So today we will be looking at a watch from a fashion brand based out of the u.s fossil and it’s, not just a watch. It looks like a watch but acts like a smart watch. This is the watch i’m talking about i’m, referring to the fossil q. Hybrid smartwatch, goodwin ftw1173, even though fossil is a special brand, they do have strong connections to Music, specifically swiss made watchers. You see back in 2001, they acquired zodiac and on top of that in 2015, fossil acquired misfits, who is, which is an american company that specializes in wearable technology with all these acquisitions fossil managed to stay ahead of the game, especially in the area of hybrid, smart Watches now enough of history, lessons let’s check this watch out now. Let’S take a closer look at this fossil q, hybrid smartwatch, goodwin ftw1173 is in one it’s one of those with long means now, let’s see i’ve already done some measurements. The case size is 44 millimeters. The thickness is 13.7 millimeter. Luck to luck, which is from my fingertip to my fingertip is 51.5 millimeter, and the lug width is 22 millimeter. This watch comes with bluetooth, smart enabled connectivity, which you can be used with android, 5.0 and above or ios 12 and above there are quite a number of functions in this watch which includes activity tracker. You can control your music. There are some customized buttons all these three buttons can be customized as well as notifications notifications, like your alarm, app alerts, your calendar alerts, emails, social media alerts, text messages will all come to this watch and this watch will vibrate how strong the vibration you can decide Through the app the case and the bracelets are all stainless steel, and if you cannotice, this comes with three micro adjust so it’s easy to adjust to your wrist.

It comes with a mineral glass. I don’t think there is any anti reflective coating. It also has a quick release: single quick release, class, a foldable clasp quite easy to use, and it comes with the sine crown as well as the sine clasp. This is, of course, a quartz movement, and it has 50 water, 50 meters of water resistance. If you look closely in the case, you’ll notice that the indices are all applied with a minute chaptering around the circumference, it also has a tachymeter, which i do not know how to use. It. Has a very nice blue face with a printed fossil logo and the printed q here’s, a small sub dial that tracks your goals, your alerts, uh how i can get closer your goals, your alert, the time your alarm, the date, etc, etc. Let’S put on my wrist and have a look shall we? This is how it looks on my six and three quarter inch wrist. As you can see, it has a lot of watch. This is quite a big watch, but based on the luck to luck, it is not that bad. The only thing that i would like them to consider improving is the mid link. Let me show you: this is a male mid link, in which case it makes the watch you like to look a little bit larger when you wear it just a few millimeters more so if it’s a female make link the luck to that will be.

Much is much better 51.5 millimeters. Now. What do i like about this watch? It has a large case. A very clean layout has a signed crown a signed glass. This sign crown and class in some ways show the pride in making this watch and it has a quick release bracelet for easy change when it comes to changing, straps and stuff, like that, all you have to do is just click these two out and you can Just change it it’s very easy see and what i have in terms of quibbles. First and foremost, mineral glass, i’ll change, i’ll do this later mineral glass. You can, i hope, i’m, not i’m, not sure whether i can see it. I have a scratch already on this mineral glass. Mineral glass tends to get scratched easily and the battery the battery life is not fantastic. When you go to the website, they will say that it’s one year of use when you use it regularly with your smart phone. I use it regularly with my smartphone and the battery life is about eight months and have to change the battery, so these are two quivers i have about this watch. So what do you think of the watch? Now? The hybrid spark watch space has gotten a lot of attention over the past number of years, due to a part of fossils, group’s aggressive strategy to promote their brands and the fashion brands that they partner with now is generally generally.

These watches are appealing because customers may not want to have a full featured smart watch. They want to have a watch that really looks like a watch and yet had a spark watch function. So what do you think? Would this be a watch that you may consider, would this be a watch in your collection share your comments below. Let me know what your thoughts on it. Do you like it? Do you hate it like this video subscribe and share with your friends? I need all your support.