. Before giving to him, I will make a video and share with you guys. Hello. I am UncleMouse. T Rex has 12 military grade certifications. Its working temperature is between 40 to 70 deg C. It is water and shock proof. For average use. Its battery lift is up to 20 days.. The screen size is 1.3 inch with customized watch faces.. It has GPS positioning functions.. It can track position without the phone. Water proof up to 50 m. Support 14 modes of sports. Monitor your heart, beat around the clock. Display. Caller ID and notification from your phone. Comes with 5 colors. Let’s. Look at the package. A label regarding after sales service., The box shows English and Traditional Chinese., Some specification on the back and bottom. Let’s unbox it.. I bought this watch at HK999 at CityLink. It’s, good value.. However, there is an incident when I bought this watch.. The staff said I can buy this sterilization and wireless charging box at a price of HK269 original price HK599. When I buy smartwatch.. However, I found they are always selling this box at a discounted price of HK299.. Please subscribe Let’s, unbox it.. This is the main unit.. A fake watch face sticker protector.. The watch show QR code for setup.. This is the magnetic charging cable., A thick user manual. Showing different languages. Let’s. Look at the appearance.. The body is made of plastic.. The surface is sand blasted feel. The band is made of silicon.

. It is soft and elastic.. Let me try it on., Because the band is elastic, it is quite comfortable. Download Zepp for setup. Yon can login by Mi WeChat Facebook, Google or Line. Then enter your information such as height and weight., Choose add new device., Tap QR code and point your phone to The T Rex. Tap yes on your phone to accept connection. Connection is completed. Like other newly added hardware. It need to update its firmware before using.. Please subscribe Press quotselectquot to start sport, mode. Choose the sport, mode. Tap, quotGoquot and start your sport. During exercise. The watchface will show your information. When you finished tap on save to record your activity.. It will also display your running path. Let’s try outdoor walking.. If the screen is off, lift your hand up to bring the screen back.. Similarly, it will show the path you walked.. You can also check your sport record on phone.. It will show your path, speed, heart, beat rate altitude change, …, etc. If you wear it to sleep, it will also show your sleeping record.. It can show caller ID.. You can choose specific app notification to be shown on your watch.. It works with Telegram, Whatsapp, Wechat, …, etc. One of the interesting thing of smartwatch is changing. Watchface. I found one of the watchface looks similar to my Casio Edifice.. Does they look alike? There are 2 ways to change the watchface.. The 1st one is using official app Zepp.

. There are about 20 30 watchfaces. Let’s check the watchfaces. official watchfaces in Zepp Due to copyright. There is no other band watchfaces in Zepp.. If you want other band watchfaces, you need 3rd party apps.. I have tried 2 apps. Let’s check the watchfaces again. 3rd party, app watchfaces. The function of T Rex is quite comprehensive.. It is a good choice at price below HK1000.. Thanks for watching. Please comment like share.