I just got hold on hold on bang right there. You can see it. You can see the ice, you can see the drip, you can see the drip on them, but it is a great great combination of style, class and technical, like abilities as well um. It is called it’s called the fossil hr fb01 hybrid, smart watch right mine is the black silicone. Let me take it off real, quick, so y’all can see it. It is the black silicone. So the band is like uh, silicon um, so it’s like really flexible and bendy um and then it’s uh also interchangeable. So you can change it out. Have all the these different kinds of colors um white black light blue, whatever anything you like so uh? This is the watch. You know just stand standing view. It is super cool, super cool and i’m, so glad i got it um. I bought it uh from macy’s and it was uh on sale. They were having a 50 discount. Originally, the watch is about 220. I believe um, but you can find for about like 200, depending on um different kinds of like the websites, just how they tax and everything uh. But the deal that i got. It was only 90 like 8.99 or something like that. That would tax. It was like 104. uh, so um yeah. I got the 50 off deal and i love this watch. It’S a it’s, a great everyday time, piece that you can wear um.

That does everything that you needed to and it still looks like a classy wash. That was a big thing for me that when i got the watch um, i was really interested in a watch that looked um normal, because i, the smart watch like the digital, look to it: uh it’s cool but it’s. It wasn’t really what i was looking for in a watch. I wanted something to be a little bit more classy. That was a little bit diverse, but i could have um. I could wear it with like a little um, a collared shirt and maybe some dress pants and it would look normal like it. Wouldn’T look like um, just like i don’t know. I was just uh. It wouldn’t look a little off with the the tech watch so um. I wanted like an old fashioned look looking watching this. This does it, but the the great part is. It also has the hybrid factor where it comes in and it can do a lot of the stuff that the the smart watches actually do so, for example, um it has. If you look at the face, i can show you. You have a step tracker right right. There, if the date uh right there, you have uh on focus, um right there, you have a heart, monitor right and then at the top. It is something else that i uh do not really use, but it’s pretty cool um, and then you have three buttons on the side, and these are controls right.

So um. If you hit the buttons um, you can set them actually, which is really cool. You can set the buttons for different uh functions and you do this through the app. They have an application. You just download it on the google play, store or the iphone apple store, and you can set the use the app to set your uh your faces. So then you and the buttons, so you can, you are able to choose which one um you want to do. What this watch has a heart rate monitor um. It has activity tracker um, so it detects when you work out. It has um music control. You can um that’s what my button is for this bottom button. I use for music, so um i’ll. Just i can show you too how it works. You just press the button. You see that look, how it changes and then i can hit play and pause on. My music um so yeah, so you see his pause now. Um then the middle button. You just hit the middle button. It took you back here uh and it takes you here um. Oh notifications, that’s what it is yeah when you hit. I have the middle button set to notifications, so any notifications that i received recently for this one is uh fantasy, fantasy football um, which is pretty cool but uh yeah. It shows you the notifications there and then the top button. I have, as i think, it’s an activity charter too um yeah, so the face of the band or the face of the watch is 44 millimeters um you uh yeah and the other features about it is customizable dial um.

It has activity tracker, uh heart rate, like i said before, um do the music uh check your notifications, all that good stuff, so um and then i’ll show you the app real, quick uh so it’s the it’s like this little black fossil? Oh wait: you can’t see so it says it’s like the app right here. It says fossil and then you go on the app let’s load in real, quick um. Oh, it also detects tracks your sleep, so you can track your sleep, which is really cool, forgot about that feature, um so yeah. So you can see on the app. How everything is laid out is pretty cool. You can go through all of like the different things that it tracks, like your heart rate, your sleep, active calories, active minutes, steps all that good stuff, and then you can go to this screen, and this is how this is the screen that you use to change. Your buttons, so you know um, oh so, that’s. What i have is workout tracker uh, the workout tracker i don’t use uh. I don’t hit that button typically because it automatically does it it just detects uh. When my movement increases and my heart rate increases, then it knows that i’m working out um but yeah you can change it to fitness tracker like so. You get the buttons you can change it to uh travel uh, so yeah it’s it’s a lot of different features that you are able to do, um to uh as a like, a little preset or whatever so it’s that’s, really cool.

You can set alarms on it. It’S it’s a lot of um, just cool features that i like that, allow it to be like a very nice classy watch like a classic look, but also has the uh innovation and like tech savviness that i also enjoy and uh just because i work out a Lot and i like work learning about my health and everything so being able to track my heart rate being able to control music um with uh the touch of a button, and i have to put on my phone every time, um being able to yeah track. Uh sleep and all that stuff is super important when it comes to fitness, so uh being able to do that with a nice little watch. Um is super cool and i always like to look so watches as well. So i definitely um appreciate um fossil for making this uh affordable version where i’m not like the apple watch is, like i don’t know like 400, or something like that. Like yeah see that that’s that’s a little crazy for and that’s, not i won’t even use all the features is. The main thing is um, which i think a lot of other people may feel that’s similar to me in this sense uh i don’t, i won’t use all the features where you have like you can have all your applications on the watch. So then, you can start playing with all your different games and applications on the watch itself.

I don’t need that necessarily um i’m mainly just focused on um, like the health, um tracking capabilities and stuff, and then having notifications to that. After pick up my phone that’s that’s pretty much all i need, but um also yeah. If you can see there’s a backlight oh hold on when you double tap the screen, there’s a backlight i’m, not sure if you can see it but or a front light. I’M. Sorry, that’s what’s, going on it’s called a front light, so it lights up your notifications in the dark, which is also a really great feature that i really enjoy having as well um it’s bluetooth smart enabled, so you just set it up and connect it through bluetooth. Um it’s compatible with android phones, iphones um, all of those things um, but one of the best features about this phone. The battery life uh took out the box didn’t charge it for a whole week and it lasted. It was perfectly fine that’s when i needed to recharge was after a week, um, and it says uh on the website that um the battery life is two plus weeks based on usage and usually they don’t fully charge. It uh right out of the box and so far i charged it last week. Um and i’ve been wearing it since then, and the battery is still great have not had any issues and haven’t had to charge. It have not gotten a low battery notification.

Out of that um, and so i could see uh, it says two plus weeks based on usage, so i use it every day, so uh i i think that is working well, the battery works well and of course, the batteries are easily replaceable. If you need to get some of those um and then uh was there any thing else: um, oh and then the charge time is super fast. This only takes 50 minutes to yeah up to 80 percent of the battery life um yeah. But besides that, though, the watch is great, like i truly i truly enjoy the watch truly enjoy the look of it. I get a lot of compliments about it. Um a lot of people be like. Oh, you got to watch. Oh, the watch is super nice, that’s cool, like how much water bridge you get all that stuff and um. A lot of people didn’t know anything about like hybrid watches themselves, um. So this being one of those uh is great um because it’s, something that where you stand out um a little bit, because you have a a nice watch and then people that don’t also realize that also it’s like a hybrid watch. So it also has like the smart watch capabilities, which is also something that like grabs, people’s attention as well. Oh wait! It does this when they get a closer look, so you always stand down in that sense, and that would be a really nice um and that people can observe too uh.

It is water resistant, not waterproof, um. So if like you’re, washing your hands or whatever it can get water on it, um but you’re not supposed to shower with it or anything, you’re not supposed to uh go swimming with it for extended amount of time or anything it’s, just water resistant, so um it Won’T mess up if it like you, splash water, or something like that um. But besides that, though that’s pretty much the watch uh, i would rate to watch a five out of five based off my experience with it. I highly recommend you get it. I don’t know if the deal was still going on. It was a it was like a flash sale, i believe, but i will link um where i got the watched uh in the description. So then, you can check it out, see the product description and see the reviews and say whether you want it or not, um, and i hope it helped you. I hope this helped you if you’re in the uh market for watches, i hope it helped. You decide on one or i hope you, i hope to uh – maybe open your eyes to a new type of watch. Maybe you didn’t want to just the classic one or maybe you just didn’t, want the smart watch so it’s a nice in between.