This is graham from unbox tech reviews where today we’re going to have a look at the umi digi, you watch 2 s, which is a fitness tracker, so we’ll start by having the box not really much to show on there open that up. So here we get the watch itself. We’Ll have a look at that in a second and see what else we’ll get in the box. Get your magnetic pin to usb charger decent length, cable there and you get your instruction manual. I’Ll have a link there qr code for the app to download. So you need to download that up and set it up on your ford, which i will do in a second. So we’ll just have a quick look at the watch itself, so you go. It’S got like the rubber silicon strap with the quick pin release there, so you can easily change the watch. Drops it’s got the nice. It’S got a little screen protector on there. So obviously you need to download the app set it up on your phone and then connect it up, and then you can change all the settings. I’Ll just go through some of the specifications on this, so this weighs 25 grams without the strap it has a 1.3 inches square, tft cooler, lcd screen within that round face with a resolution of 240 by 240.. It has three axis: geometric: sensors, ppg, heart rate sensor and capacitive proximity center sensor, it’s compatible with android and ios, and it has a 280 milliamp battery with a working mode of 15 days standby mode 40 days.

Charging time should take around two and a half hours and it has the two pin magnetic charging port. So what i’ll do now? I’Ll set the app up on my phone and run through it all with you in more detail. So i’ve got the watch on my wrist now i’ve got it all set up to my phone, so i’ll try and show you some of the settings aren’t there. So if we just okay and they can see the display, if we scroll down you’ve, got like your settings menu, you can just adjust the brightness levels. Low, medium high vibration, feedback on and off you’ve got stopwatch. You can feel the weather there for the next three days. You’Ve got another settings. Tab show some information about the watch. There go back out, scroll down, you get your menu training, heart rate message where they’re shut, shutter player, stopwatch style. Finding with this let’s find my phone and we’ll have a quick look at the heart rate, so i’ll just click, see what we get so and of course, 69 and just go back out that way. You’Ve got your sports, so you can choose. If you go back into the training and choose walking running cycling, badminton, basketball, football treadmill, exercise, climb, tennis, yoga, dance, skipping and training, and that will so you select, whichever one you want and then it’ll start recording the data so calories burned, and that kind of thing For that specific exercise – and then there we’ve got the sleep tracker.

I haven’t actually tried that one. Yet i will try it and see how accurate it is at recording the sleep you can see, steps, calories, burned, etc and the sport deer there you’ve got your messages there. So you will get like push notification messages through one here from your connected device and you can read the messages on there as well. Styles, like the watch faces music player and the stopwatch option there. Now you can go back into the weather view the weather for three days, so there you go that’s all of the the menu features on there. So you can see my wrist it’s, not too bulky at all. Nice comfortable, strap, just tape. It off show you the thickness, so the the specifications of the watch size, weight, thickness, etc will be included on there. You’Ve got your sensors on the back. You’Ve got your charging magnetic charging points. There. Quick release strap, so you can adjust the straps as you want. You can get uh loads of different types of straps available on the market, ebay, amazon, wherever very easy to change. With that quick pin release. So there we have the umidizi umidigi, smartwatch and there’ll be a link in the description where you can buy this product on amazon. If you have any questions, just fire them off and i’ll do my best to answer them for you, but yeah that’s it for this one.