I start that if you’re new here press that subscribe button and the bell icon for all the notifications and let’s review it. So talking about the mosfet bpu, it has a pretty decent display and build quality. It has great array of sensors on the back and it’s pretty easy to wear and even looks good on the hand now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about what the internal features of the watch are. But to do that we have to go somewhere else, so let’s go so guys, let’s talk about the features of the actual watch itself, but before we do that, if you can see here, it has a very thick bezel, which you can’t see once you switch on The screen, because everything is black, but it actually has a pretty thick bezel and looks quite dated with it, but now that we have that out of the way let’s actually see the watch features right. So if you toggle down from up you, get the status bar kind of thing where you have the do not distort mode uh. The alarm settings the brightness settings and it does not have auto brightness just in case you’re wondering it does not have auto brightness and then you go to the main settings. So let us first talk about the settings, so we have the watch face settings where you can select different watches and, as you can see, it’s pretty bright right now.

So even the video you can feel that it’s getting pretty bright so yeah. The watch is pretty bright and, as you can see you have these different watch faces. The last two watch faces are taken from the store and cannot be customized. The inbuilt watch faces can be customized, so, as you can see, you can change the calorie meter to the battery level. You can change the watch type and once you press this button, you’re done right, let’s, lower the brightness, and now that you can see the watch face is set so that if you swipe from below you get notifications and when you swipe right, you get activity goal Heart rate, your spo2 levels, spo2 level measurement – takes a lot of time. So once you click it, it will tell you to remain still three to one and then it takes a lot of time, but it actually detects. If you have the watch one correctly or not, but right now i have my finger on the back. So as you can see, it takes a lot of time i’m not going to do this right now, but the measurement is fairly accurate. To be honest right after that, you go here, and this is your stress level, so this can be enabled to be constantly checked right, so it automatically keeps checking your stress level throughout the day. So i think that’s very interesting, very cool right and then you have the pai.

You have the weather, so the weather is pretty in depth in this watch. You you get the uv wind, first, humidity, etc, and this can also be placed as a widget on your main watch face and that’s it, and then you would phone music. Then you go to workouts the sleep and your main watch face. The same can be done by going through left and swiping through all of the options. If you press this button, you go to the menu and the menu has a lot of things uh. These four are your quick apps right if the heart rate work out whether when you go to more, you have music alarms, workout history, pai right, so it’s, pretty cool interesting. Once you go to the settings you can select, which of these options, do you actually want to see so that’s, really good, really, nice right and you can change a lot of stuff. You can also change the vibrations. What the long press of the button does right. So pretty cool all in all the features are pretty nifty. Now, if you talk about workouts right, let us just quickly switch to workouts when you talk about workouts, if you click on walking it’ll tell you to open the app and enable gps, because it actually does not have an envelope gps chip. It takes the gps from the watch, otherwise there’s no issue and the tracking is pretty accurate. So, as you can see, you get every detail here, all the charts and you also have the ability to change the music or play pause.

The activity right so let’s end. The activity and the touch is very smooth, very responsive, which is something not known in this price segment, but it’s actually very smooth and responsive. So that was all for the features of the watch. Let’S now go back to the long term review, so those were the internal features of the watch. But what is my long term opinion of this watch? What is it like to use this watch for a long time? Well, i have a lot of things to say. Firstly, it is not as big as it looks in those photos on amazon or a mosfet’s own site, it’s, actually comparatively pretty small and the screen is even smaller, so it has large bezels on the chin and the top and everywhere. So that is something you do not see mostly because the wallpapers are black like the watch faces are black, but in all honesty it is pretty small. As far as the display goes, the modes, the functions are actually pretty good, but i would have loved if they would raise the price a little but offer gps in it because, to a certain degree, constantly having your phone with you, while running or while doing an Activity to get it tracked accurately is irritating to a certain degree, but then again it uses this feature of connecting with the phone pretty well, and you have so many options. You have so much information that your watch gets.

That is really good. It also has a spo2 monitor and even a sleep breathing monitor has been enabled now in a beta version, but yes, it has, and these things actually help a lot. Moreover, i’m coming from a mosfet watchlight and the text on this is much much crisper and looks much cleaner. So i really like that. I really miss the accurate workout tracking of the mosfet was light, but then again this one has something that is not very common. With watch light, it has beautiful watch faces a lot of customization and a lot of other features, especially for women. It also has period tracking, which is, i think, an interesting editor, and the watch itself looks and feels very nice. One thing that i did notice coming from our sphere watch light and using this for a long time, is that this is much much lighter, so you won’t actually feel the weight of the watch. You know right there after a certain point of time. You just forget that it’s on so that’s a very big plus point. The sensors are very nice, but i have one problem with the spo2 sensor. It takes way too much time for you to track and stay still. Even if you move a little, the tracking is not accurate, so that is one major issue. I have a plus point. It has this stress stacking feature which actually very good. Now i don’t know how the accuracy of that can be calculated, but genuinely the tracking is very, very good and it does help you to you know: change your lifestyle, a little.

If, if you constantly see yourself getting a lot of stress right, another thing that i like is that breathing mode so where the watch tells you when to you, know, inhale or exhale, which a lot of watches are getting today, but the quality of the animation, the Smoothness of the animation is nice. Talking about smoothness, i really like the smoothness of the ui and the smoothness of the touch right, so this watch is very responsive. So i really like the fact that it’s so responsive other than that. The side button on the watch looks very nice seems like a very apple watch. Imitation gimmick i would have loved if that button just did not do pressing the button, but rather twisting the button would actually scroll the menu and those things would really help. Another thing that i do like is how intuitive the new music ui control is. The workout page is on the watch itself. It shows you a lot of data which i like, and you can customize the data that is being shown on you shown to you on the first page. Another feature that i appreciate is it has a shutter button feature on the watch. Now most of the companies do have this feature on their watches, but you have to use the included camera app in the fitness app. But in this you can use your phone’s stock camera app and still use the shutter button, which i think is really nice, because it will allow a lot more uses and a lot better quality for the user.

So i really like that all in all it’s a good watch for the price it’s asking you can get it for 4000 right now and if you find it in sale, it comes out to about 3500 more or less. So, if you ask me, is it value for the money? Yes it’s value for the money? A few things could be improved. The battery could be improved. The battery, if you switch on all the function, is not going to be as long lasting as they say, which is fine, but it still could have been improved with the worst light gps running. It still gave a little more battery life than this. Obviously, it was also bigger and thicker and heavier, but then again at some point, you need to consider it how to get in the middle of it. So that is something that i found out. The charging is very easy. Actually this is a small magnetic charging dock. They have, i wish the watchmakers, you know make a common charging cradle where you know all watches can be charged, but other than that. I think this is very simple. It just connects to your uh smart watch magnetically and with that charging is very easy. You can plug it in in your pc sport or your charger whatever. So, all in all a good thing, let me tell you, charging does take time and the belt is not exactly very sweat friendly, so you are going to have a bit of a problem there.