This time, we’re going to be checking out the huawei supercharge wireless charger. It is supercharged because it has 27 watt charging. That is insane that’s crazy. I mean the fastest or the most powerful charger i’ve ever used or i’ve been using for a long time is that of my ipad pro, which is 18, but this is in this video we’re, going to check it out and find out what are some of the Devices you can charge using this wireless charger i’m going to try out different things, different devices on it. Like my apple watch, my galaxy watch 3, my my phone, my iphone everything we’re going to try it out on this supercharged wireless charger right here without wasting much time. Let’S get that into video let’s check it out. Let’S go through some of the important information found on the box. Huawei super charge: wireless charger maximum is 27 watt, which is good on the bottom. We have support g wireless devices, which is great a multi layer of safety protection, that’s, nice and maximum 27 watt yeah. On the back there’s, nothing, nothing more important on the back, so let’s pop it up on by pulling up the box just like this, and the first thing we can see is the huawei supercharge wireless charger. Oh man, it looks great. I love it. Man – and this is another reason why i bought this one – i mean there are so many different types of wireless charger out there from samsung from apple from different companies, but i love this one because of this design.

The texture, as you can see right here. This is a cloth material which looks good it’s, going to look good on your decks on the table in the office it’s going to look really good and also it has four rubber stopper on top of the wireless charging, which means you drop your devices on these Four rubber stoppers it doesn’t stay on the cloth, but on these four robot stoppers right here, which is nice, i mean i like it. It looks good very slim, nice design. It comes with a usb type c for charging input right there and on the bottom. There is another rubber stopper to prevent the wireless charger from moving on the table and, as you can see, there are a lot of holes right here for heat to come out. Uh like uh air vent or something, oh man. I love it right on the front. There is one led light right here indicator to show if the device is charging or, if it’s not charging like, for example, if this light is blinking, it means it’s. The device is not charging or it doesn’t support the qi. Wireless or this charging system yeah so we’re gon na try out many devices on this thing, let’s check out what else comes in the box uh. What else do we have in here there’s another compartment, and what do we have in here? I hope there’s, a charger. All right there is a charging cable, usb type c to usb type, a oh with a nice purple, color it’s cool.

I love this nice thick, cable man. This is nice, thick love, it uh. What else do we have in the box? Let’S check it out? Quick start guide: this is like a book. This is huge. Look at yeah let’s check out what else we have in here. Another uh. The warranty card is right here, Music, also huge it’s a book. Now. What else do we have in here? I think that’s, all yeah it does nothing else that’s all. So let me put out this thing on the side and let’s check out everything that comes in the box. This is everything that comes in the box: the wireless charger, a long, thick charging, cable, type, c and type air with a nice purple color in the inside very nice, the quick start guide and the warranty card that’s. All now, let me connect this wireless charger and let’s check out some of the devices you can charge on this thing. Stay tuned to the end, let’s start by trying out the first device, a smartphone, my galaxy z, flip and, as you can see, it’s charging up. You also got to check out the led indicator either at the bottom is white, which means it’s charging up that’s great. The next is my galaxy note, 9 and, as you can see, it’s charging up the led indicator is right. There it’s charging up that’s good now, let’s, try out smart watches. My apple watch series, five and let’s wait.

Unfortunately, no it cannot charge the apple watch. The next smart watch like galaxy wars, 3 and as you can see, the light is blinking, which means there’s an error, or it means it cannot charge the galaxy wars 3. Unfortunately, and also let’s try out the older galaxy watch and the same as the galaxy wars. 3, the light is blinking, which means it doesn’t charge the older galaxy watch. So unfortunately, the wireless charger can only charge smartphones which are non huawei devices but i’m. Pretty sure this wireless charger can charge the huawei smartwatches like the gt1 gt2 or the gt2 pro. This wireless charger can charge all those smart watches from huawei, but unfortunately you cannot charge any smartwatch on this wireless charger, but you can charge all smartphones, samsung apple huawei. Any smart smartphones can be charged on this supercharged wireless charger, but unfortunately it’s not possible for smart watches, which is sad because that’s. One reason why i bought this thing so that i can be able to charge all my devices, but unfortunately, it’s not compatible with these smart watches, which means i’m going to keep searching i’m going to look for other wireless charger. If anybody knows any wireless charging diagram that i can buy and use this to charge, my smartphones and smart watches, please let me know, drop the link down in the comment section. Please i’ll be so grateful to check it out and that’s all about this video guys.

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