Can i please request you to press that subscribe button and the notification icon if you’re watching us on youtube and if you’re, watching us on facebook press the like and follow button and on instagram and ig tv just simply follow us and across all the platforms? Please do share your love back with us by liking, sharing and commenting on our videos, hello, guys, i’m back again, and today i have with me what i like to rate as one of the top smart watches available in the market. We have with us the huawei watch gt2 pro. This is one of the latest launches from huawei, and it is a piece of beauty, as i can see it in outside from the box here on the images the box is beautiful. The packaging is neat we’re gon na find out what’s inside the box. We’Re gon na try to customize it a bit play with it a little bit. We have the huawei nova 7a with us, which we’re gon na try to pair it with as well and see how we can use the phone too, and the watch combination the best of its benefit. So let’s get on to straight away. Finding out what’s inside the box and as i remove the lid, we have the watch straight out and it is a piece of beauty. As i can see it, it’s got a beautiful, huge dial, we’re going to talk about all about it and a beautiful trap here and a beautiful ceramic feel a sapphire glass.

You know it’s a fire dial which is in the front and a beautiful looking piece. I must say, and inside there as we open it, we have. We have the usb type c, cable, usb 2 to usb type c cable and we have what we use it for charging it’s a wireless charging pad for the watch and that’s pretty much it there’s. Nothing else in this box, so yeah. This is perfect to otherwise keep your box as well we’re going to keep this one out for a bit just to show you how to use it for charging it, and here we go we’re going to put this on the side. So, as i look at this piece and let me talk you through some basic specifications of it and then we’re gon na go on to the other, some really great features that it packs. So from the look of it, it’s safire watch dial beautiful. Looking as you can see, very neat and clean, only two buttons here and we’ve got some sensors at the back as well when it comes to battery after you’ve charged it using this. So all you need to do is literally type c here: bang it’s magnetic and you just leave it there and it charges it so, once it’s fully charged it can go for two weeks without having to worry about it. It’S got all the professional workout mode. It’S got water resistance as well. It’S got a beautiful titanium frame which gives you the look of luxury and sturdiness at the same time, lightweight um, nothing, nothing very heavy, but definitely you know the titanium does carry a little bit of weight in of its own uh.

But it gives you that feeling of luxury and the wholesomeness that you look for a watch, it’s beautiful when you look at it as i can. You know everything that you see it. It fits perfectly around the wrist i’m gon na remove one of these bad boys. Here and put it straight on for you, there we go uh awesome, so that is a 1.’ inch. Amoled screen made out of sapphire glass 454 by 454 hd screen it’s got a karen a1 stl4r9 processor, it’s water resistance up to 5 atm, so yeah. Everything that you need uh for us for a smart watch to be you’ve, got it all there and i’m gon na bring my huawei. No here you go guys. So this is the huawei watch gt2 pro and from the look and feel itself i’m going to start showing you. So when it comes to the the dial faces the watch faces, you can use the app which it automatically wants to connect with i’ve already connected with the huawei health app here in which you here you go well, we held. So, as you can see, my huawei watch 2 pro is already connected. It’S showing it is connected and it’s got a 92 battery in it as well so i’m going to start with the watch and then we’re going to move on to the app and show you how you can customize it further so from the dial face. Just keep this thing pressed for a few seconds and you can swap around, and there are some pre loaded watch faces that you can select from right here.

I’Ve chosen this one, particularly i like it. It’S it’s beautiful it’s got that main thing on there and it gives me that beautiful feeling that i like neat and clean and at the same time and you switch up it’s, got all the notifications. So once it’s connected any message, you can customize it from here. What all notifications you want to receive here on this and then when you go down uh swipe down, you have a do not disturb mode uh. You got screen on off mode, so it’s screen turn on and let’s keep it on for five minutes. Then you got find my phone option as well, so if i click it as you can see i’m here it starts ringing. It shows me where my phone is so, which is pretty cool and uh going down again. It’S got the alarm settings as well, which you can set up very fairly easy. Then, and then you have some custom settings you can go for. You can uh set up your earphones, so this can load up to 500 songs where, because of the 4gb memory, it comes with. Of course, some of that is used by the software itself. But yes, you can store up to 500 songs and you don’t need your phone to listen to music. You know you can just use this and connect it to your. You know, earpods. I suggest definitely using the uh huawei free buds that just came out and we did a review of that as well.

The link down below you can change the display settings here. You can change the watch always on display and and so on so brightness and some advanced features as well: sleep mode on screen mode and so on and volume control vibration do not disturb the the down button. What you can customize the down button? What you want to see there, you can customize your workout settings, so this definitely has a feature which we’re going to talk about a little bit more in detail where it automatically detects the kind of workout you are doing it. It has it auto motion automatic motion detection, so you can always find out what it’s doing it’s got some system settings and about the watch. So here we go, it’s got the model number the codes and everything that you need to know about your watch right here. So yeah this is uh on the bottom side of it. When you go left, you’ve got all the data that you need for your day to day workout, which we’re going to talk about in detail it. You know every feature, so you can always customize it and, as you can see so you can you have all the measurability you have. The music played that, if you have stolen music here or even when you’re playing from your phone, you can always look at it and control it from this watch, which is pretty awesome and, of course, the weather report, settings your stress level settings and your overall workout Settings straight and everything is all here so pretty cool and then, when you go on the left side, it’s pretty much the same so left and right rotate almost the same.

And then when we go on to the main screen and we press the bottom button. You have different options here as well, so, as you can see, we have the complete workout summary: you have the running courses: we’ve got 13 pre installed running courses, the basic the advanced, the easy run and so on. So all these running courses are pre installed, so select one and you are good to go. We’Ve got the outdoor run as well: indoor run indoor, walk outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling, pool, swim, open, swim, mountain hike, hike, trail, run driving, skiing and so on, pretty cool isn’t. It i mean it’s got everything that you need from this boats perspective, which i love about this you know it’s it’s, you can, you can do whatever you want to with whatever workout comes to your liking and customize it accordingly pretty cool. This is all the workout settings and the sports modes that it has back and when you press the top button again, it has all your workout records, your workout status, your heart rate, your spo2 level, the activity records, the sleep records, the stress and so on. Call logs contacts music, you can remorse this remote shutter as well, which means you can control the camera of your phone using this air pressure compass as well and notifications, and so on the weather and everything that you need so yeah. This is on the watch and you can do almost similar with the app as well.

So, if you go on to me where you logged on to huawei setting, you can select your watch faces from here as well. There are quite a few of them, some of them are free and some you have to pay for them, but uh in the free options. You got a lot of them here, you go. This is the ones which i’ve already installed on the phone itself on the watch, but uh i go on here i can go on to watch, faces and install the one i like the most pretty cool. I love it. I love it and now let me quickly talk you through all the features that we went through on the phone um, so sports mode. Of course, skiing and snowboarding pretty awesome. You know it provides a comprehensive data, such as heart rate, average speed, maximum slow track, distance cross country, skiing and snowboarding on the screen field. Everything that you need from the skiing perspective and snowboarding perspective. You got it sorted out in here and when it comes to one another feature, this is specifically for the golfers. It’S got a personal golf coach, so it analyzes your swing, posture and intently intelligently provides you data references to improve your swing, speed, frequency and accuracy. That is so cool um. I love it. I love it. It’S got a hundred workout modes which are inbuilt. We just scrolled through some of them. You know when we’re looking at it let’s go through it while we’re talking about it.

As you can see, it’s got over 100 workout modes, which keep literally precise data tracking for each one of them, whether you’re, climbing outdoor running indoor, running rowing, surfing tennis and so on. It keeps help to track the way you move as well. So it automatically has a detection if you’re walking script walking running it automatically has got over. You know 10 running courses which are pre built and they come with the voice guidance as well, and keeping all the data that it keeps of yours and your health on mind. It will continue to advise you on better training now. The next one, for me, is a weir 2 max 4, which is v2 max, is basically the maximum rate of oxygen consumption, which is measurement measured by the incremental exercises. Now it reflects you know the your respiratory, fitness and endurance capacity in an exercise performance so uh, which is pretty cool and when you’re out on the run – and this is specifically when you’re on tracking or going outdoors, you have a route back features so, which means Even if you run out of data or you don’t have the phone with you the way you run the route that you take to go somewhere. It keeps a root back record of it. So, even if you’re out of the gps range, you can signal the tracker way back. You know, i call it tracking your footsteps: 24 hour blood oxygen saturation, which is spo2 a level detection.

It’S got true sleep, which means it tells you. How well are you sleeping? So it tracks your sleep patterns, it has and it diagnoses six common type of sleep issues and provides you suggestions on how much of rest you need, which is pretty cool as well, and it’s it’s pure fitness based monitors, your heart rate, analyzes your breathings and awards. Your score, on the basis of that, so that you can adjust your lifestyle and your sleep patterns accordingly, um another one in today’s time and date with corvette and a lot of people. You know worrying about their jobs and their businesses um outdoor um. A lot of stress is building up, so huawei trulax is one of the solutions they’ve offered where they manage your stress level and suggest you certain breathing exercise to bring it back to normal and 24 hour, heart rate detection, which is what we truly see in 4.0. This monitors your heart rate accurately and provides you with intelligent reminders so that you can bring it back to normal, so yeah just take it easy guys, it’s it’s, pretty uh. You know important that we keep our fitness, but, along with that, it has all the business features of getting all the notifications that you need all the things that you need. As mentioned, you can store up to 500 songs in it to um. Keep yourself entertained as much uh as you like, and, of course you know when you’re wearing the watch and your phone is a little far away.

You can receive, reject and mute your calls uh. You can access your call history from it and, as i said, you know the battery uh. We looked at the charger now this with the 10 hour uh with by charging on this for five minutes, you can go on for 10 hours, five minutes of charging and 10 hours to go, but if it’s fully charged you don’t have to worry about it. For two weeks, that’s 14 days on a full charge and when it comes to the watch faces, of course you know, i share the one which i like the most uh, but if you want something uh which is beyond what you have already installed or you don’t Want to spend money on buying something which huawei health app has to offer. You have hawaii share, which means take a picture from your phone tap it. The photo goes here and you can use that photo as your watch face as well, so guys. This is a pretty awesome and a pretty cool looking piece of hardware. I think this is something i want to integrate as a part of my life. I have never been a watched person, i’ve, never worn a watch in my life or always rejected the thought of wearing a watch. But literally when i say this when this came in, i said you know, this is something which can definitely tempt me to start wearing a watch on daily basis and combining that with the kind of health and sports mode that it comes with and a little bit Of entertainment and everything else, one reason to move on to wearing watches and one more reason to say.

Yes, this is the kind of what i want to start wearing if i was to go on to wearing watches so guys.