What specifically caught our eyes was that the brand is a part of the forkxi army ecosystem with support from xiaomi. The mybro airwatch is launching this november at an affordable price range before the official debut. We luckily got one unit from the brand for review, so let’s check out what’s special about this. My bro airwatch dot, the my bro air smartwatch comes with a metal body that feels much more premium than what we have seen on watches in the same price range. The compact metal body with the 42 millimeters dial is extraordinarily smooth to touch but won’t get easily scratched. In addition, the metal body doesn’t lead to an uncomfortable weight, including the band. The slim watch only weighs 40 grams with a maximum thickness of 9.2 millimeters, which is one of the most lightweight metal smartwatches that we’ve reviewed. The compact watch has ip68 certification and can be exposed to daily rain, sweat and frequent hand washing or shower splashes dot. As for the display, the my bro air features a 1.28 inch rounds, dial with tfd high resolution 240 by 240 pixels color screen with a screen to body ratio of 95. There are several default watch faces for selection. You can long press the dial interface to switch between watch faces in addition to default backgrounds. You are allowed to customize your own individual dial watch face with a selected picture. As the background. All you need to do is to download their exclusive my profit app and upload the picture that you like to the watch dot.

Another detail about the interface that is worth mentioning is the rotating dial menu compared to most flipping menus found on other brands watches the rotating menu is definitely a better design for round dials. All the options are displayed in perfect arrangement, and the rotating operation is also more intuitive than just flipping. Meanwhile, when you rotate the turntable there’s noticeable physical feedback from the inbuilt vibration, motor dot features and migrafitap as a smartwatch fitness centric features such as sports tracking is very important. The my bro air boasts up to 12 common sports modes, outdoor indoor running walking football badminton. Tennis, cycling, hiking, basketball, elliptical machine yoga and free training in real life experience. Most selected activities could be recorded effectively, including steps, distance and calories in addition to these common sports data. Another great feature on this affordable watch is heart rate sensing. It comes equipped with a heart rate sensor that helps measure the values in real time, alerting the user about any irregular exercise states, unlike some smart watches that are unable to accurately measure heart rate on users with dark skin. The company has claimed that they have developed a precise heart rate algorithm to fix the problem on the new dot. Besides the features of sport related recordings, the mibro air can also monitor the user’s sleep quality every night and provide an all round report on the user’s phone app thanks to the ultra lightweight design. There is no discomfort when you wear it, while sleeping, and you can also set up alarms in vibrate mode.

All the features mentioned above can be configured in their exclusive mibrofit app once the user connects to the watch all the real time. Synchronization of health data can be clearly tracked on your phone at a glance or you can use the app to adjust the feature. Settings of the watch, such as lighting up when raising the wrist. Turning on the sedentary reminder and finding the watch through vibration.in addition, when you turn on the camera function on the app you can shake the watch to control the shutter of the phone camera. It effectively frees both your hands, which is a smarter way to click pictures remotely than other watches, which requires you to use another finger to click. A button on the watch dot battery life, the my broad uses, a new bluetooth, low power consuming chip, which offers a relatively long battery life. It comes with a 200 mr battery, but guarantees up to 10 days of continuous use on a single charge or 25 days. Standby, the support of bluetooth 5.0 offers real time synchronization and a convenient connection with a phone during daily use. We can easily receive notifications on the watch from apps, including phone calls messages, whatsapp, messenger skype, gmail and more dot. The my bro air is already up for pre orders on its official store for a discounted price. In addition to attract more early bird buyers, the brand is offering another free, dark greens trap and another three dollars coupon code, this november.

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