We are going to be taking a first look and a basic review of the garmin vivoactive 3 fitness tracker, smartwatch we’re, going to take a look at some of the features it has to offer browse through the interface and see how easy it is to work with, And i’m going to share my opinions with you on either. I think it’s worth the money now before we begin today. If you guys have not yet already, please do make sure to subscribe to the channel and like this video as it does support my work and if you guys do want to see any specific gadgets in the future. Please do leave me a comment in the section uh comment section below letting me know what you guys want to see. I can see, then, if i can do a review for you on that item by the popularity of the request. Now, if you guys do also want to purchase this watch after this video, you guys can use my ebay affiliate link in the video uh in the comment section below in the video description section below sorry, and you guys will be directed to ebay and trusted sellers And i will also earn a commission and no extra cost to you now let’s begin. So this is the package of the watch a pretty standard package um. It goes for the range of about 130 dollars and i think uh i’ve seen i’ve seen better or worse packages, so i think it’s pretty standard to me um so inside the package there’s not too many other content, except for uh the watch itself and the manual Now the the cable itself is actually a uh it’s, a mac it’s, not really a magnetic, pin cable but it’s a pin, cable.

Okay, so you actually do have to plug it in like a usb cable uh. It does not automatically connect like it would like a magnetic pin cable. So that is something to keep in mind um in that aspect, i was not too impressed because i would expect a magnetic some kind of pin cable, like a lot of um watches in its price range, would offer. So i was a little bit disappointed in that aspect, but now going into the materials of the watch now the watch band itself is very nice. After reviewing quite a bit of smart watches, i think i can decide that for myself it does have a little bit of a a little bit of a grip and special feeling to it, and it feels very nice – and i can really imagine you know after putting It on it does feel like a very smooth type of feeling on my wrist, and it does not feel too heavy another thing with this material i’m sure it does vary with the different variants that’s available for this watch is that i do not have to be Scared of exposing uh the watch band to water, because this material does not seem like it would be damaged. Uh, post exposure to water now, let’s take a look at the watch itself. Now the watch itself comes with one button: that’s the action button where you uh. If you can actually uh, if you want to actually press it on different uh screens, you would actually get different options.

So it’s not like a one option type of button, so it really depends on which screen you are actually pressing it on. Okay, it’s also a touch screen now let’s take a a browse through some of the options it has to offer. Now this is the main watch face from the main watch face itself. You can actually uh press and hold and it will prompt you to this menu right here. If you actually go through the watch faces uh, you can actually see uh there’s a few options for you to uh switch over to different watch faces, including creating a new one. Now let’s try creating a new watch face and see how it works actually works on the watch itself. So if i press the create new watch face, it would actually, i think, what it’s actually telling me to do is actually uh from an existing watch face. We can actually uh make edits to that specific watch face okay. That seems like it’s one option. Now we are still in the create watch face mode, so it does seem like it comes with a base for you to actually create the watch face from so not entirely from scratch, as as to uh what i’m seeing here. So it seems like and then uh from the watch face itself that it provides you with uh. You can actually add the different types of indicators that you would actually want on your watch face and you could discard it if you don’t like it, but there are a few other watch faces that are that already come ready, uh readily available to use um.

It does seem like it has a little bit of variety, but i think the main option here – uh the main catch here – uh or main advantage point here – is actually being able to create a new watch face entirely on its own on your watch now there’s, the Different uh types of clock modes, that’s right underneath that watch face option and there’s a few other options here as well. So i think in terms of the menu and the type of controls you have, it seems to be pretty extensive on the watch face side. Now, if you actually uh swipe down from the default watch face itself, you would actually find your event calendar uh. This seems like a a rest gauge let’s see how this works. I am not sure what that’s basing it off but um, it does seem like a rest gauge and if it seem, if the watch thinks i’m too stressed, it would actually ask me to relax a little bit as you guys have just saw. I believe this would be the amount of steps or distance taken. This is a music player. If you actually connect um an app. This would be your heart rate monitor, and it seems that you can actually uh track an average from a past time frame. In this case uh, it would be the past four hours, which is nice, that is not a standard option. Uh from what i’ve seen from other fitness tracker, smart watches so it’s nice to see an average over a length of time.

Other notifications, you also have your weather temperature and this seems to be your humidity. This is not something i usually see from other smart watches, so this is something that’s, definitely new. With this specific uh watch. I think that was your forecast as well. Let me see how i get back to my forecast. That is something i would be interested in looking at in the future. Okay, so we know that’s available, but uh i’m gon na try to work with that later, but i know that’s there that the forecast was there but i’m, not gon na take too long figuring it out on this video on the spot um you can actually save An activity uh to view the data such as uh, if you’re bicycling, if you’re running and you want to save the data that’s recorded uh, based on your pedometer or your heart rate. I think you are able to do that. I believe these would be your uh, either weekly or uh specific time frame goals for your activities, such as taking the amount of steps or burning uh the amount of calories. Now this is a basic walkthrough of the what the watch has to offer, but there is more uh if you actually go through the app itself. So before doing anything like i have mentioned in the beginning, you do have to get the garmin connect app and then once you get the app that is the base app there’s, also another app you can actually get uh, which is also free, it’s called the iq Store app, i think the garmin iq store app where you can actually download additional apps, specifically for your watch, so those are gon na be something to be keeping in mind of um.

So the features on the watch itself is not limited um, but if you actually get the apps it’s um that’s, that also goes along with the watch. You guys can actually get more features out of this watch and the uh the corresponding apps as well. So this concludes my very short video on the garmin vivoactive 3.. Now do, i think, it’s worth the money um. I have seen watches in this price range and it had you know more or less to offer, but i do think the app itself and the watch design itself it’s a very nice set to actually own um partially because the episode is actually very smooth. I don’t see as many bugs as i would at least with chinese smart watches or smart watches that come from overseas. So in that aspect i do recommend this watch.