I just got today from amazon always so i just got it out of this box. Has that on it? You know, okay, so hope. I can show you my addressing video, but i didn’t have another camera to put it to show you guys my phone, but you already know my phone look like and y’all see the watch on my wrist so i’m going to show y’all. This is the charger that i can’t wait. I already took off the plastic yeah, so let me show you so this is the watch. I’Ll put my phone down right here and i can still see myself, okay, so the watch itself. Let me see if i can uh do it like this, so i can see too with it. Okay, let me make sure i can do this correctly, so i don’t mess up my video hold on yeah i’m, not going to show up right here there. So this is the watch. I haven’t, if you turn it on. No, oh! No! So this is the regular. This is what time it is right now and um. It has the call thing and stuff. This is the c m. P g d watch the gto8, so it has a knob at the side it doesn’t twist it. You only can power on the power off it and then has a camera on the top, and this is all the things it has on there if y’all can see so yeah.

That is the watch so i’m, going to hold my hand, i mean i’m going to hold my camera so hold on set it like this yep. This work yeah. I might see that for a little bit, but so if y’all can see right now i got that and then we switch it and guys apparently um. I have an android phone it’s, a moto g, stylus and um. What is that app called bt notification and sim valley smartwatch? Those does not work at all, so i just connected with bluetooth that’s. What i always do. Let me turn up my brightness, so y’all can like have it focus well, no, that is too high. I’M, just regular, so let me change. Oh apparently it has whatsapp. Actually i’ll take it off, so you can go so i can give you a better view. So i’m waiting for it to focus, come on focus focus and then we have other apps too as well. This is going to be a short review, because i have to do something we have to um by the way halloween is tomorrow, so happy halloween to you guys, oh, oh, my gosh, why is it not focusing so yeah so yeah? Those are the apps and hold on. Let me show you so in settings. You have all these options. Connectivity security settings, restore settings, connectivity, phone settings profiles and then you have the time so if you’re on this screen, so when it’s off hold on, let me turn it off.

So when it’s off you push the button and then it’ll come to a screen like this. So you want to just swipe and then you’ll come to this screen. I’M. Sorry, my brother’s talking to his friend but currently is it is 108 right now and it says it on the watch. I’M. Sorry. I’M. Having problems, oh my gosh, why is it not focusing do i need to turn on flashlight nope, but that’s, what it says and then, while you’re on there, all you have to do is just swipe and then you’ll be on the home screen. So guys, i’m. Really not going to be doing anything, but you can go. You can order this and i’ll see. If i can have the link put in the description, if it’s not in there, then i don’t know i’m, not too much of a pro yet but yeah that’s. The same for you to watch has a camera on the top here. Let me show the camera at least so the camera actually is doesn’t too bad hat. It doesn’t too badly have um bad quality, but you have to have a sim card for this watch. For some features on this apple watch so i’m going to be, i mean not apple watch uh, cmp gd, gt08 watch so um. You have to order it i’m going to order me one. So i can do most of the features on here and so yeah and it doesn’t have too much bad quality.

Well yeah. This is the apple i mean not the app watch gosh the watch, and now the clips um it’s like this. You supposed to put this part down, and then this clip this clip you can just clip it on and then it’ll clip, two of them just to have an extra tight fit so yeah guys. That was the review about this watch. I know it’s a little short but yeah. I just wanted to make this video so yeah. Now let me do my outro but yeah. This is the watch. Oh gosh, there you go all right, oh put it to watch. Okay, so let’s see. If i can see me, do it okay, so thank you guys for watching make sure you like, like subscribe and comment down below what is your favorite type of watch or what type of watch do you have if you don’t have one then say which one you Like or something like that, something that you like one of them that you like, but if you don’t like any you don’t, have to comment or nothing but yeah like subscribe and comment down below, but i’ll just say it and turn on your post notifications to be Notified every time when i make a new video, so yeah, thank you guys for watching i’m going to give you one more quick glimpse of the watch before in the video. Let me hold on gosh yeah.