This channel is all about the mindset and the knowledge you need to get ahead in life and sometimes getting ahead in life means getting ahead in your health. So i’ve been a fitbit user for about three and a half years and i’ve been using the fitbit alta hr for a very long time, and i thought maybe i should get the fitbit sense because well it makes sense right if you’re a fitbit user. You should get the fitbit sense because it’s the least amount of change well. I’M, not gon na make. You actually wait around till the end of the video and just tell you that yeah i’m gon na send back the fitbit sense, because i found the apple watch. 6 series to be much much better, but after using the fitbit sense for about a month, i’ve given up on this and i’m gon na package, this up and send it on back, and so in this video i’m gon na. Tell you exactly why i made that decision Music. So when it comes to both of these watches today, i’m gon na compare them both based on the following criteria. Number one form factor number two: the user interface number three, the health features number four, the smartwatch features and, at the end of the video i’ll, tell you why i prefer the apple watch and why i recommend it to you Music, so number one is form factor If you look at the apple watch, it is drastically different than the fitbit sense.

It’S stylish it’s got a crown on the side. It’S got a button on the side which you can press. The buttons are very responsive. It comes in 40 and 44 millimeter sizes. The bands are interchangeable very, very easily and it’s also water resistant. That means you can actually swim with this. You can go into the ocean with it, but i would still recommend that you don’t go into salt water with this for too long uh, because nasty things can happen with electronics, but still this is approved for water submersion, putting it back on right now. Okay, here we go, the apple watch base model will set you back ‘9 before taxes and if you want the lte version, it’s another 100 extra and with the interchangeable bands the price can go super high, so you can even be paying like 1500 for this watch Or more now, keep in mind i own the aluminum version, which is the cheapest model. You can get other build materials. I don’t know why you would, but i know a friend who bought the steel version, but you know it’s, just personal preference. I suppose the fitbit sense has a much better price it’s at 330 dollars, that’s a much better price that’s. One of the reasons why i picked it up before the apple watch. But if you look at this device, i don’t know the way it looks. It just makes me think, like it’s, a medical device rather than a smart watch, it just has a medical device feel and not much of a smart watch feel um.

Also, its form factor is really odd. It’S as if the the designer said well, we can’t copy a apple watch and we can’t copy a samsung watch, so let’s just settle with a um, a form factor, that’s kind of like in the middle it’s, not quite a rectangle it’s, not quite a circle. So we’ll just go with a, i don’t know sparkle. What do you want to call this thing? It’S, like a little squarish, roundish thing, it’s, really odd, and the bands kind of don’t match that body. I feel like the bands don’t sort of move into the body like they do in the apple watch. You see how the apple watch band kind of goes in there like that, and it goes right into the body. Well, that is just not the case with the fitbit. The body looks a little bit odd, it’s a little too wide. I think the fitbit sense feels a little bit odd on the wrist to me because of the width of this thing and when it’s on the wrist and you’re bending your wrist, it, you know kind of gets in the way. Sometimes i have accidentally actually caused an exercise to begin. While i was just moving the reason. Why is because the button on the side is a bit finicky? You definitely have to learn how to press it. If you kind of press it really quickly, it won’t register. You have to know exactly how to do it.

You can get interchangeable straps on this thing too, just like the apple watch, so that’s really good and it’s. Also water, resistant, Music. All right let’s talk about the user interface itself. The apple watch has a very responsive user interface if you’re used to an iphone or an ipad. You know exactly what the watch will feel like it’s got an always on display which eats a lot of battery. One thing i like about the interface is that you can tell it that hey i’m going to bed and the interface will not activate at night time, so i really find that really useful. The another cool thing about the interface is that the entire iphone interface kind of comes here. You have lots of little shortcuts that are available to you. For example, you can turn on a flashlight. So if you’re just awoken at night, you can turn on a flashlight on your wrist and basically, what it’ll do is it’ll illuminate the actual interface itself. So you can take a look around and it’s actually quite bright. The ui overall looks beautiful. I mean they have done a lot of work on this thing from the first version. The touch feels really smooth and that’s important in touch devices. I found that if my watch reacts exactly how i think it’s going to react and it reacts quickly, i actually end up using the features much more often, but if a watch doesn’t quite respond to you as you think it should you sort of stop using those Features the apple watch has many type of watch faces.

This one’s called meridian. Now these watch faces. Have these complications let’s just call them widgets they’re like widgets on your wrist, so it’s really really awesome, because you can actually have one glass look at like four or five or six or seven different things at one time. I found this to be super useful. For example, i’m in southern california, so let’s say: if i want to check what the air quality is, i would just raise my arm and boom. Air quality is 49. now think about it. Just to do that, one operation you’d have to pick up your phone launch. An air quality app or the weather app and then go to your city and go all the way down or up where the air quality number is and then check your air quality number right, so there’s a lot of steps involved here you have to pick up And unlock the phone and all that kind of stuff and all i’m doing here is just raising my wrist. So the distance between me and the information is much shorter that’s. Why? I think the user interface, which doesn’t really require you to tap on anything to see extra data, is really key and i can easily modify which widget shows up on my watch by just pressing and holding and actually changing it up now. The fitbit sense also has an always on display and just like the apple watch, you will eat up the battery faster when you turn that on it’s plenty bright outside.

I have no problem. Reading the interface itself it’s a clean enough interface, which looked pretty good, but it does look dated the watch. Ui, definitely stutters when you move it around it’s, just not as smooth as the apple watch. The ui itself is not the only thing that’s slow, actually launching an app is, though using amazon. Alexa on this thing is a joke. I mean you press a button and ask a question, and it tells you the answer, but it only has limited answers. It can’t do everything: alexa can do and alexa doesn’t speak to you over the speaker that it has. Google assistant is not even on this thing. I hope, when assistant arrives on this thing, that this becomes a bit more smarter, but definitely sometimes it won’t even recognize. Your swipe you’ll have to swipe swipes right to figure out where to go sometimes i’m in a i’m in an area where i’m not sure where to go from here. Like do i scroll up down left right, it’s, very confusing. I never felt that way when i’m using the apple watch it just felt like. I knew how to use it and there are some things about the apple watch interface, which are annoying too. For example, the app grid is really weird and annoying, so i turn that thing off and i just use something like a little grid view like that. So yeah, but still very manageable, all right, let’s look at the health features.

Now i did the work and i went to many many forms on reddit and i posted some ecgs and i asked people and said hey. What do you think you know? Are these worthwhile? Are these good enough for you to like tell what’s happening with the heart i went to ekg forms. I went to ecg forms i actually emailed my doctor just to find out what he would say. I can tell you that every single person online, including my doctor, says the ecg’s on here – are not really worth all that much. They may be able to help you some ways, but this is not replacing a 12 lead ekg. So if you have a need for a heart rate, monitor do not rely on these go get yourself. A real heart rate monitor go talk to your doctor figure out what to do next, but with that said, these companies do believe that they can detect afib and the apple watch itself has that fall feature, and that call 911 feature which is automatic on this thing, Which is pretty good, so let’s say if somebody has an issue with their heart and they fall down well, this thing will actually call the police for you and give them your location. It will also reach out to all the people that you set up in the watch if you’re an iphone user. You know exactly how that works, but none of that stuff exists in the fitbit.

So keep that in mind. So the apple watch comes with an ecg which you can take at any time and it will actually generate a pdf that you can send to anybody. It also had a blood oxygen sensor, which is an spo2 sensor and it’s available on demand. Unlike the fitbit, the spo2 sensor on the fitbit is not available on demand, it’s actually passive. So when you wear it at night, it’ll sort of measure it for you and then, during the day you can check back and see what your oxygen level was during the night. The apple watch can also detect how much sound is around you, so it can. Let you know if there’s excessive levels of sound around you that could actually hurt your ears over the entire day. The apple watch will also track your heart rate, so you know exactly what your heart rate has been during the day. The really frustrating part on the apple watch side is the actual health app. The app is really confusing there’s a lot going on in the app things are everywhere. I mean you have to really dig to figure out where the data is which data is populated and all that stuff. So i think they have a mess on their hand when it comes to the app itself and that’s. One of the reasons why i never went for an apple watch because it was just such a mess. It still is such a mess where, when you open the app you just don’t know where to go and you’re like clicking around you’re figuring out.

What to do here there and you’re, seeing your numbers across a day a month a year, and especially if you’re coming from the fitbit camp you’re used to one single app, which is beautiful. The app on the fitbit side is the best app hands down if they brought all these sensors into a smaller form. Factor i’ll probably go back to the fitbit, but for now i just can’t hang with this, but the fitbit app is is literally amazing. So, in addition to the ecg and the spo2 sensor, which is the blood oxygen sensor on the fitbit side, you also have some other sensors you’ve got a skin temperature sensor and an eda sensor, so fitbit can actually detect your skin temperature and keep a record of It every single night, it can tell you if your temperature overnight is increasing or decreasing. This is actually a really cool feature during these strange illness times. Why? Because let’s say, if you’re infected, you would have your body temperature go up and you could detect that early on on your watch as your skin temperature goes up overnight. So potentially a fitbit could be an early warning sign, saying: hey there’s, some type of infection that you’re fighting right now. So i thought that was a pretty neat feature. I wish the apple watch had that feature. The eda sensor on this thing is odd. I mean it’s a cool feature. The intent is to tell like what, how stressed you are in the day when i found it to be kind of useless right now they just haven’t baked it into their entire ecosystem.

Yet it just feels like they just added a sensor and they’re, giving you a number, i think in the future. They might do something more with it that’s when it may get more interesting when it comes to sleep tracking. There are so many more details which the fitbit shows you, which the apple watch doesn’t even come close. The only thing the apple watch is telling you is when you went to bed when you got out of bed and it’s pretty much looking at motion data. For that, the fitbit actually is taking motion data and your heart rate data and just combining things together to see if you’re in rem sleep, if you’re in deep sleep and all that stuff, so it’s really really good. My biggest negative with the fitbit sense when it comes to health features, is the following. They put tons of features behind the paywall, for example, all the advanced sleep analytics. I just talked about they’re behind the paywall. Your health wellness report that you get a pdf of behind the paywall and the rest of it kind of makes sense. There’S, guided programs, video workouts and mindfulness sessions, which are all behind a paywall what’s really odd, is some of the games and challenges are also behind the paywall. I really think fitment needs to rethink all this. I think all the health data needs to be outside of the paywall so that everybody can benefit, but they can put the workouts and stuff all behind the paywall.

Just like how apple does it, but it is what it is, and but that was one of the negative reasons why i just didn’t want to go with the fitbit it’s 10 bucks a month just to see your own data no way. So when it comes to like fitness tracking, both of these can track your workouts just fine, they can track your run without your phone. They both have gps. I found them to be pretty accurate. One of the craziest things that i saw, which was just blew my mind when i was actually on a walk on the apple watch. I could get out of that app even i’m, still walking. I could get out of the app and launch any other app simultaneously right. I could launch the other app i could browse through podcasts. I could look through whatever songs and i could play them. I could launch any app. There was no restriction whatsoever on the fitbit. It was really odd. I was stuck in this walking app like i could not get out of it. No matter what you press the side button, the you tap on the screen, scroll, whatever you cannot get out of it. I could end the workout and then get out of it and then go launch another app. I just thought that was really odd if you have a fitbit sense. Let me know if there’s a way around this, because if you turn on walking on this thing – and you start walking, you’re sort of stuck in that app and i don’t know how to get out of it, it could be that the interface is so confusing that I didn’t know how to get out of it, but i pressed and scrolled and it just didn’t work.

So i’ve been talking about this a little bit already when it comes to smart watch features. The apple watch really really hits out of the park. I mean tons and tons and tons of apps. This thing is loaded with apps it’s. You can just think of it like an iphone. You have music playback, you have music storage, you have book storage, you have podcast stories, that’s right, you can put books and podcasts on this thing. Leave your phone home put on your headphones connect it with your apple watch and just go out and start biking start running and everything’s. Fine, although i will say the transfer rate is super slow for some reason when you’re transferring a book or something it takes forever. I don’t know why i think it’s like compressing it down or something yeah. It just takes a long time to transfer, but if you’ve got it charging it’s pretty okay, also just like an iphone, you can cast the audio. Did i just use a google word yeah. You can airplay the audio in different sort of uh devices. You can bluetooth connected to any device. It’S pretty cool siri on the apple watch is so much more responsive. It can do so much more than what alexa can do on the fitbit device. The ecosystem synergy that you get with the apple watch is amazing, because my macbook unlocks itself, my phone integrates with the apple watch, really nicely if i’m doing something with my phone.

My apple watch is actually aware of that, so it actually sort of is a very nice companion with your phone, for example, i’m recording right now with this microphone. If you take a look at the apple watch, so it actually has a little recording thing on the top right there. If i tap it, it will actually launch the shure app where you can see how my voice is recording right now, it says been recording for 53 minutes. That’S right i’ve been speaking for 53 dang minutes right now, when it comes to like synergies of ecosystem. I got ta, give it up for the apple watch. You do need to charge it every day or every day and a half or so, especially, if you have the always on display the more you fiddle with your apple watch, the faster you have to charge it. So let’s say: if you really wanted to elongate the battery life, put it on airplane mode, don’t, make it wake up. When you go like this and put it at the lowest brightness you can, it will actually make your battery life go all the way to like two days now in comparison on the fitbit. There are very limited apps. It is night and day when it comes to these two devices when it comes to apps right now. On this thing, if you play back on spotify it’s, just a remote it’s, just a remote for your phone and that’s terrible.

If you want to play music on this thing, you have to have pandora or deezer premium. Whoever uses deezer like the 0.01 people that use that thing can use this app. Personally speaking, it’s completely useless there there’s no way you can sync music to this. So if you go on a run, you don’t have music on you, you literally don’t, because this thing can’t store music. It doesn’t have an lte connection. You don’t have your phone with you who thought of this, like literally, who thought of not making this a storage device of some sort of at least 32 gigabytes messaging on. This is reply only on iphones, but on android you can reply back. Google assistant hasn’t rolled out yet so i can’t test it i’m, so glad that google is going to acquire this thing, because this thing needs help. It needs google’s help, because google can make amazing products, and i think they’re going to take this thing and make this way better. Now the battery on this thing is a pro i mean if you turn off everything and turn off the auto awake and all that kind of stuff. You can last five to six days on this thing. If you don’t fiddle around with it it’ll go for six days, but if you use it a little bit you you know, start some exercises and all that kind of stuff you’re going to get about four days. But if you have a user and the display is always bright, it’s always on this thing – is going to go out of battery like two days all right.

Well, ultimately, it just came down to what did i prefer? Having on my wrist? Was i okay with a medical looking device or did i need something that was a little bit stylish um? You know, to my surprise, even though the apple watch doesn’t have the same amount of medical features, i find it to be more useful, much more useful and you know i’m, a fitbit user i’m coming from fitbit, and i really wanted to like the fitbit, and i Got it first, and i said this: is it i’m not getting the apple watch? This is it. This is what i’m getting and as i used it, i just said. Well, i just don’t like it. The way it looked was odd. I used to have a fitbit alta hr before this. The interface was rudimentary and i loved it because there’s nothing to look at there’s, nothing to touch, and i would just you know, look at my steps and that’s it can we go back to that. Could i have an alta hr, eda ecg version then i’ll buy that, but until then i’m going with the apple watch and i’m taking off the fitbit and i’m gon na reset it right now and send it back all right guys. I hope that helps you out and you spend your money wisely. If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments below and i will go ahead and answer them guys. If you like, this video make sure you punch the like button in the face and i’ll see you next time.

I wish that i was a simple man but said i was, but i never been scared of reality setting it wish. I was better at giving it. I wish that i was a kid again back when i wish.