Everyone welcome to another video of unboxing on easy life. Today is in the box of a smart watch. I got a receiver with the internet and it costs uh 16. When it first came out. Um, the retail price is now 20 compared to the price of i watch. I watch costs about 300 and above and can go up to 700, so this particular watch is a fraction of the cost um. The question is: is it good enough? Is it useful um? Well, we’re gon na find out. This watch has a number of features which is i find attractive but um. I haven’t used this before. This is the first time in unboxing uh, but from the picture itself this is actually looks very, very attractive, so um we’re gon na go through it together, just an empty box. This is not a heavy heavy cardboard but it’s strong enough to hold the watch. So there is a protective cover. What else is in here? So there is a set of user manual, and this is extremely small and in english and chinese, this is the the watch itself. This is actually quite big, but it’s really not heavy i’m. Assuming this is not entirely made of metal underneath there is a blue band, which is what i requested. What i bought and a charging cable there is no charging pad, but there is a connector here using magnets and that’s how you charge it um. This is 240 by 200.

Pixel inside contains a 32 megabyte of ram, and i believe it has 64 megabytes of internal storage um. This thing itself is ip68 rated, so that means that it can withstand dust and dirt and can submerge in the water up to 1.5 meter or about five feet of water um. The diameter watch face itself is 46 millimeters and it is actually quite big. Um. The band uh fits uh, the 22 millimeter band, and you can’t swap this um any band that you see fit. You can buy this anywhere and this is actually a standardized band, so which is, i think, one of the the good thing about the watch. So it contains um 200 milliamp battery and can withstand uh for two to seven days on standby mode. So i guess, if you’re actively, using it probably a day or two and it will deplete the battery, so i think that’s reasonable for this uh watch uh the screen is tft display and it’s touch sensitive, so you can use just the screen to touch and and The button here is clickable charging time it takes about two to three hours to charge, so it’s pretty standard uh for the size, and it supports ios and android through the the app and finally use a bluetooth connection. So there is a heart rate. Detection can also track sleeping cycle. It has the normal standard exercise function, so that was one of the features that i was looking forward to is to have this for exercising so other normal things, a notification, alarm calendar and all this stuff can be supported using this watch and it can support multi Languages as well and download multiple new faces, new watch faces using the app okay, i’m, not sure if you can see so the screen itself is totally blank.

There is a slight um different color of the screens, so the strap that comes with it is actually quite soft, which i kind of like and put this putting this on. This is actually very light and very easy to use on the back here. There is a sensor for uh tracking, your heart rate. It is a glass with a sensor on the back and turning on the watch, i would assume just pressing the button. It will just turn off and let’s. Try that okay, so it seems that this watch does not have battery. So let me go and charge the watch and we’ll come back later. Okay. I’M back so i have um charged the watch a little bit and after i plug in the battery actually charger. It turns on right away and that’s what the watch looks like so um just have to click it and it’ll turn on the screen itself: it’s, actually not too bad, uh, it’s, actually quite clear, um i’m, not sure how bright it is. Uh so let’s go through the quick function so going flipping left and right. Okay, we’ll go through the different functions. There is a counter sleep cycle, i guess blood pressure, monitor and a heart rate monitor so we’re going back to the home. I guess if you click the button, it should go back to the home yep. Now, as far as most smart watches, you are able to hold down and be able to change this uh the face, but for some reason this does not allow you to do that.

So i i guess it’s just flipping, left and right and up and down so going uh pulling it down you get to this setting in the settings brighten. This is the brightest that i can go and i can go down so i’m going to set it to the brightest and go back to home. So the app that i have to download is called f fit um. It looks simple enough, but if you scroll down um the rating itself, it’s really not that great. As you can see here so i was able to set up so far um up to the second screen or third screen and it’s going to load. The language itself is a little bit different. I don’t know why it’s called determine that they could have to say confirm, target 8 hours. Fine, allow so i’ll just say: select, yes, allow i’m gon na go back so now i need to add a device. So click here confirm let’s see who’s going to look for it, so i have to turn on the gps and it’s. Locating it and then let’s select that bind successful there, you go i’m going to click on device, um dial center. These are some of the. I guess the watch faces um. I can download something interesting synchronize now, so the phone is sync with the different watch face um. It is surprisingly slow to begin with, even though my the phone and um the watch is right next to each other.

It does take off probably a minute to transfer that information over and when i played earlier, i am able to change the watch face, but you have to do it through the settings so i’m going to swipe down, go to the setting and click on themes, and These are some of the themes or watch face. I can change so let me go back and go back to the home screen. Okay, so the hardware sensor seems to be working. I know my heart rate is around that range, so i’m, not sure how accurate it is, but i know it’s within that range. I think that should be okay. Let me go back. Let me see check on some other features. State heart rate, blood pressure, monitor sleep, massage top stopwatch countdown setting host sport and type of sport that it supports, running, walking, climbing riding football, and these are really some of the basic ones: okay, so the blood pressure completed 1268. That is about my range. I am aware of that. So how is that able to mention the blood pressure i do not know, but for some reason this is um, maybe an average that is taken out of everyone. I i can’t give you any advice. You can take a photo by checking your watch. I’Ll just take a picture of that and shake it okay, so it does take pictures as you can see, which is pretty cool. I think. Is it a good deal to have this watch which costs about twenty dollars? I think for daily use, definitely uh after you.

I use it for a while. I can give you an update whether this watch is accurate and it’s counting it’ll be interesting to find out. If you want to continue to follow along, you know, if you want to buy this watch, please uh, you know subscribe to my channel if i post any more updates. If this video has been helpful, please click on the like and subscribe to my channel, and i will post more videos on unboxing uh. My focus is on things and on products that i believe is helpful to anyone who wants to make their life easy that’s. Why? The channel is called easy life that’s it for now. Uh click on the like subscribe to my channel that’s, going to be a big help as i continue to grow, and please share this video if you find it helpful, thank you for watching and i’ll catch.