So, as we know, misfit is a popular smartwatch brand and they comfortably provides some of the best cheaper wearables than the other manufacturers, and we know they are good enough too, to provide health related data and since the new bpu model is the best amongst all of The models they have brought and yes it’s good for all purposes and i’ve, been using this for last three to four weeks and it’s generally, the best one, especially within this price range. First of all, the build quality is solid and it feels a sturdy one. And yes, using corning gorilla, glass 3 has placed it on a different level. Amish fit has used such a different display that they have not used before on previous bit models, and here, it’s, bigger and better and looks quite good, especially for the round shape touch response. Is also good enough and smooth and no problem for race to wake response time also, and it shows the parameters regarding health and sports in a disciplined manner. So, overall, you find the option is really good enough for your daily usage and almost it has covered the sports modes along with dancing. Also Music brightness is enough here to read the screen in sunlight and doesn’t need to be adjusted to the highest level. It becomes clearer, with adjustment of the level just a little Music, so overall, a complete package for all, and it gives you four to five days of battery package.

If you use all the options here and if you are connected to phone all the time using bluetooth – and despite of all this, i observed some of the little difficulties here which shouldn’t be here and, as amazfit has claimed, it’s a 5 atm water resistance model. So you should not face any difficulties during use, but being a water resistant model is not enough as during workout or swimming or using it in raining, when you have to use it and in the wet condition the touch sensibility, isn’t, great or it’s, not like that, Which it should be so a misfit should look into the matter here. The second thing i have faced is really disappointing. That’S measuring the stress – and sometimes it failed to measure that and no matter how quiet you are sitting and follow the procedure. It will keep showing such words over and over again, like remain still facing up the watch, etc. So it should be little sensible and allow such kind of a nominal wrist movements so that it’s able to provide the results every time and seems it would be little difficult for those suffering from parkinson’s disease and sometimes the same happens with measuring spo2. Also and his controlling music from wearable is little difficult here, and i personally feel that could be more easier here and i can’t also find it and even can’t find any videos of how to do that so requesting to all my viewers.

If somebody knows these tricks, then let me know – and that will be really thankful to me, Music and as it covers many things here, but still it can’t support most of the emojis, except some of the normal primary emojis like smileys or thumbs up, etc. Others are not supported so as an updated smartwatch, especially where they provides a better background display with a lot of features supporting all the emojis would have been the next step for an advanced one before the availability of message. Reply options here so overall my suggestion to all those who still thinks to buy or wait for a better wearable. Then definitely you should go with this, so these are all my thoughts on that.