This is something we very often look for, while sometimes fitness trackers easily fulfill the task for being great at a given price, it’s much harder to get this from a smart watch. The global version of this one costs below 30 dollars and you’re right time to inspect Music, welcome tech, throw channel. Michael speaking, and here we are another smartwatch wannabe to try out. I say wannabe, because we have to agree to disagree that this is a smart watch. It is not, it is a fitness tracker with form and shape reminding of apple watch series with some fitness tracking functions, and rather good battery life and price halo is often linked to xiaomi, because they’ve become popular thanks to xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform called upin, but seem to Be operating on their own entity and on the channel i’ve already shown you, the halo, solar, their previous smartwatch edition, which has nothing to do with solar charging, despite the name and is very very similar to the halo, smartwatch 2 or as the model is being referred To ls02 price is extremely tempting and if that’s the main priority you’re going to like that, a lot because it’s over and below 30 dollars, you can get it even cheaper. If you follow the discounted link from the description below the video, that puts it into the same budget niche as the honor band models or even the mi band series, with the latter two mentioned models being some of the best fitness trackers out there unboxing the halo Watch 2 is ok, nothing spectacular.

They keep the same type of packaging as the halo, solar, just the watch instructions and a charging cable is what is included. We can’t say it comes in style, but overall, not too bad, packed like most other fitness trackers taking out the watch and having a closer look shows that the display is covered by glass, which is a great thing. The bezel is, unfortunately, plastic, although a very good resemblance of metal. Look, the button is covered by metal, though, which is also quite nice. The build quality seems to be fine, i’m, only a little concerned about the plastic bezel, and hopefully this will be a durable kind of polycarbonate. The silicon band is also nice and is replaceable with any 20 millimeter wide band. You can find and like going through, the specification is going to help us to understand more about what is to be expected in terms of performance 1.4 inch lcd screen, 210 milliamp hour battery bluetooth 5 weight of only 35 grams hr sensor, accelerometer ip68. Waterproof rating support for both android and ios devices via smartphone app, and that sounds about right and it’s, quite promising for the modest price. I can highlight the quality of the screen, which is not only big but also quite bright and with vivid colors, often visible in daylight. You cannotice that in terms of quality it’s, not too far away from the more expensive watches like the honor magic watch, too, charging happens via this cable takes around hour hour and a half to have the battery fully charged and with continuous hr tracking notifications on an Occasional sport, you can expect around a week of endurance, should you disable hr measuring which later on, i will prove maybe a good idea battery is going to last a bit longer than that.

I hope that, based on the hardware specs, we can agree to call the ls02 a fitness tracker, because it essentially is the first time setup was rather easy and you’re going to need the halo app in order to read the data from it. The watch menus are very simple, swipe down that’s, going to show the quick toggles find phone screen, brightness night mode and settings access, swiping left and rightly switching between the major tiles weather health summary hr info. The sleep, data and option for breathing exercises these breathing tutorials are probably the most interesting feature of the halo watches, while reviewing the halo solar. A few months ago, i’ve expressed my concerns about the effectiveness due to the need to always stare at the screen, while following them, because the speaker is missing. If you swipe up all the apps are available, not that many, but you have most features that a good fitness tracker is going to offer. I cannotice menus, which are similar to the halo solar with better arrangement and translation. So it looks like they’re getting better and better everything is more polished. Even the scrolling feels smooth, not galaxy, watch buttery smooth like, but definitely these animations are not annoying good to mention that it doesn’t support, typing or any form of responding to messages, but does offer support for most alphabets, meaning that you can read through the contents. The smartphone app is called halo 2 stars on play, store i’ve, seen better apps with lower rating interface is good.

Functions seem to be right at the first side, but honestly it’s offering really poor experience, which i wasn’t expecting giving the good interface. Firstly, it is yet another app the halo solar needs, the halo fit, which is a different software. This one has most of the watch features controllable no market for watch faces, though you’re limited to these few standard ones, not customizable. My major concern is that the app is unreliable about preserving data. Basic example been using the watch for exactly 2 weeks and after the 10th day, the date before 12th of september has suddenly disappeared, or at least the data about the steps and the heart rate. But the sport activity that i tracked on 9th of september is still there. If we look carefully in the data there’s, something even more upsetting, you can well notice that my heart rate is more or less flat. Doesn’T go beyond 120 bpm, which is very far from the reality, because, i repeat, the very same kind of training each wednesday and most of the time my pulse is above 150 during that time. So the hr sensor on my watch is either faulty or the most inaccurate hr sensor, i’ve seen for a very long time. Bad news are not over yet if you track sport activities, although the app asks for constant gps connection there’s, nothing like a map preserved nothing else, but the wrongly measured, hr, tracking and distance, which i can’t trust, is based on the gps of the phone concerning workouts.

True, there are plenty of sports to be precise. 12 of them question is whether the tracking is effective at all. In my opinion, not really since we talked about drawbacks, there were constant connectivity issues like 70 of the time, even if my phone and location services were enabled, there was no connection delayed notifications, lack of working core reminders, the smart lock feature barely working and when we Mix that with the rather not too impressive hardware, where we don’t have inbuilt gps, speaker and microphone and there’s a very inaccurate hr tracking, i don’t think the ls02 by halo fulfills the task to be either proper smartwatch or a decent fitness tracker. But on the other side, if you look to find a good apple watch resemblance with almost perfect for the 30 inch dollar display yeah, the ls02 is the right choice. For that, probably the look and feel would be the only valid reasons which would make me buy this upgraded halo device. In any other case, i think you should play it safe and go for a fitness tracker with proven features like me, bad 4 or 5, or the honor band 5, and so on. Choices are many and i guess, it’s the experience that makes this rule in favor of big names like xiaomi, honor and huawei. I hope all that has helped you and you found what you’re looking for don’t forget that my opinion is one of the many out there and could be exactly the opposite of yours and, if that’s so i’d love to hear from you in the comment section below The video there’s also description, and you can find a link with discount if you want to purchase the halo smartwatch 2.

. With that being said, i think we’re done for today take good care of yourself and your fitness support the channel in any way you can or want i’m.