This is what we’re going over today. This is the garmin tactics delta, solar, with applied ballistics watch, so they offer this in a number of different models. They offer just the garmin tactics delta, the garmin tactics delta with solar and the garmin tactics delta with solar and applied ballistics. That is the one that we have here so it’s sort of like the granddaddy of the tactics series of watches. Now a viewer actually asked me about this. I don’t know five or six months ago and then right after that, a swarm of viewers asked me about it. So i’m guessing is when it was released, and i got it in a couple months after that we’ve had it in for about three months now. The folks at garmin did send it out for this review, just full disclosure and we’re going to go over the features of it at least most of the important ones that i think will apply to my audience i’m, going to try to keep this video. Relatively short. I could literally do a video, probably two hours, long in this watch and not go through all the features it has so many features it’s just absolutely insane and it’s customizable in ways that are virtually limitless as well. So anyway, let’s get into the details and then at the end wrap it up what i think of it. One of the first things you’ll notice about the watch when you get it in, is that it certainly is not small that’s for sure.

So what we have here is the garmin fenix 5 x, with the sapphire lens just for size. Comparison, you guys can see they’re both fairly large watches, so just know that you are going to have a large watch on your wrist. If you go with this, that said a lot of people like that myself included. I am a fan it’s, also relatively thick, it’s 15 millimeters thick and you can see. Basically we have our sapphire glass. So for folks that don’t know sapphire glass is extremely scratch resistant. It would be almost impossible to scratch it i’m, not saying it’s impossible, but i haven’t found anything that scratched it yet and i’ve been using uh garmin watches with sapphire lenses for years um. So there is that the outer bezel here this portion is steel, as is the backing here. Steel and both of those have a dlc or diamond like coating on there, which for folks who are familiar with firearms, you guys are going to know. This is a super super durable finish, and it also adds some corrosion resistant properties to the metal, so that is nice. Then, in between there we have a polymer type of material on the back. Here you guys can see. This is where we have the battery charging port and, of course, this one is solar as well, so it charges via the sun which we’ll get into as well, and then we have this thing here, which is our heart rate, monitor as well as the pulse oximeter.

The watch has five different function buttons so up here that one is going to be the light. If you just press it once so cover that up there, you guys can see press it and it’ll go on or off and illuminate whatever is on there. You can also press and hold it, and that will give you your menu button here. You can power off. You can toggle through to the different apps there with it. This is going to be your down button. This is your up button, so we can go through. You guys can see there that’s saying it’s going to give me 10 days with the battery saving off, which is what i have it in now. However, you can hit this button right here and go into battery saver that’s, going to extend it a good bit. However, it disables some of the features on it, so you also have music. You can go into that menu there and add your own music. This watch itself has 32 gigs of memory, so you can add it on there. So that way you don’t have to worry about carrying around an ipod or something like that uh wallet that is to use garmin pay. If you choose to do that, timers there’s, a myriad of timers watches, excuse me: timers, alarms, countdowns, really anything you can think about. Like that is in there as well stealth mode, so this is actually very important for folks who are in the military.

What this does is it disables? Any type of connectivity so turns off. All bluetooth signal period turns off all gps signal period. So that way, if you, you know, if you’re worried about being tracked by, say an enemy force like a near pure enemy force, you can do that. You can disable all that and not have to worry about it save locations. This is used to mark locations along waypoints when you’re navigating, of course, different time zones. You can set that up night vision mode. This is again also very important, so it does work. Obviously i have night vision, we’ve tested this when the watch is not. Basically, when you don’t hit your light, there it’s pretty dim, however, under night vision, it basically glows and then, if you think about it as well, our pulse oximeter in there is giving off that signal and what that’s doing underneath your wrist is just glowing constantly under Night vision, so it turns the heart rate, monitor and the pulse oximeter off and then also basically makes the screen so dim that, with your naked eye you can’t see anything. But through your nods, you can see it perfectly well and that’s, not just time again. That’S, navigational, waypoints and those sorts of things do not disturb. Obviously you can set that so that way, if you have it hooked up, say to your phone or something along those lines, you can turn that off if it rings, and then we have our applied ballistics, which we’ll get into uh here as well suppose we’ll just Do it right there, you can also just go through different ways to access the menu but applied ballistics.

Here they have tons and tons of features going on. I have a video demonstrating how it works over at my b channel, so i didn’t want to actually show any shooting in this video because i realize, if i do uh, it will be demonetized and flagged. So that way, youtube will never show it and, of course, the purpose of making a video is to have people see it right, that’s kind of the point um. So there is that uh, but with the ballistics mode. Some overviews is that it connects to any kind of garmin sensor out there that you can think about whether they be like the tempe sensor to get accurate temperature data. It does have a temperature gauge right up here on it as well, but if that’s on your wrist or in your pocket or in a jacket or something like that, that is going to impact it. So if you really want to get precise temperature, you can connect it to the tempe, and that will do that. It has built in atmospherics in terms of air pressure altitude, those sorts of things and from what i’ve been told by a buddy of mine. Who is a jump master which we’ll get into here in just a second? The altometer is very, very accurate. You can also connect this to a bluetooth, laser rangefinder, which is super super important. So, as you can see here, um i’ll turn the light on. Maybe a little brighter here.

This is just a target out at 360 yards. This is what i used as an example when we were out at the range doing that video i referenced earlier. This is using, i believe, m855, and that is our windage elevation using a mil reticle. You can set up for mill or moa, and i should add that this has all of the data that the applied ballistics app has in it. Many people are familiar with that because they can put that data into a kestrel. This watch does everything a kestrel does, literally with the exception of reading wind, so other than that it does everything your kestrel can do. So that certainly is good in my opinion, but yeah, so you can hook this up via bluetooth to any number of laser rangefinders then just use the laser rangefinder to designate a target, and it will automatically give you your holdover. So, of course, this is what we have here: 2.38 in terms of holdover, for this particular target in terms of mills and again, if you just change the point that you focus on with your laser rangefinder again, if it’s bluetooth connected it, will automatically calculate that super Super fast for you, so that is just absolutely fantastic. In my opinion, it has a huge bullet database that the applied ballistic app has. However, you can modify it even further. You can create your own range cards here so basically and you can get everything customized out to different distances for different types of rounds again it’s populating as you guys can see there, and then this is our back button here, but you can do that.

You can make different targets so, if you had say like 10 targets at different distances, you can plug those in and automatically just bounce from target to target to target so that’s for target. One target two would be a different distance and you can do that. We’Ll go back and go back into that. You can change your environmentals. If you want to, you can change your target. If you want to, you can change in here the different bullet properties. Again, you can manually change your twist rate as well. You can change your barrel length, you can change your velocity, but it does have the bass lines again from the applied ballistics app for just about any round out there that you’re going to encounter as a shooter before i move out of the ballistics portion of this One thing i just wanted to point out is that all of these fields – and this is going to be true for basically everything i talk about with this watch – all of these fields are customizable. You can change them out to a different metric. If you want to again just check your owner’s manual, it’s, pretty simple and straightforward to do that, but we’re going to go back here and just kind of work through some of the basics of it. These are your favorites here. If you press the action button there, so we just went through applied ballistics, you can set it up for kayaking it’s, going to give you different data in terms of your speed, uh heart rate vo2, max all of those sorts of things, tactical mode.

It does have the jump master mode, which again a good buddy of mine, is a jump master and a three star command: he’s, a master sergeant and uh. He is the air nco. So, as you can imagine anybody who’s been in an airborne unit at a three star command, you know all he does basically is pull jump, master duties and uh schedule jumps and coordinate, jumps and those sorts of things, and basically he’s told me that he uses this Almost exclusively for everything, marking waypoints along the way, like i said, the altimeter he said, is spot on and uh. They also again for jump for folks that don’t know uh when you’re conducting airborne operations, basically you’re flying into a certain location uh. They give you different indicators. As you get closer, you know one minute hook up all of that sort of stuff that’s for static line. Anyway, um so giving out those commands, you can pre mark those waypoints um on your actual. You know maps that are in here and that way the jump master has a better idea and a better chance of not dropping folks off over the wrong dz, because that definitely does happen. I’Ve never been a jump master, but i definitely was a paratrooper and i’ve seen that for sure um and then you can also mark waypoints uh on the ground. So, basically, once you get to your your landing zone, you can mark different waypoints so say like a rally point to meet up with uh the rest of your soldiers or something like that and just different key points to hit once you’re there.

Additionally, if you’re doing halo operations, you can use that to move throughout the air to get to your point um, because, obviously, if you’re doing halo, you have the ability to navigate while you’re in the air, which certainly is kind of cool. So they have the track. Me mode there’s, a lot of stuff in there it’s, just basically biometrics navigate a ton of stuff. Here too, this does come pre loaded with all of the public land maps that are out there. You can also add any type of map that you can think of. On there, if you want to add, like you know, topo maps, you can do that you can navigate via mgrs and it gives you 10 digit grids or you can use lat long, whichever you want preference, you set it up. However, you want to, and again you can set different points of interest is say, you’re a hunter and you go into the woods. You want to mark that point. So that way, you can actually find your way back out, that’s nice, and you can mark it via again the different systems like mgrs or you can mark it right on the actual map itself. It gives you different info around one thing i don’t like about it, though, and again you guys can see all the different saved locations and all those types of things coordinates um, but one thing: let me just kind of give you an idea.

So one thing that i wish it had was the ability to move it around on the actual screen with a touch screen, but you can’t, you got to kind of just move it manually with the buttons it’s not as convenient as it otherwise could be. But the map features on this are fantastic for sure and then map here that’s, where you can set all the different configurations of your map. You can use different types of inputs for it. They also have, of course, all the different activities that most smart watches have. So running it’ll give you your pace, the distance. You go, the vo2 max that you’re at biking swimming strength and walking and then, of course the history will be there as well when you go into it but to get to any of these different modes. Basically you’re. Just going to click on it say, walk it’s, going to give you your gps location as soon as it finds it, which this one already did it’s in green, and if you use a location that’s very similar to the last time you used it it’ll likely go Right to green because that’s the default and it’s just going to verify those satellites are there and go to it. If not it’s going to be red until it finds it and then it’ll turn to green once it gets all the satellite connections. It needs there’s. A couple other things on the map and navigation that i wanted to touch on before we get out of that menu.

So number one is going to be site and go. What that is is compass. I don’t know why it doesn’t just say compass, but it doesn’t anyway. It’S super super, accurate, guys, um. I have a lymphatic military style, compass and basically it’s spot on very, very accurate. You absolutely can’t trust it again, though, like anything with navigation, you get kind of got to know what you’re doing and uh make sure. You know your your you know your uh declination and all of that stuff for your area, because it’s going to change so oh there’s, the other one i want to get to is points of interest, so this is on there as well. You can put in what cities are around you and then, if you want to see you know, restaurants are around you gas station hotels, all that stuff is there. All of this is automatically in there. It comes from the factory with all this data in there and, if you want to you, can update it um using the uh usb on your computer and just update it to get the most current. You know gas stations in the us and all those sorts of things added into there and pretty convenient in my opinion. So i know we skimmed through a lot of the stuff on there and again that’s just because this video could be hours long and a lot of the things that this watch does isn’t interesting to a lot of you out there.

Some of it is some of it isn’t, so i just kind of wanted to give you an overview, but one thing i really do want to touch on before you know. Closing everything out is the fact that this watch gives you fantastic fitness data right. So you can actually obviously hook it up to your phone as well, and you can track metrics a long time. It can give you advice on how to improve different things. Get your vo2 max better, get your cardio better, get your strength better! It tracks! All of that really really well in a way that uh really nothing could do 10 years ago, never mind something this small it’s, really fantastic at that and, like i said earlier, about different widgets and what’s, showing up and what’s not showing up, you can configure this Watch face any different way you want, they have apps out there, which will let you make your own. You can do all kinds of different stuff in terms of the interface that you see here on the watch. So there is that um one thing that i’m sure a lot of you guys are wondering about is price point it ain’t cheap, as you can imagine so right now. This particular one which again is their highest end of the garmin tactics delta, solar, applied ballistics, is coming in right around 1400. So when you think about comparing it to like a rolex or something like that, it’s cheap, when you think about comparing it to like the phoenix 5x sapphire that we just showed you it’s expensive right, so do you need it? Is it worth it to you really? I mean again that’s just up to you guys, but it has some features that are just truly impressive for the first like month and a half every day i felt like i was learning a different feature on it, just using it going about my day, so yeah There’S, a ton of stuff, this watch can do whether it’s worth it to you is ultimately up to you guys, but so far, i’ve been very, very impressed with it.

Um again, price point is what it is, if you’re watching this three or four years from now, it might be less, but right now that’s what they’re coming in at there will be a link down below in the video description. If you guys are looking to pick one up, if you guys have questions about it different capabilities, those sorts of things definitely check out garmin’s website first. But if you do that – and you still have a question you can comment down below in the video comments. But if you have a specific question that you need to have answered the best place to reach me is over at my facebook page, i do get back to everybody over there. Sometimes it takes me a little bit because there’s hundreds of thousands of you and only one of me, but i do actually see the messages, whereas elsewhere, that i post content, i don’t, always see them, so i can’t always get back to folks. So there is that, if you like, this, video and you’re new here hit the subscribe button. If you already subscribed make sure you hit the notification bell hit the like button share all of those sorts of things they do help the algorithm. They help this channel grow.