This is hw22, so let’s begin unpacking and see what comes in the box. Unlike with the previous clone that we reviewed on this channel, fk 88 um hw22 comes in a very similar rectangular box, with all these like little dials on it. However, the inside of the box doesn’t look as premium as the fk 88 did because it’s not as neat you don’t get those um extra pouches for your um silicon straps or your special sort of place for your charger it’s. Just a box. That sort of looks like an original apple watch box, but it is far from it believe me inside of the box. You’Ll also find the charger which doesn’t look like an original apple charger at all, but it does deserve a minute of conversation about it and we’re going to come back to it later on in the video. Obviously, you find the watch itself this time. I’Ve decided to go for a red, color uh. This strap was pre installed on the watch. It is um detachable strap, so you can take it off if you wanted to, and you’ve got a small manual in english and chinese, with a qr code to download the app you’re going to be using to connect this watch to your phone, which is called wear Fit pro so about the watch itself, first of all, let’s throw some of the figures uh. First of all, i’ve purchased these from aliexpress for 26 us dollars with a free free shipping.

This is 1.75 inches display with a resolution of 320 pixels by 385 pixels, which is quite good. Um you’ll find the battery inside, which is 200 meter amp battery it takes about two and a half to three hours to fully charge. This watch, however, the charge one charge will actually last you for a good week or so, which we haven’t seen before in any of the apple watch clones, because most of them do last only a day. At best, this watch comes with an um waterproof rating, which is ip67 meaning you can take this watch into a shower and you can take this into a swimming pool with you and they will be absolutely fine, especially for you i’ve been testing. This watch for more than a week and i’ve been taking them into a shower with me every single day and obviously a shampoo and shower gel and all those things they are not afraid of it whatsoever and warm water didn’t do a any damage whatsoever inside you’ll. Find a processor which is hs6621. The watch also comes with a bluetooth module, which is 5.2 bluetooth, 5.2 i’ve, never seen that before and that’s pretty good and finally, you’re going to be using wear fit pro app, which you can download via the qr code from the manual which you’re going to be Using to connect the watch to your phone, the hw22 do look like an original apple watch from a glance. Obviously, as you get closer, you’ll find the huge differences to the first um difference is the small chin at the bottom, obviously apple, which doesn’t doesn’t really have a chin as big as that also on the right side, where you’re supposed to have two physical buttons.

The bottom button is the fake button, it’s not actually doing anything and you can’t physically press it it’s just engraved in the actual casing. The crown, however, works, and it works pretty well. It works for um push. It also works for rotation, so that’s pretty decent on the left side of the watch. You’Ve got a speaker grille. This one is actually a fully working speaker grille, because it’s got two openings, not like, usually usually done, whereas one is a fake. The other one is completely open and at the rear of the watch, this is all glass. You’Ve got your two pins for charging. These four dots around these are the led lights, which light up to help those um sensors in the middle to take measurements. I will mention just in case that sensors on this watch are complete rubbish. They are so far from being accurate. It is just incredible, but we will talk about that later on and the final thing is being a clone. Once again, there is no um locking mechanism for your straps. So therefore, if you’re, not careful enough, this trap will come. Undone uh i’ve never experienced that in a week’s time since i’ve been testing this watch, but it would be nice to have the little locking mechanism which you do get with the real deal. So let’s uh jump into the um inside inside world of this watch. So, first of all, if you scroll from top to bottom, the first icon that you will see is a little phone with a bluetooth, um symbol on the top that’s.

What you’re gon na have to manually turn on uh in order to receive or make phone calls? So the second icon is not actually your screen brightness, but if you press that that’s you’re always on display i’ve never seen that in clones before, but you do get that. So if you press that your screen will stay continuously on, obviously the battery life will decrease. Immensely, so you can only expect to see your watch tv i’m sort of working, most probably just for a day, not more than that, and the obvious thing is you’re going to have to go into your settings and you’re going to have to lower the screen. Brightness right down, in order for your watch to actually to survive a day, otherwise they’re just going to discharge very very quickly and if you don’t want your screen to be attached accidentally. Whilst the screen um on, like like an always on screen, option is turned on. You just press that lock, then your screen will be locked and you won’t be able to touch it and to unlock the screen. All you have to do is just press. The crown for three seconds. You’Ll see the indication that lock has been dismissed and then you can use your watch again. You can turn your watch on and off. You can jump into settings and you can you can turn your flashlight, which is um done like that, so it just illuminates the screen and you can find your way in a dark environment if you need to by scrolling from bottom to top you get into your Messages – and you can get more than 10 messages at the time you can’t actually do anything with them, except for read through and just delete them.

If you scroll from left to right, that gives you a secondary screen, which is um hw22, are so famous for what you can find here is in the bottom corner. You’Ll find the apps that you mostly use, then here, where it says sos, you can actually assign a particular phone number which you can use as your emergency contact. So, for instance, if you need to be, i don’t know, you’ve got some um health um conditions where you need to be able to contact people very quickly or maybe perhaps you’re buying this watch for elderly people, or whatever reason it could be. You can always assign one number, and all you have to do is just press this, and the watch will start dialing that number immediately but that’s that’s. All the functionality of this secondary screen that you will you’re gon na get gon na get by scrolling from left to right. First thing, you’ll find would be your heart rate measurement, which is, i believe, it’s playing safe uh, because what it does it usually shows numbers in the safe zone, so somewhere in between let’s, say 65 to like 85. It takes a bit of a time for it to actually take a measurement personally, if you want to buy yourself a watch that you’re going to rely on for your physical activities or your sleep tracking, and things like that, i would not rely on hw22. I think the sensors in here are very, very rubbish indeed.

The second thing further on is your data, so all your data collected throughout the day, so how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you burn and all those good things and then, if we scroll further, this is where you’re gon na find your weather 10 are Really really hard to believe i’m in the uk. The temperature outside currently is about plus 10 degrees. I’Ve actually got my location turned on in the app, so the weather should be displayed fairly accurately. However, this watch really struggles with the weather information at all the times. Once again, although you have the weather on your screen, unfortunately it’s not the best and right at the end, you’ve got add more components. This is where you can. You can find things like you can add your music player. You can add your oxygen meter or breathing exercise and all those things so right at the end. So, for instance, if i want to control my music from this menu, all i have to do is just add it to the menu and now you’ll see that we go weather, i’ve added something else and you’ve got your music player, which is very simple, play, pause And you can skip your tracks forward to backwards so that’s the way you would control music from this watch on your phone right, so final menu is when you go to the main screen. Okay, all you have to do. Is you press your crown once and it will take you to a famous apple watch menu? The animation is very good.

I must admit, let’s see what what’s what you can find in this menu. So, for instance, you can you can control your brightness um it’s set at the maximum of the minute. You can see your option for like when you don’t want to be disturbed, so you can. You can turn that on. If you wanted to you’ve got your several things like text messages, you can turn on and off your phone. You can see some data. You can take some measurements for your blood pressure. You can take the breathing exercise, and this is where you see two men running. One is a like a light green color and the other one is like um turquoise uh. So if you press on one the the one with the light, green color like a satellite color um is uh for the in outdoor activities and one with the turquoise color is all about the indoor. They are duplicated, so it’s exactly the same thing. So you’ve got outdoor running outdoor cycling, open water field. I don’t know what’s wrong with the translation but that’s. Basically, your swimming pool sit ups uh you can you can do your walking mountaineering in outdoor sports and all those things so you’ve got two options: indoor and outdoor and once again, because you’ve got the swimming pool option. That means that you can take this watch into a swimming pool with you and they should be absolutely fine. Uh. You can take some pictures, you can jump into settings, obviously brightness uh, brightness screen and all those things and phone settings you can um.

You can just do all sorts of good things with with it um and the final thing i’ll show you is the how many languages in here so you’ve got english you’ve got french georgia, spanish, portuguese russian. Excuse me, i don’t know what language that is, but then you get polish italian and pretty much. I don’t know lots and lots of other languages, and you can you can change them in your watch as well, which is quite convenient. You also have a little stopwatch. Convenient and you’ve got your timer, you can set your timer and you can actually esc. You can actually exit the actual timer and the timer will work in the background, which is quite good, and this is where you would dial the number. But you have to be connected to the phone i’m not connected at the minute, but this is where you can either scroll through your phone book. So you just press that phone icon there. You can scroll through your phone book or you can just dial the number manually um. I think it’s a good time for us to actually jump in and i’ll show you how the voice sounds um right guys. So i put this watch on my wrist very close to my face, as you would probably, if you had a conversation um somewhere outside i’m talking in any quiet environment and if you’re going to be talking to someone that’s. How they’re going to hear you, through the watch um so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s something you have to have on your watch completely at all i’m, not one of those people who would talk on their watch it’s, not an option for me right.

So now would be a good time for us to jump and have a look at the wear fit pro app and we’re going to come back and we’re going to summarize today’s video, so we’re, going to just jump in the first page always shows all the information That watch manage together about your health uh, how many steps you’ve done, how many calories you’ve burned? How many miles you traveled and all those good things? The second page is your exercise. Tracking first thing i will mention is if you’re gon na be tracking your exercises. Do it either from your phone or your watch only don’t try to do it on both devices at the same time, because otherwise it’s just not going to record nothing. The third page is where it says equipment. This is where you can see how much, how much of a charge left on your watch. You can also see some brief information, so things that you can set up from this page is weather reports. You can turn them on and off they are rubbish. They don’t work, but you can turn them on uh, perhaps maybe in the future updates um of the software. These a problem will be uh eliminated. We’Ll see you can set your alarms, which is very convenient. You can take pictures in case if you want to leave your phone on a tripod and you can. You can use your watch as a remote control for that in other settings.

You can turn on and off your option for um heart rate measurement 24 hours a day, or you can just turn this option off. You can turn the option for a screen to be turned on when you raise your hand up, and you can also choose between 12 or 24 hour formats. If you need that sort of thing for notifications, this is where you, if you want to receive phone calls, and you want to make phone calls – you have to turn it on. You can also receive text messages. You can receive information from calendar and all of these social media. So if you need pause, have a look and decide for yourself. You also got a health reminders, things like, for instance, if you sit for too long or you haven’t, drunk enough water. Today, if you set this, if you set these options, your watch will remind you to do those things so, for instance, stand up and walk around or drink some water. You can find your device if you’ve lost it. You can add your favorite contacts and now what we will do is we’ll jump into our favorite section, which is watch faces so i’m gon na click on all i’ll scroll down. So it just can refresh the full list of the watch faces, which is just there, and what i’m going to do now is i’m just going to scroll down slowly. If you need just pause and have a look at the watch faces that are available currently and make a decision whether you’re happy with it or not.

Personally, i believe that if you have more than five watch faces available, it’s a great success so far, i just want to jump through some of the positives, some of the negatives of this watch, so things that did impress me first of all, it’s the battery life As long as you’re, not using always on display, the watch will last for a good week week and a half screen, the screen looks really good. I did enjoy using this screen and i do like the animation it’s, nice and smooth the ip rating ip67 is is being proved it’s, it’s working, so it is waterproof and i’m quite enjoying that things that i did not enjoy. That much would be um the fact that obviously um the speaker is fairly quiet. So in loud environment you won’t be able to talk to your friend or to your members or family, because you wouldn’t be able to hear them. They will be able to hear you. However, you won’t be able to hear them. Another thing is um the strap, because that doesn’t have a lock locking mechanism the straps. Do you tend to sort of slide around a little bit? The absence of the physical button, um it’s just is it’s another big. No, no, i don’t think it’s very nice um and the sensors. The sensors are absolute rubbish because um not that they don’t actually take proper measurements, but things like, for instance, um your sleeping record when you want to see how many hours you slept last most of the time they do show an extra two hours or an extra Hour but whereas in fact you actually just laid in your bed watching youtube for that time, so for that matter of fact, i’m not really impressed the weather, the weather and the weather report is rubbish as well.

So would i recommend this watch to you or not? Um for the price 26 us dollars – i’d say if you have 26 26 dollars lying around, then yeah by all means buy. This watch um have a have it as a toy uh play around with it. I don’t know show off a couple of times um. I don’t know enjoy it for a month or two then resell it it’ll be fine. However, if you’re looking for a watch to replace a proper apple watch, for instance, or just like an um xiaomi watch or i don’t know a mass feed watch or something like that – it’s not gon na work. The options on this particular model are not um up. There so in that case i’d, rather save you money, um wait a week or two and uh watch a couple of more reviews and make up your mind then or perhaps go through my playlist and have a look at other watches because there were watches before um. Even like a b8 plus, for instance, was a much better watch anyway in in most of the cases so yeah anyway guys. I hope this video has been helpful, um and hopefully, if you’ve been looking to buy this particular model right this minute. Maybe i help you help you to make up your mind if you’ve got any more questions, don’t hesitate, followed, uh, comment down below and i’ll do my best to answer your questions as soon as i can and as always.

Thank you very much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and what we’ll do next week is we’ll, probably compare hw22 to fk88, so we’ll do a comparison, so stay tuned come back and you will see an interesting video next week.