Northern wrist is the withens scanwatch horizon and it may just look like your bug standard premium wristwatch, but it boasts some impressive features, including some medically sanctioned ecg action and blood oxygen monitoring, full notifications tracking all that good stuff. However, this clever combination of spooge, worthy design and smartwatch style features does not come cheap. The scanwatch horizon will cost you just 5p under half a grand thats more expensive than your apple watches. Your samsung galaxy watches all the premium smartwatches out there. So is it worth that rather steep, asking price well ive, had it slapped on there for a good couple of weeks now so heres my full in depth, scanwatch horizon review and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now your first choice when youre picking up a scan watch is, do you grab it in green or blue. Both of these models look very bright and vibrant and the official withins photos, but actually the design is much more subtle in real life. I decided to go for the green model, its quite a dark green overall, and that color is only really obvious when the light strikes the watch face as well. Otherwise, it looks more like a moody silver, but i got ta say really like the look of this thing. My only real complaint is that at 72 grams the scan watch horizon is a proper hefty morpho, and it is quite chunky too, although thankfully didnt look too ridiculous on my way for thin wrists, oh and also the luminous hands on particularly easy to see when it Is pitch black? So two compliments, i guess now it may look all fancy like, but the scat watch horizon is actually tougher than jason statham wearing a suit of armor made entirely of miniature.

Bruce lees youve got a stainless steel casing, which is still in perfect. Nick two weeks on, despite being banged about all over the place, and likewise the surface of that glass, may stick out above the bezel, leaving it vulnerable to nox, but this is sapphire glass and therefore double hard. I am particularly care candid at times, especially when my blood isnt at least 50 caffeine, so this thing gets banged off work, surfaces, tables all kinds of stuff and again that casing is absolutely pristine, not a single scratch or nick on that glass. So all good its also water resistant to 10 atmospheres thats 100 meters. So yet you can take it on your snorkeling trip if you wan na and if you do somehow still manage to it up well, the good news is that withens has chucked in a five year guarantee with the scanwatch horizon, although you may want to check the Small princy, exactly what kind of crazy accidents are actually covered. The scan watch horizon comes bundled with both this swanky metal band and also a fluoro elastomer effort which is better suited to outdoor excursions and exercise. Although got ta say personally, i reckon the metal band suits the watch much better and, as you kind of expect, after spunking up half a grand, you get all the necessary tools in order to remove links from that metal. Banding from this very cute little hammer, youve. Even got a stand to slap the strap inside of when you knock seven bells out of it now to actually set up and connect to the scanwatch.

Verizon youll need to download withins healthmate app, which is freely available on the google play store and also the apple app store. The bluetooth pairing process is incredibly quick and simple, and the good news is, if you do change your smartphone at any time. Well, no worries just re download the app itll. Remember all of your information and the device, courtesy of your account, which you sign into and then ill just pair back up again in a matter of seconds. Its all good and the app allows you to set up. Quite a lot of stuff on the smartwatch, so, for instance, you can enable notifications and see exactly which apps will give you a little buzz on the wrist. You can set up common alarms on this bad boy. You can customize exactly what happens when you long push the button on the side of the scan watch play around with the brightness settings. I just left it on auto brightness, because i found that worked perfectly well, and this is where you set up all of your health shenanigans as well, including your daily step goal. So the scan with horizon basically looks like your bog standard, normal wrist watch. Until you give that dial a little push in and then all of a sudden, the smart screen springs to life. This is a bright and crisp little p amoled display and it may be quite teeny. So if you dont have the best eyesight in the world, you might be struggling to read some of the smaller text that flashes up on it.

But personally i had no issues there and, as i mentioned before, the brightness level, perfectly fine, even for outdoor visibility and in a neat little touch when you turn on that display, the watch hands will temporarily bugger off to the sides if they are partially covering it. So no part of it will be obscured. Unlike standard smartwatches, you dont have any touchscreen controls here. Instead, you scroll through the various smart menu options using this rotating dial. Personally, i would have preferred it if the actual bezel of the watch rotated instead, because sometimes the dial can kind of catch against your skin. When its sat on your wrist, it just makes it slightly awkward but its nothing too troublesome, and if we jump back into the healthmate app, you can actually customize exactly which menu options pop up in that scrollable menu, pretty much any of them can be removed. If you want, most of them are health related. The likes of your heart rate monitor your ecg option, your spo2 workouts, and you can reorder the options if theres some you use more often than others youll not have to scroll through the entire selection to get to them and yeah. As you might imagine, the notification support is quite basic on the withens scan watch horizon, given its only got that tiny little dinky screen to work with, but basically, for instance, if you get an email through youll get a quick flash of who sent the message and What the subject line is, and likewise, if you get a whatsapp message, for instance, itll just flash up the first bit of the message.

So at least youve got an idea of whether whatever just buzzed in your pocket is worth pulling your smartphone out for, or they should just ignore it. For now, the scanwatch horizon is quite lacking in a couple of areas compared with most of the smartwatches as well. So, for instance, theres bug roll media controls on here. So if you are listening to a podcast, some music, whatever you cant skip through tracks, raise the volume lower the volume via the watch, you will have to yank your phone out your pocket and do it that way, the old fashioned way, likewise, theres, no speaker or Microphone built into the scan watch horizon, so you cant, make or take calls via this thing, and neither can you call on your smartphones voice assistant now, as you can hopefully tell. There is a big emphasis on health monitoring here, with the heart monitoring being a particularly big part of the scanwatch horizons appeal. For instance, this watch is capable of taking full ecg readings, which is something that other watchers have attempted in a kind of a semi. Successful venture, but here its actually properly implemented because the scanwatch horizon is medically certified for its ecg readings there on the watch, youll get a quick glimpse of a result, either normal or abnormal, and then over on your smartphone youll. Get notifications saying your ecg results are ready to view. This will give you a full breakdown, including a nifty visual chart.

You can see exactly what is going on and you can also export these results as an actual health report, which you can then share with your doctor. The scan watch horizon also supports 24 hour. Heart rate, monitoring and youve also got medical grade, spo2 measurements on demand, and you can also track your workouts as well via the scanwatch horizon. If you like, ive got it so a long press of the dial will automatically start up. The exercise tracking youve got support for around 30 different types of workout right here. You can select five of them for fast access via the watch, so its got a bit of walking and box and thats pretty much all i can get on with again. You can rearrange the order and everything and, when youre, in the middle of a workout, just tap that dial button and youve got access to all the sort of obvious information that you would need, such as the duration of the workout uh, the actual distance covered. If you are doing something like walking or running current heart rate and also the date, if you want it, however, for anything like walk in running, etc, where distances and movement is involved, bear in mind you dont have built in gps here on the scan watch horizon It is connected gps, so, in other words, youll need to be tethered to your smartphone via bluetooth. In order for that to work and after youve completed your workout, it all gets synced up with the healthmate app.

You can give it a little tap and relive it. If you like, including a full breakdown of your heart rate, whether you manage to get some good cardio on the go but its pretty basic stuff compared with some of the more dedicated fitness smart watches, you could also keep track of your daily step. Count how you managed on that each day and your sleep score as well, because there is full sleep tracking support on the scan watch horizon gon na say, like more smart watches, not entirely accurate. Sometimes it thinks youre asleep when youve actually just been lying. Very, very still, on the sofa other times it reckons youre awake when you are actually still basically passed out in beds, but its you know its there. If you want it, but the vibrating alarm feature works. An absolute treat, thats, really really good. If you want to wake yourself up with a very strong rumble on your wrist, certainly does the job, but you dont want to disturb your bed partner, and one of the reasons i really love the scan with horizon is because it doesnt have that massive energy drain And touch screen. That means the battery life is really solid. Withins reckons you can get around a month of use on a single charge of this thing. I thought it was closer to around sort of a fortnight or so depending on. Obviously, how often you make use of all the various health tracking, apps etc, but even that is really really good compared with a lot of small watches.

These days likes the apple watch, the samsung galaxy watch youre charging those things every single night alongside your smartphone, which gets kind of tiresome and obviously, if you forget to charge it up, then oops im gon na watch for the day, hooray, the actual charging dock itself. Isnt fantastic, but it is dinky, so at least you can just bung it in a bag. Take it with you. If you are going on an extended trip, but, as i say, most holidays, youll be able to get through on a single charge. Of this thing no worries, and there you have it. That, in a nutshell, is the withens scan watch horizon a fantastic smartwatch. That doesnt actually look like a small which looks like a really nice premium, wristwatch instead, but still packs quite a lot of smart functionality, and especially if you are interested in the heart monitoring side of things. This thing packs some serious smarts that most of the small watches cant touch. Of course, on the flip side it also dont come cheap, but withens does offer a variety of other watches that are very similar to this. So definitely go check those out if your budget cant stretch up to 500 bloody quid minus 5p, so thats. What i think, what do you guys recommend be great here from you down in the comments below please, do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest deck and have yourselves a ruddy, wonderful rest of the week.