6 watch called as mc57. The box packing is almost similar to series 6 and it is also printed in the box. It’S only missing the outer packing, like we saw in fk88, linked to that is given in the eye button, let’s unbox and see what we get inside. This is the user manual in different languages. This is the charging dock, and its built quality is much better than other charges which we saw previously. Its magnets are also more powerful Music let’s, remove the protective plastic and get straight into the watch. This watch is also 40 mm and any 40 mm size strap. Can be used with this watch Music, this watch doesn’t come with two straps like we saw in fk88. This is the silicone strap Music Music. Even this watch is as smooth as w12. I have made unboxing reviewing and tear down video of hw12 so do consider watching that as well. The only difference is that this watch doesn’t have groundworking, which we saw in hw12. Now let’s go through all the watch faces. This watch has got Music, Music, Music, Music, Music uh, so this watch has got 14 watch faces and you can add more through their app and also customize your own watch face now. I will show how the charging works. The magnets are very strong, and even if the watch is on uneven surface, it shouldn’t be a problem. While the watch is being charged, you will not be able to use it.

Even this watch has three different menu. Styles: double press. The power button will switch between menu styles now let’s go through all the menu options: Music. Oh Music, now let’s go through all the settings options. Yes, this watch has passcode lock, but i found a hack to unlock it once you set the passcode and after that you enter five times zero. It will remove the passcode. So in case you forget your password, it could be helpful, but if you enter any other digit except five times zero, it will show wrong password. I am just sharing this trick so that i am just sharing this trick, so whoever is planning to buy this watch. It might be useful for you, Music, Music, now i’ll wear this watch and show how it looks now. Let’S go through the application to connect this watch. You will have to download app called wear fit pro Music Music. This watch does have firmware update and, as you guys can see, i’ve already got one Music update. Do i want all my viewers to guess my next watch unboxing video through the wallpaper which i’m customizing right now and let me know in the comments let’s see how many of you guys get it correct Music. Music. Do let me know in the comments if you guys want a tread on video of this watch Music. I hope this video was useful and you guys liked it. If you did, then please subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon.