Today, we’re going to unbox the new l15 smartwatch. We will see what we have in the box and what we have in the software and do some tests so stay tuned for that in our video let’s begin here immediately with unboxing, you can see we have a very simple box: smart wear all black and very Good graphite, let’s open up and see immediately. It reveals the l15. You can see all the details and all the things that we’ll see in the first look in the smartwatch and underneath it we have the user manual and the charging cable. You can see very simple, like always two points for charging and we have the user manual in chinese and english, so we can understand it. So now we have here the l15. We can see 1.3 inch touchscreen two buttons in the right side. Also, we have a led light. You can see when you turn it on it, blinks to let you know that it’s starting we have 1.5 hours charging with magnetic as well as we saw before. This is the first page. As you can see, we have very good face into this smartwatch the light powers on with this button and this one powers it on the screen. You can see up, we have the qr code, information search battery and brightness. Also, we have time and date we have a few levels of brightness, which is very good. Looking in the left side, we have the menu, find stopwatch timer qr code about restore factory shutdown and we have language down.

We will see the notifications right. We have sports sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen and acg, and we have here the spores starting from running next. We have walking cycling, climbing ping pong, badminton, basketball skipping and we have swimming also yoga. So these are the things that we will see in the software. We also have to mention that this smartwatch has 370 milliamp hour lithium battery bluetooth, 5.0 and, as you can see, it’s waterproof, so you can wear this if you’re swimming so let’s do some tests with these options that we saw before let’s start with the heart rate. You can see we have all the levels of the heart rate, all the way from the yellow to the red one, which is the top level for the heart rate. Also, you can see last heart rate saved up at the bottom, which let us know, which was the last heart rate. We have the first result before you saw it and now it’s still measuring let’s wait for the final result. So this was the final result. Let’S see how the blood pressure will work and again we have the last measurements. Also, these measurements will be saved in the app. So we can check the statistic for that and we will see that in the next video when we show you how to connect it with ios and android. So if you’re interested in that, we will post it uh next day or later.

So you can see it’s still measuring and we don’t have any result yet which took a little bit, but, as you can see now we have the result which let us know that with this smartwatch works, it measures our hard red blood pressure. And after that we will see the blood oxygen, the percentage of blood oxygen again, we have a very fast result, which is a little bit surprising and it now is changing, which means it’s still measuring, and that is surprising. The blood oxygen took way less time than the other two options Music. So this is the blood oxygen and you can see the acg doesn’t work. Unless you are connected to the phone you can see the sports, it works pretty good. We have here timings, kilometer, burn calories, etc, so guys this was all for today’s video.