Now let’s go. Firstly, we can see there is a cover and then, when you open the cover there is inside, there is a box and we can see. The cover is same as the apple watch and now let’s open the box, and also we can take out the watch very easily before it is very tight, so we can just take out and all these are same, the menu the silicon strap. Also, you can see this one is upgraded and another strap and the charger is also upgraded to this style. So even you put the protective case on the watch, you can still put down the charger to charge. This is the old charger and this is the new charger and if we put on the protective case, it is unable to put inside the old charger. But if, with the new charger, we can easily stick on the new charger and this charger is magnetic charger. So we no need to take off the protective case when charging with the new charger. This is really a good enhancement and then let’s look at the watch faces. It has totally 24 watt faces inside the watch. Also, it has several new watch faces than the old version such as this one, and you can also click to change and now let’s see the main menu. The main menu is same as the old version, so the functions are almost the same, and in this page it has three pages.

In old version. Only has two pages in this video we can see. The new version has upgraded with the new charger. It is the magnetic charger and with some more new watch faces and all other functions are almost the same as the previous version, so that’s all the details in our videos.