But of course, like all apple kit, this week, blighter remains about as affordable as one of elvis’s teeth. So the series 6 will cost you from a rather high watering 379 quid. If you just want the basic wi, fi and bluetooth model – and if you want a bit of cellular support chucked in as well well, that’ll be 479 quid. Thank you very much. Otherwise. You can also grab this wrist rocket from the likes of vodafone for 27 pounds. A month if you want to spread the payments, but is it actually worth that cash well i’ve been rocking the apple watch series 6 on my wrist for a while now and here’s, my full in depth review and for the latest greatest sec. Please do poke subscribe and hit that notifications bell cheers so. First up the apple watch series 6 is available in either 40 or 44 millimeter flavors to suit all wrist sizes and the functionality thankfully stays the same. Whichever size you grab just to keep things nice and simple, as well as the size selection, you can also choose between aluminium, stainless steel or titanium casings, and if you go for one of the latter pair, then you’ll also get some sapphire glass slathered over that display. In order to give it a bit of extra hardiness, definitely a very good plan if you’re one of those outdoor adventuring types, my review model is just the aluminium version which you also get a selection of vibrant colors like red and blue.

Unfortunately, you don’t get those color options with them more premium, titanium and stainless steel effects, and also the price rises rather sharply. If you want a titanium apple watch, that’ll cost you from 750 quid, basically the same price as a premium smartphone and for anyone. Who’S checking that’s, also twice the price of the titanium huawei watch gt2 pro. But as i mentioned, i just had the aluminium model with that simple sleek black finish and while the aesthetics haven’t really changed up at all in many many years, i still like the look of this wrist rocket from the subtle screen curve to that pleasingly thin finish And the apple watch 36 is also, as usual, water resistant up to a depth of five atmospheres. That’S around 50 meters, although apple says, do not take it into the sea, because the sea water will probably balk it it’s more for your swimming in an actual pool and as usual, you can fully customize the apple watch by whipping off that band and sticking something Different on, like a fabric band, if you’re a bit of a hippie or a leather band, if you want to pretend like you’re actually going out for the evening with friends like it’s 2019 and everything only sucks a little bit rather than really really hard. As usual, apple has absolutely nailed that retina display as well, which is now brighter than ever. So you can clearly see everything even in super bright daylight.

Not that would be much of an issue in the uk for the coming months anyway, because it’s all edtech. Of course, you get that nice sharp contrast with the really deep blacks, a nice punchy colors as well, which is great when you’re flicking through menus and using apps, and at long last you also get an always on display watch face which is switched on by default And this is very easy to see an ambient light while a quick tap lights, the morpho up when you’re outdoors, i want to do more than just check the time and your steps count. You once again have loads of watch faces to choose from including all classics and that handy siri face and funky like whatever this is and as usual apple’s watch. Os interface is very easy to get on with and gives you fast access to all of your apps and those main features, although, as usual, things can be a bit jittery when you’re, using the touchscreen and sometimes in various apps, when i’m trying to tap a really Small menu option, i find that i do have to poke it sort of three or four times before it finally registers, especially if it’s right on the edge of the screen. Thankfully, the scrolling experience is much smoother when using the rotating dial. So i just stuck to that. Whenever possible, notifications worked well on the apple watch series six, although they can be a little bit slow in popping up detailed information when you actually tap on one, sometimes we’re talking two or three seconds here, just long enough to make you wonder if that tap actually Worked and i certainly have no complaints when it comes to the haptics.

You can choose between a nice, subtle, gentle little rumble or a full on violent arm tremor. If you really want to be notified of stuff, oh great mate siri can be called on at any point as well by pressing in the crown for a second or so or just by saying the usual awake command. Well, sometimes so he will just occasionally randomly and unexpectedly pop to life all on its own accord. Usually when you’re sat chilling out in a nice quiet room and using the voice assistant was not a problem at any time, even in a really noisy environment. That might clearly picked up my commands absolutely perfectly. While the speaker is nice and loud too sing me a song. Okay, if you insist and my head i’d be scratching, while my thoughts were busy hatching. If i only had a hey wait, a second well, you get the idea and of course, as usual, you can use that mic and speaker built into the watch to actually take calls on your wrist. If you don’t mind, looking like a bit of a mentalist, an apple pier can be accessed with just a quick double tap of that bottom button, and this also work to charm very handy indeed, these days when you want to be as hands off as possible. Just tap and bugger off job done and, as usual, you also got a great selection of fitness tools and features to play around with.

Certainly for someone like me, who’s just sort of casually mildly interested in not turning it into a flabby disgusting mess. You’Ve got usual 24 hour, heart rate monitoring, which is good for checking your stress levels as well as monitoring your recovery rates after a particularly gruelling bit of exercise like, for instance, trudging down the stairs to go for a nice long wee and, like all recent small Watches the upper work series 6 can also measure your blood oxygen levels, which in turn, can help to possibly diagnose any health problems that might need checking up on, and this seems to work almost as well as on other smart watches as well. Although you do have to be absolutely 100 still for to take an accurate reason, you also have a new ecg app, which checks your heart rhythm, just to make sure there’s no irregularities there and fair play to apple. They have acknowledged that yes, it’s, not a dedicated medical tool or anything like that, but you know it’s there for a bit of extra reassurance and if it does happen to a clue in just a handful of people that they might have some sort of condition that Needs checking out then it’s definitely worthwhile. You can start a workout at any time manually, while the watch also will detect if you’re getting a sweat on and automatically starts, recording your stats. After just a couple of minutes. The apple watch series 6 doesn’t support.

Quite as many different exercise types as the huawei watches, but to be fair, pretty much anything you could need is on there, including the likes of skiing and golfing, which those bobby watchers only just got as usual. You got your built in gps for tracking. All of your motions and the apple watch series 6 also has a built in altimeter, so you can see how many hills you’ve merrily trotted over and yes, if you’re one of those show fee types, you can share all of your fantastic stats with your great mates And family members and just give them one more reason to delete you permanently from their contacts. You’Ve also now got a sleep tracking feature which i’ve never really seen the point in and here it is proper bare bones, basically just telling you how long you’ve slept for whoppidy do, but for some reason, when the apple watch detects that you’re, just being relatively still In the evenings, it basically just assumes that you’re tucked up with teddy. So therefore, when i check my stats, it looks like i’ve spent about 10 11 hours in bed every night, but at least the built in alarm is proper good. It drives on you gently from your slumber, in the mornings that is as long as you’re actually wearing the apple watch and not charging it overnight. More on that, in a bit for music lovers, where you’ve got full app support for spotify, deezer and other popular streaming services, so you can control all of your tunes on your phone from your wrist and you’ve also got 32 gigs of built in storage on the Apple watch series 6 as well for syncing up your music, your podcasts, your audiobooks and taking them on the go while you leave your phone behind, but that only works with apple’s own services like apple music.

As for the battery life, well, that remains the apple watch’s. True weakness, even in the series 6 model, you won’t stretch through two full days of use. That basically means you’ll be charging it up every night unless you’re happy to go without it for a couple of hours at some point during the day, but that’s gon na be a problem for you no worries. There are plenty of alternatives out there that go for much longer the tick watch. Pro three will go for four full on intensive days on a single charge. The huawei watch will last you at least a week all the way up to about two weeks, depending on how much you’re using those features. Oh, even though the apple watch series 6 supports standard, wireless charging, you’ll have to use the apple watch charger that comes bundled in the box. I tried a variety of other qi: wireless chargers and not a single bloody one of them worked so right. There is my full final review on the apple watch series 6 after using it as my full time, smart watch and if you’ve got a previous apple watch, there’s, not really a huge amount of incentive to upgrade to this version and don’t forget, of course, there’s. Also, the new watch se, which is available, which trims some of those new features that you’ll find in the series six but still packs a lot of that standard apple watch functionality, but if you’ve also been using the apple watch, series 6 or indeed the apple watch.

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