But when we come to its price, which is 7.49, that is approx. 40 000 rupees, which is too much to spend on a single smart watch. But what, if i tell you that almost all these features of apple watch series? 6 – you can get it for 49, that is rupees 3500 rupees. Only so hey guys. Welcome back to my channel, my name is nitish and today, in this video i’m gon na tell you about the amazfit vip view, which is the cheapest smartwatch with blood oxygen measuring and is the best selling smartwatch on amazon and make sure you stick until the end Of the video to know more about this smartwatch, so let’s just dive in Music, recently amazefit launched its bpu smartwatch, which is first confirmed series of budget smartwatch. Currently, the smartwatch has become the best and the hot seller in the amazon, great indian festival in the smart watch category, and you can also buy this smart watch from amazon link. I have mentioned in the description box below and the reason that why it became the best selling smart watch is its price, so starting with its key specs amaze fit bip. U has a large 1.43 inch color touch screen display with blood oxygen measurement, heart rate, monitoring, 60 plus force mode. This smart watch is waterproof. It has four built in face: watches 50 plus downloadable, apps weather forecast, alarm clock and much more. The overall design of amaze fit bipu is attractive and unique, and this smartwatch is good for daily usage and most important.

You don’t need to worry about this smart watch, because this smartwatch is not too expensive. The amaze fed bip. U is inspired by apple’s watch design and is made out of plastic, which is an advantage because it’s incredibly lightweight, that is just 31 grams. The ui of amis fitbit view is just exceptionally good. It is very fluid and smooth the overall color scheme, and the experience is amazing. You will never ever believe this to be a budget smartwatch now coming to the sp o2 sensor that tracks your blood oxygen level and your health metrics when you are under stress or engaged in workouts. However, the spo2 sensor is a bit slow and it takes a bit of your time to analyze the results, but i think that’s, okay, because you are paying almost 10 times less money than apple watch series 6. other than this. There are many notification options that you can receive and check out, including incoming calls text message, apps and calendars. You can even set up which app notification you want to receive. You can do lot of things. Aside from this, like find your phone check, weather forecast control. Your phone, camera, music control and much more all these add on features work perfectly without any lag. The heart rate monitoring of amaze fit webview, is surprisingly great, as it comes with bio tracker, ppg3 sensor to monitor your heart rate. 24. 7.. Now, quite frankly, speaking this feature drains out battery rapidly.

However, it is very useful to check your heart rate all day so that you can keep yourself medically fit as well the battery life of amaze fitbit. U is just exceptionally great at full charge. I used this smartwatch with all the features and all kinds of notification and the battery drained in almost 3 to 4 days. The charging was quite fast. It can give you all day battery life in almost 15 to 20 minutes of charge, whereas it took only two hours to full charge. Overall, the experience of this watch was just amazing at this price range. This smartwatch is worth buying and is a value for money product.