You need to know about the fitbit versa tree fifth of three years, so sees the vasa 2 that was released last year, and this comes with a lot of new features which i am going to talk about in this video. But before that, if you are new to this channel, please click on the subscribe button and, of course, on the notification bell to get updates from me whenever i upload a video like this, alright guys let’s head on straight to the deal of the day, the first New feature i want to talk about is the new infinity band. Fitbit calls this infinity band. This doesn’t have a buckle that the msr2 has so to actually wear. This is pretty much easy. All you need to do is pull this in and then look for that hole that fits your wrist and that’s it okay. So this is a new improvement. The second feature is that the versa 3a has a slightly larger display than devoted to why this has a display size of 1.5 inches. This is specified 1.4 inches, although i barely barely recognize or notice. The differences in display size, because these two pretty much um look almost the same in terms of display size all right guys. The next feature is that it is now easy to swap the band okay to remove this band. All you need to do is push this hook here towards the strap, and then you can just pull it out i’m going to do that.

Okay and you pull it out to put it back in just need to push this. You hear the sound that is it. This is how to swap the band of defensive tree. This is a lot of improvement compared to the investor 2 year, where you need to pull this hook down to remove the band. Another feature that is new to the visa tree is that when you go to the fitbit website, you will notice that the investor two year comes also in a special edition. The special edition has a woven band. However, the episode 3 only comes in the standard edition. This is the only available edition of defensive tree. There is no wooden band for the tree, although you cannot really get a one band. If you want to buy from the market. Okay, you can actually get that. So that is another feature that is new to the preset. Another fine feature that is new to the tree is that you can now customize shortcuts to your favorite apps. When you go to the settings here, okay and then you scroll down, you get to say shortcuts here they scroll down, you get to see double press and you can choose the left, the top right, the bottom left and bottom right and choose the app that you Want to assign a shortcut to this particular um. They have to key update button here, so we don’t press this. I will just send that for my favorite app, so we need to press this okay.

This shows my photo correct apps. This is new database 3, which gives us a two year lags another nice feature on episode. 3. Is the widget option? Okay, this is the we get option if that tree allows you to see your weather and then we have the freebie login for water weight there. You have the cost that we get for steps, floors, distance calories, bound active zone minutes, we have the relax we get. This can help you manage um stress and then we have the advanced stats for heart rate. Hourly activity exercise um food sleep. So if you click on tap on that manage you get to see the five we get option here, which you can choose to move we’re just holding and then you’re pushing this down and that’s it. This is new to the tree and it is a good one. Another new feature to develop tree, which um i’m quite disappointed with, is the haptic button here, unlike the episode 2, that has a physical button. Dipped 3 has a haptic button. Now this button can be frustrating at times because it is quite um unresponsive most times. So you need to press this real hard, okay for it to work. Okay, this can take um time for you to master it. So this is new to the tree according to claims. The uptick button here is to help the versa tree. Um it’s improved the water resistance capability of the versa tree.

Another feature on there was a tree that you need to know about. Is that it’s a tree at some time in the future we’ll have google asked its assistant added? There is already um amazon laser on device 3, which gives us two years also has, but fitbit has introduced google assistant to developer 3 um thanks to the partnership last year. I think yeah partnership. Last year, the versa 3 will have google assistant, and this will give you more options to use your voice to do simple tasks like i’m checking the weather, um i’m ordering uber and whatever another thing you need to know about. The investor tray is that user tree has limited music storage options unlikely. If i said two year, you can add your personal music, but you cannot do that with diversity. There is a tree only allows you to control spotify playlist on your phone. You can download pandora stations for um for residents um in u.s only and you can download these are playlists. Okay, you cannot add your personal tracks to devastatory, and that is a big turn off. As far as i am concerned, another nam. Another thing you need to know about the versa tree is that the loudspeaker, the loudspeaker on the c3. This is the loudspeaker on the c3. This loudspeaker on the master 3 allows you only to answer. Call, okay and let’s say if your call is coming in. You can answer that call here, but you need to continue the call on your phone and that defeats the purpose of having the loudspeaker on the smartwatch in the first place.

Um. It is about the same um feature for depicted two. You can actually answer call here, but you need to continue the call on your phone. The last speaker on this does not allow you to hear alexa reply back to you and you can’t play music out loud with this loudspeaker, so that is a big turn off. As far as i am concerned, another thing you need to know about the versa tree is the emble gps. Okay, if there is any reason for you to upgrade from the versa two year to episode three is that this has an mv gps and with imbue gps. You can track your routes, your locations, your return pace and other stats. Simply with the watch here. You don’t need to carry a connected phone along with you, and this brings its own convenience as far as the episode 3 is concerned. Now that is a big um overdue feature that is already present now on the versa tree. Another thing you need to know about the tree is the the mindfulness session. There is now a mindfulness style. This is also available for the episode two it’s just available on the freebie app. So once you open the freebie app, you should see this um feature. This allows you to relax. You can ha um help you meditate. Okay, you get these three features here. Just about two, i think more yeah, more okay, um. There are more of these, and over 90 of this, for you to get access to all 90 uh mindfulness session, you need to subscribe to fibo premium, so that is um one of the new features that comes with the battery.

Another thing you need to know about episode 3, is that the a heart rate here has been redesigned. Fitbit calls this a multi part heart rate sensor, with upgraded um algorithm for better and accurate heart rate tracking. Unlike this, this is a different design from what the versa tree um looks like mixer, 2 looks like actually when i compared this to the discrepancy, which is about two to three figures apart and that is um. One of the new features that comes with the buzzer tree, another new feature on device 3, is that you can unlock temperature from the versa tree to log your temperature. You just need to tap on the temperature um feature here and you can tap on log. Okay, you can input your current temperature into the vector3, and this can help you um monitor your temperature um levels. However, for you to get skin temperature variations over time, you need to subscribe to fitbit’s premium. Another new thing you need to know about episode. 3. Is that you can now access all 20 preloaded exercises directly from here? There is no more restriction. Um, like you have on the versa 2, where you are only allowed to add only seven preloaded exercises to the shortcut list. Here you have access to all 20 and you can easily choose which workout that you want them back on, and this is um a new feature on themself 3, which is um very, very nice.

Okay, so let’s talk about another new thing that you need to know about. Depository is the charger here, unlike the versa 2, that has a charging dock. The visa 3 has a magnetic charger, and this is um. This also supports fast charging, okay to charge the versa tree. You simply need to make sure that the cord here is directly opposite to the haptic button here, and it should fix okay once it snaps at the back. This is how to charge the visa tray. This is a big improvement, and this takes me less than one hour to try to fool unlike the two year that takes me about one hour plus to charge the full last, but not the least, is that the visa 3 year has a slightly longer battery life Than the aversa 2.