One thing that really attracts me to this smartwatch is that the shape of it. This is a circle shape compared to the regular square shaped, and this one is brilliant because it covers the whole screen a lot of the budget price ones. Don’T normally cover the whole screen. So this one covers the whole screen full touch screen as well, and it just looks expensive. However it’s a budget price, smart watch, you can purchase one for less than 30 pound uk currency and you can see it by just looking at it. It looks really nice stylish design as well. It comes with a nice, secure, strap as well, that you can wear and it won’t come off that easily and it’s also breathable it’s, very breathable. When you swear and stuff it, it lets the sweat out. Okay, instead of gathering all the sweat in you in the underneath the strap, it also comes with a magnetic charging cable as well so it’s easy to just charge this up, and it does charge up pretty quickly as well. It comes with a user manual as well and it’s pretty useful to actually read through this, because it requires an app called fit cloud pro to use the rest of the features uh for this smartwatch. Now the screen size is 1.3 inch full touchscreen and it also comes with a heart rate monitor which is which operates 24 hours, multiple sports mode as well – and let me go to that so here here, so you got the data here now.

If you go to the data, it gives you the information. When you connect this app, it will tell you how many steps and calories you lost, etc, and then you got the sports mode. Now you got walking running hiking, cycling, swimming spot, basketball, elliptical, and then you got yoga. You’Ve got a couple of um sports mode that you can choose from. Then you’ve got a sports record as well. You also got the hit. You got the heart rate, monitor as well sleep tracking blood pressure, monitor you got the the female health monitor as well. We’Ve got the music control weather forecast, stop watch timer notifications find my phone and settings now. If you go settings, you’ve got display where you can dial switch, you can change the watch face. However, you want it and when you download the app as well, you can choose from up 200 different watch faces as well that’s, something it’s quite brilliant. Now let me switch down again Music and let me go back to settings again, so i can show you the rest of the features. So you’ve got brightness as well. They can control also the more brightness he has. The less um battery um charge uh the charge life would be used up a lot quicker. However, if you’ve got less brightness the longer battery life, it also has screen time as well and turn wrist and wake up. So you’ve got the motion wrist and sensor. So when you flip it like that, it will comes on, so you got that option as well.

That should have that should have on any kind of smartwatch anyways, but you got that feature there as well. It also has a vibration intensity, so you can actually put it up to max and it does vibrate very strong, especially if you, if someone’s calling you and you know, it’s, giving the reminder that someone’s calling you you will actually realize that someone’s calling you, because of The vibration is really strong. You also got languages that you can choose from so we’ve got various languages to choose from as well so that’s quite a few languages to choose from, and you also got the qr code and the system now in the system. You’Ve got the about mode here. The software version etc ui version, and then you got the shutdown mode and the reset mode. So you’ve got all those options there. It’S slim you’ve got excellent, build quality, the the strap is made out of rubber silicon and this bay is made out of metal. So you’ve got the excellent build quality there as well. Also has it works with android or ios, so with android has to be 5.0 operating system and above or ios 9.0 operating system and above it also has a ip68 waterproof feature between so a bit of water. Dropping onto it, won’t get damaged the charge. Time takes around two hours to charge up and you can operate for at least eight to ten days, depending on um how much you’re using the smartwatch okay, and it also has a remote camera control like more smartwatches.

He also has 30 days standby, and it also has countdown stop porch. The dimension of this is 15.4 times 7.9 times 3.2 centimeters and the weight is really lightweight it’s, only 80 grams, so it’s really lightweight different styles of the circle style. I think looks it stands out more than the the square shaped smart watches and yeah it’s about your price, with a lot of features packed into it, and i do highly recommend it. So thank you for watching my video.