This out i’ve got the latest hw12 smartwatch series. Six clone a few people actually commented on my previous videos asking me to unbox and review this. I already had an order, and here it is just before i get started people make sure you follow me on one of these social medias i’ve always pulled sneak peeks on what to expect on also and as always, make sure you hit the subscribe button and also The bell notification, so when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. Anyways let’s get straight into this, so the packaging is pretty basic, uh hw12. This is also a split screen as well. You can actually put two screens onto the screen like this picture right here. As you can see right there, so we’ll check the features out later in the video let’s unbox this, but just before we do that. Take a look at the box, there’s, nothing else around it. That is what it looks like series. Six clone – and here is some of the specifications, so that is the package size. The package weight is 124 grams, bluetooth, 5.2, the chip is hs6621 and the display the 1.57 inch and runs android, 5.0 plus or ios 10 plus. So it supports anything above these uh operating systems. The battery capacity is 200 mah which lasts for around four or five hours, depending on how you use it. Uh standby time is around 75 days, it’s, waterproof ip67 and the app that you need to download is wear fit pro a few trademarks and made in china, as is everything else.

You know how we do before let’s get straight into it. If you do recommend any other watches, do let me know in the comment section below, but i have got quite a few other smart watches on order and if you didn’t see my previous video, where i did a super clone cv6 with the same identical box uh, Then check it out, i’ve done it on my previous videos or i’ll leave the link in the description box below anyways let’s get into this one let’s see how it is, let’s see what we get inside the box and then we’ll check out the features of this Watch straight away: you’ve got the manuals hw12 smartwatch that’s. What it’s supposed to look like we’re, going to see what it looks like properly once we take it out and see a little bit. So can you so you’ve got the manuals in there, chinese and english, and there we go check that out. If you want to pause it composite and it’s in different languages, it’s, not english, is it it’s, not english? That is not english, so it’s in chinese that’s. Another language so forget that anyways here is the watch itself: wow it’s a little bit smaller uh compared to my original one on the previous i8 pro, but we’ll get to that later. I’M. Probably thinking this is a forum that designed it as a 40 millimeter one, but just before we take a look at the watch itself was, do we get inside just a charging mechanism which is uh like the previous one, so that’s about it? Let’S get straight into and check out the watch, so the bands look identical to the original and let’s open this all to see what it’s like, if it does open quick jump, call right there.

So here we go check this out. It looks definitely looks much smaller than the previous smartwatches, so i’m, pretty sure they’ve based this on a 40 millimeter it’s a little bit heavier as well. So take a look at the design of the watch at the back. Let’S start off with the back and the bucket actually sells it says: heart rate hot health, bracelet, waterproof level ip67 made in china and it’s got the charging mechanism right here. It’S got no slots where you are pushing to take out the watch band, but you can just slide them straight out. I don’t know if these actually fit the uh original. Vice versa. If you want to see a real recipe with this hw12, then make sure you hit the like button, and let me know in the comment section below so you’ve got the working crown which is supposed to work. We’Ll check that out later you’ve got the button place in the same place, but the micro towel is placed different compared to the series five and six so it’s placed lower or just at the bottom of where the button is so that’s about it. Nothing else you’ve got speaker grills on the other side, some sensors and that’s about it. People let’s see if this has got some juicing it’s going to zoom in, for you and i’ve just realized that this button right here is a fake it’s, not even a button. It’S, just a look alike, so it’s a fake button right there.

Everything you have to do with this crown right here: the scrolling uh power on power off and whatnot, so let’s give it a go, pushing it in and hopefully it should switch on straight away boot. It up you get the boot up, sound and that’s about it. So to change the watch faces, you can’t actually do it on the watch as well i’m going to show you how to do it later in the video. So what i mean with the split screen is when you split uh push it to the left. Another screen actually comes on and at the bottom you can actually click the apps you’ve already clicked on before this middle one is sos and uh click. This scan code link, which means it’s a qr code and that’s, how you download your app and at the top is day and time so yeah that’s a split screen device which looks really good. To be honest. So, instead of just going into the menu which you have to do right here – and i have got to say, the twitch screen sensitivity is really good. It’S, nice and smooth, even the crown as well, is really nice and smooth it doesn’t move when you uh, when you just tap it like the previous one, i did so it’s, really nice smooth feel as well. So let’s give me a give you an example. So if i went into um your fitness app and then i went into settings, show you what the settings like.

Let me just quickly show you the split screen and, as you can see, both of them are right. There. So that’s a good feature on this phone on this smartwatch. So let me go back into settings and show you what we have so we have screen dimming brightness and your duration, uh, which you can change from 10 to 20 seconds um. Well, we change it to 15 screen off time phone settings that’s when you connect your phone raise your wrist, so you can actually switch that on and off do not disturb mode sound of vibration. Language settings connect mobile phone, which you will do later password. You can have a password also on this uh smart watch, that about what we’ll check in a second uh, restart, reboot or you’re gon na call it restore factory settings and shut down as well. So if we’re going to about version 1.35 and the name is hw12, but when we go back into settings there’s, nothing where you can actually change your uh watch face. So i think you have to do that in the app which will download later and you can’t even actually change it into a list view as well. So that’s no good. Maybe you could change it into a list view in your app, but we’ll have to check that out. So you have got a lot of decent apps with this, so what i’m going to do now is put it onto my wrist and we’ll check a few of the health apps to see if they work here we have.

It fits really nice uh, like i said this yeah i have checked on the box on the manual. Then it is a 40 millimeter watch, so it’s a much smaller hw12. I don’t think you can get this in a bigger version, but i’ve got to say it looks really nice. It doesn’t look really big on your wristball mattress this small anyway, so uh. Depending on what wrist you you well, what size your wrist is, so let’s go into heart rate and let’s see how long it takes for it. To give me a reading, now we have a reading of 68 beats per minute, which seems okay, so what i’m going to do is take that off now take off the watch and then let’s give it a try and see how long it takes so all together After that, quick jungle, it took around 30 seconds so i’m going to see how long it takes. As you can see here, the green lights are flashing, which means it’s trying to detect your wrist. You can see it flashing on the desk right there so i’m going to try and do it without jumping it just to show you if it actually works or not so overall it’s not getting a reading. It’S still flashing, as you can see, with the uh with flashing but it’s, not actually giving a reading, which sounds and seems, okay, because it’s not on the wrist. With some of the previous smartwatches that did um, they actually gave a reading.

Even when the watch was off my wrist as well so that’s really good. This is the first time this watch has actually not gave a reading while it’s off my wrist. So for the help ups let’s check the other ones as well, and hopefully they all will work like this one. All right, let’s see what else we have when it comes to the health apps. So you don’t have a list view, so it would be good if it was, but i have got to say there is only well what’s that one that’s blood pressure, so i don’t know if that actually works properly or not, because i can’t test it with another. A proper blood pressure monitor because i haven’t got one, but i would say the heart rate monitor is similar because i do get same readings on my original series. 6 smartwatch. So with this reading i don’t know what it’s going to be like and i’m pretty. Well. 70 over 100 and hundred and sixteen seventy seven, it does change as well. It just doesn’t go to one reading, so let’s take it off. Does it actually does it go off when actually or do the numbers go up and down so the numbers have stopped, as you can see, it was going up and down when it was on my wrist and it’s actually flashing and the numbers have stayed the same Because it’s not actually detecting nothing, so we’ll go back and let’s go back again and that actually gives you the reading on the maps as well.

When you scroll it down the crown, so that goes to show the crown works decent as well. The light is flashing, but it’s not actually given the reading, so that is really good. I do like this watch because the health apps actually do work. So you’ve got your night mode, sleep mode right. There brightness will reboot everything is on here, your weather, your call, which one is that one, your pressure as well cold, sound and vibration, there’s no display app as well. You know to change your uh watch faces that’s, the one that was just a bright screen. That is a breathe up as well. This is a uh oxygen which should should work as well, because it’s off my wrist and it’s not actually showing a reading, which is good. I like this watch, even though it’s a little bit smaller and that’s. The only thing that puts me off is this fake button right here, but to to make it a little bit better look at that. You can actually use your split screen to choose what other apps you want to go back onto so swiping it down. You’Ve got your quick shortcuts right there, so you can lock it brightness bluetooth. You can take off going straight to settings if you swipe it back up. That goes to your notifications, your messages swipe it to the left, your heart rate, your data. Well, that is how much calories you build, how much, how long you want you wear the app and you can add components right there and you swipe it to the right.

Then it’s your split screen now this qr code is for when you’ve downloaded the app and you can actually connect the app to the smartwatch, the qr code that you need to download the app is in your manual, which is right there so just use the qr Code from there and then you can download the app a few moments later. Okay, so after numerous attempts it took me ages, i’ve took my bluetooth off. I’Ll switch. My uh apple series six watch off just to connect this um and it’s not actually connecting to the app no idea why it just keeps searching for it, and it says no device found i’ve tried using the qr code. I’Ve done also all just about everything switch. The smart watch off try again uh delete it off the bluetooth, try again everything and it’s not actually connecting to the app no idea why it just says connection failed, so that’s about it. To be honest, the raise to weight let’s see if that works properly well and they’ve gone off. There we go so yeah raise to wake, does work on it, but overall just use it as it is it’s good, because the health out works. You can use the pedometer all the apps work decent on it, and you can actually show your records as well from when you used it, which would be good as well. It’D be better if it worked on the app because everything gets stored onto the app and you can actually check it from the app as well.

The good thing i like about it is the split screen and that’s about it. This is a small size, but i actually prefer the 44 millimeter if i do actually get the watch working on the app i’ll make another video part two. So if you’d like to see that, let me know in the comment section below but overall what do you think about the watch? You can actually use the features on it. Even the calls as well let’s go. I don’t think it’s connected properly, so he’s calling but i’m pretty sure yeah he’s calling from my phone Music. We won’t do that just enough, so you can actually use everything from the watch as well, and when you receive your notifications, like your calls and text, it will actually come to the phone as well. So let me give you well, i was gon na actually give you about. I think on my other phone at the moment, so yeah, that is about it people. This is the hw12 shame about it not connected to the app, but i don’t know if that’s my phone or, if it’s not running on ios 14. I have no idea. We’Ll have to check that on later today, with the uh another phone. So uh do. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have you actually got one? Does yours connect to ios 14, or does it does it not? Does it connect easily to android? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and if you want to see any other videos with this watch or any other watch then do, let me know i’ll be happy to make them for you anyway.

Thank you for watching this.