make a vibration and it’s gon na make a noise to find your watch uh. You can see your heart rate monitoring a ecg detection body, temperature detection, all those things, but they are fake, so don’t, please don’t, rely on those um and you’ve got your dial selection, so you’ve got your five five watch faces to download from this app, which look Absolutely rubbish, you also got your digital watch faces there, which look a bit rubbish as well, and finally, you’ve got your custom watch face, which is basically where you can upload any picture from your phone and it’s going to become a watch face for your watch and On the last page, please ignore the information it’s, not my real height, my not my real weight, but this is where you can insert those little things and you can set your step goals and all those things very simple, app um, not particularly really my cup of Tea same as the watch, but anyway um let’s go back to the review and summarize today’s video, honestly guys, um. I thought i’m gon na put myself onto this path where i’m gon na trying to find a decent apple clone, and most of you seem to like these videos, because most of you also on the same path, you want to find a decent clone for apple watch. For 26 us dollars personally, i would probably walk past this um just really not worth it, although they do look alright from the side, but all the issues that these watch is having so, for instance, like the straps um sort of coming coming coming loose and coming Apart that’s, no good, the crown is not actually pleasant to use it’s quite it’s.

It can be loose at times uh, because it’s it’s, just it’s not made out of metal and it’s just it’s, really really on the move. There same thing goes for the button which, before uh was a fake button. Now it’s now now it’s a proper button, but it’s got so much movement for it. Going that it just just i don’t know it feels rubbish. Sense is a real crap that’s, the the worst thing about this watch and also the fact that the battery only lasted a day or two um it’s a huge. No, no for me and the lack of ip rating ip67, the one that actually is uh being written on the website of the seller and i’m sure. The same goes for the rest of the sellers as well, but because i can’t wash my hands – and i can’t take this wash literally anywhere – it just makes it worthless, really um, so yeah. I hope this video has been helpful in some way to you and, if i’ve missed anything, don’t hesitate, comment down below um i’d like to take this opportunity to. Thank you all of those who subscribe to this channel you making a huge difference, and for those of you who leave comments down below uh, really makes my day every single day, and i wish i can do. I can do more um and if you’ve got any suggestions for me to buy any products, don’t don’t hesitate, leave it in the comments down below as well.

I’Ll do my best to purchase them and to make a review for them.