Welcome back to my channel, where i review budget tech products and for today’s videos i’m going to be reviewing an affordable, smart fitness tracker from huawei the huawei band 4, as well as bring you guys along with me as we test it out in action, excited let’s. Go Music and if you haven’t already make sure to give this video a like, subscribe down below and turn on notification bell, so you don’t miss some latest uploads on my channel. First let’s unbox, the smart watch itself. So it comes in this white huawei small box. It says on the front: huawei band 4. mine came in the amber sunrise, color opening up the smart band itself. We get a very thick user guide and a huawei warranty card. No no charging cables here, because this has plug and charge that i’ll show you guys quick specs on the back of this box. It says here that the huawei band 4 has easy plug and charge. It also has creative watch faces. It also can monitor your heart rate, can track your sleep and also has 9 workout modes, so we’ll check that out later and also has 50 meter water resistance. So i guess you can bring this to swimming and also perfect for working out. The huawei band 4 has small, led screen up on front. It comes in this amber sunrise trap, but you can change it and also has a small touch sensitive button. So you can easily open up the band itself on wrist.

It feels very light and secure, not something cheap and loose, that you would get worried about what we’ll still test it out later. As i bring you guys, along with me, as i walk inside and outside our house along here, are barangay or aka the place where i live in with the huawei band 4. setting the huawei band 4 wasn’t that hard as well. It has lots of languages to choose from, and you just need to download the huawei help app and create an account and pair it and you’re ready to go so let’s test it out and the next footage you’ll be seeing. Is me working out, i guess and doing my usual stuff for the day, so yeah check you guys later Music, three Music, Music posters, so after testing it out. The first thing i want to emphasize – or maybe it’s just me – is the comfortability or that’s. Even the word, the comfortable, the comfort on the wrist it’s, something that you just put in there on your wrist, not constricting, and you forget that it’s there i’ve also been playing around with its features, and i love the interface it’s, very user friendly and easy to Use the turn the transition of icons feels so buttery, smooth and good. It has motion sensor. So if you turn around your wrist, it will automatically show the date the time the steps, the distance and the calories you’ve burned so far. It can also alert you about calls and messages without the need of checking your phone.

It can also play and pause the next song or the song you’re playing on your smartphone or your via your true wireless earphones, the huawei band force battery life is also good as well. According to huawei from what i read, the battery life on this device can reach up to 5 7 days on a single charge, but it still depends on how you use the huawei band 4.. In my case, i’ve used it for almost three days now and i haven’t even charged it a bit. I still got up to 54 from the charge two days ago, so yeah the battery life is good. As i said before, this has plug and charge the plug in charge feature, meaning that this does not require cables to charge. You just need to find a usb. A outlet or a usb a adapter release the two bands it has locks on each side and just plug and you’re ready to charge. Currently you can only select three watch faces, so hopefully the updates would add more options to you. Guys preferences, my favorite so far, is the black and orange team with slashes on the time so yeah. Another feature is, though, heart rate monitoring. So if you want to track your heart rate, the huawei band 4 will tell you to stay still to stay still to get the most out of the information about your heart rate. It also has sleep tracking. So if you want to know, if you get enough sleep or not, especially me, i need that it does the job.

Well, it also detects when you fall asleep and as you wake up so let’s check out the nine workout modes available on the huawei band 4. So what i did was i tried working out to get the results and it did the job well and if you’re someone who has outdoor running experience of if you love to do running or jogging outside this has a feature called outdoor run. It also has, in the run, for the gym and if you have a home gym. This is perfect for you and, if you’re, someone who does outdoor walking and just in their walking and just wan na clock in those steps and get that 10 000 steps per day – and this is definitely a feature that you can also use. It also has indoor cycle cross training, rowing machine, and if you have a specific workout routine, you can also use the free training feature which i did a while ago. By the way you don’t have to worry about this getting wet because of the 50 meter water resistance, that’s, a feature that can be found on other expensive, smart band, watches that you can find. But in this price range you get that feature kudos wallet. Other cool features the huawei band 4. Has it has a timer a stopwatch? It can find your phone, you can adjust the brightness and also the on time screen display so low, but so you might be asking tristan.

Who is the huawei band for so for me? It’S, i think it’s for people who wants to stay fit and who’s planning to stay fit and also cautious on the budget. The huawei band 4 is something light and easy to wear, especially now where there is limited time to go out on the gym. So you just have an option to just work at home and you can use the huawei band 4 to track your progress by the way you don’t have to worry. If you don’t have a huawei device, this works on all android devices. You just need to download the huawei health app and connect it to the huawei button 4 create an account and you’re already set to go so tristan. Did it pass the budget test, heck yeah for the price of 1990 passes, you can get yourself the huawei band 4.. All the features it’s packing, especially on this price range it’s. Definitely one of those smart bands that is worth it, especially coming from a very well known, brand huawei, so kudos huawei and if you’re interested i’ll leave a link down below or i’ll show you up here in the screen where you can buy one from legit shops Online, a gift perfect gift for yourself or to your loved ones. This upcoming christmas, especially to those who needs working out so that wraps up my review for today of the huawei band 4 overall, an affordable, smart watch that packs all the features you could ever ask for plus it’s waterproof so yeah.

I appreciate you guys, if stuff here until the end, make sure to give this video likes, helps out my channel a lot subscribe down below turn on notification bell, so you don’t miss the latest updates on my channel and comment down below what you think of the Huawei band 4 and other affordable gadgets and accessories. You want me to unbox by the way thank you to unbox, ph and huawei philippines for sending me out the huawei band 4., so yeah. This is tristan of budget tech reviews whose goal is attack for one it’s.