So here we are with the huawei watch, gt2 pro alright. So before we get started, let’s quickly, unbox the huawei watch gt2 pro so that’s a very premium looking box, black and gold, so let’s open her up Music and there she is right away. You get the watch, but we will take a look at that later. For now let’s open this up and we get symbols for the usb cable and the documentation. So we know what’s in here you get the instruction manual as well as the warranty card, so it’s very important that you keep this just in case. Something happens to the watch. We also have a usb type c, cable and last, but definitely not the least one of the selling points for this watch, the wireless charger so it’s a magnetic wireless charger, so we’re very happy. While we decided to go for this it’s going to make things a lot more convenient for those who don’t really like plugging in their smart watches, so let’s take a look at what that looks like with the cable connected now, of course, we look at the watch And it’s so clean. Look at that nice build looks really premium looks very smart. We have two buttons here which we will get to in the video as well as a nice. Silicon strap feels very durable feels very premium, especially the watch face right here. We also have a set of improved sensors, which we will get to in the main video now let’s take a look at what the wireless charging is going to look like just like that, snaps right in because of the magnets very loose, so it doesn’t feel like It’S gripping onto the watch too type anyway, that’s the unboxing stick around for the rest of the video and the rest of this watch’s features for the pros.

We have a titanium body, sapphire glass protection, wireless charging and long battery life for the cons you can’t, install third party apps and you can’t use third party services like strava huawei strengthens its wearables portfolio in the philippines by bringing over its new flagship smartwatch. The watch gt2 pro announced last september. The watch gt2 pro is an upscale version of the watch gt2, where you get an overall, better build with sapphire crystal glass, which will be a huge help, protecting against scratches titanium frame and ceramic case back with sapphire glass to protect its array of sensors. Put simply it is built to last, it is very durable and uses high quality materials. Classy does not always mean fragile. I mean just look at james bond for the display you get a 1.’ inch amoled touchscreen display. This is 454 pixels and sports 326 ppi. The watch measures in at around 47 millimeters, which is substantial while it certainly looks good on my wrist. Ladies may, not like it as much because of how big it looks on theirs. The display is very sharp, which helps add to the already effective illusion that it is a classic analog watch. It is also aesthetically, versatile, with over 200 watch faces to choose from. That is a lot of options thanks to the look and design of its physical buttons. The watch on its own is clearly for a more formal look. You could wear it to work or when you have business meetings or even when you have some formal events, thanks to the wide variety of watch faces available, you are not limited to just that.

The silicon strap in fact makes it perfect for sports or exercise. I tried this watch out during one of my sparta sessions and i was very very happy with its performance. It was not intrusive at all, and the features worked great. What i’m trying to say is it’s, basically an all around watch good for all locations and activities like any good, smart watch. It can also display notifications, as well as make voice calls thanks to its bluetooth capabilities. More on the update from the original gta 2. The watch gt2 pro has a more accurate heart sensor, sleep tracking and now features sp02 or a blood oxygen sensor, which is pretty cool because it tells you how much oxygen you have present in your blood. These functions will be very, very useful, especially to those who have health conditions and need to track those stats. We also have tracking for over 100 workout modes and pro grade fitness tracking features, which can be tracked through the huawei health app found on any huawei smartphone. If you don’t own a huawei, smartphone, it’s, nice of them, to make it available for both android and apple, you can also upload health data to three key services: google fit myfitnesspal and apple health. Unfortunately, there is no connectivity for services like strava. More serious swimmers will appreciate the watch’s 5 atm waterproofing, as well as its indoor and outdoor swim tracking capabilities pair this with its very accurate gps tracking, and you have a watch that you can use for triathlons like huawei’s other smart watches.

The watch gt2 pro uses. The company’s light os that does come armed with 32 megabytes of ram and 4 gig of storage. It uses the company’s kirin a1 processor to keep things chugging along the downside to light os is that you can’t really download any apps that aren’t already available in the watch itself. That being said, lightwest already covers a lot of apps you’d want on a smartwatch. It also has tracking and workouts for a lot of activities and exercises out of the box already light. Os is well like on resources, which is why the watch has such great battery life. Speaking of battery, we now have wireless charging on the watch, which means, if you have a phone that supports reverse wireless charging or have a wireless charging pad you’ll. Be very happy with this feature: it’s just overall, more convenient and we’re very happy that huawei decided to add some quality of life improvements. Aside from supporting wireless charging, the watch gt2 pro’s quick charge, feature lets. You have 10 hours of battery life with just 5 minutes of charging. On top of that, we have huawei’s acclaimed 14 day battery life. Realistically, though, you’ll probably be getting 5 to 7 days of battery life on a single charge. Less, if you use always on feature that’s, the leagues beyond what the competitors have to offer, which makes the watch perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to fiddle with charging their watch every day there you have it huawei smartwatch, offering has always been easy to recommend to People and that’s still true with their watch gt2 pro.

It looks incredibly handsome in its titanium and sapphire body, while it’s light os is constraining in terms of third party compatibility. It has more than enough built in apps and tracking capabilities to satisfy most users. Christmas is right around the corner and if you want to give yourself a treat or want to gift someone special, the huawei watch, gt2 pro is an excellent option. It is priced at 11990 and is available today at lazada, and the huawei online store don’t forget to check out the full review on and also don’t forget to like comment share and subscribe.