Everyone welcome to my channel. Today i have another smart watch from mob boy called thick ticwatch gtx, which is a budget smart watch, so let’s get started with its full review. As always, everything is time coded for your ease to browse around various topic. If it’s your first time on my channel, please consider subscribing as i do regular videos for smart watches like this one smartphone reviews, tech, tutorials and much more you’ll find a dedicated playlist for budget. Smart watches be sure to check it out and if you want, you can support my channel by becoming a member at a monthly charge, with all the perks that i’ll offer click. This join button to check out all the perks of becoming a member also check out some cool merch under the store, tab and check out as well as subscribe to my second youtube channel for mobile friendly short video content. I have reviewed a lot of smart watches by mobvoi the recent one that i reviewed was the latest ticwatch pro 3, which you can find linked up in the card section and at the end of this video. Well, today, i have a budget smart watch from moboy to review and it’s called ticwatch gtx, which surprisingly only cost 80 canadian dollar. By the way, you can use the link in the description of this video to get five percent off on any purchase you make from moboi’s website, including the ticwatch gtx, make sure to use that if you intend to purchase from moboi’s website alright with the price aside, Let’S start with the review with unboxing setup process, mobile app review features and specs fitness and sleep tracking, and my final verdict in terms of unboxing.

There is nothing special. It came in a box like this one. At the back. There are all the highlighted features like 7 to 10 days of battery life, which is quite impressive, ip68 swim proof personalized watch face, which is my favorite sleep: tracking 14 workout modes, metal frame, 24, 7, heart rate tracking music control, that’s, a lot of features let’s go Ahead and test them out inside the box, you’ll find the ticwatch gtx its charger and the user manual. Now the setup process is relatively simple. You first have to download the mobois app that is available for free on both google play, store and apple app store. Then you create an account with moboy now on the top right corner of the mobile app you’ll find a plus icon, where you’ll find the tick watch gtx, which will open a barcode scanner. Now, when you turn on the watch for the first time, the watch will display a barcode just scan it and within few seconds the watch will be paired with the mobile app speaking of mobile, app let’s briefly review the mobile app. You will see your connected watch with the fitness statistics like calorie steps and distance, which you can elaborate by clicking on them here. You’Ll find heart rate, sleep exercise, high intensity, exercise and noise. When you click on the more tab, you can see more details of that particular tab with a calendar that will highlight the days when the data was recorded going back.

You can also browse all these statistics by days from this calendar icon on the top right now. Just about the calendar icon, you will see the account icon where you can update your health information like your height weight, set goals, workout time activity and link third party apps, like a google fit star, war run keeper and apple health. Now, going all the way back under the fitness tab, you’ll find watch face center, which is my favorite. Despite of this watch being paired with my iphone, you still get a lot of options to choose from which is pretty cool for a budget smartwatch. I have reviewed a lot of smart watches on this channel and, like this umi dg budget smartwatch, most of them don’t have multiple watch face options. By the way, i have reviewed this umidigi smartwatch that you can get it for only 40 dollar and its review is linked up in the card section. You can check it out once you’re done watching this one, the cherry on top is you can even customize your own watch face by selecting a background image as well as fonts colors, which is pretty cool, not just that you can directly toggle between six watch faces From the watch by click holding on the existing watch face and then you’ll get all the other watch face to choose from going back on the mobile app under the watch face center you’ll find smart mode where you can turn on auto heart rate detection set alarms.

Sadly, you can’t set alarm directly from the watch, turn on till to wake and do not disturb mode. Next is smart reminder where you can toggle on or off calls sms notifications, vibration, alert, app alert and sedentary reminder here is where you can even set a custom time range for reminders every 16 minute. This is very cool option to have on a budget. Smart watch going back under the more setting there is find your watch, which is another cool feature to have. This, will make the watch vibrate, so you can locate it in case. If you have misplaced it. Obviously it has to be in the bluetooth range. The screen on time, which is to the max of 15 second 24 hour, clock format, language temperature unit, so that’s it with the mobile app. Now that we have talked about the mobile app let’s have a close up. Look at the watch itself now for under 80. I didn’t expect this good of a wristband it’s, a durable 22 millimeter tpu wristband, which gives you a comfortable wearing experience in any situation and it’s waterproof. The watch itself is ip68 water and sweatproof and it’s pool swimming suitable. The body is metallic, which i did not expect, but having a metallic body does feel premium and it’s metal all around, not just on the side. Well, at the back, there is the heart rate sensor, as well as the charging pin speaking of charging. It has the proprietary magnetic charger, which is not that bulky, but for the price you pay, i don’t expect to have a wireless charging.

There are two physical button and no rotating functionality on any of those button. Now let’s quickly go through all the specs. This smartwatch is powered by rlc8762c 40 megahertz chipset, with only 160 kilobyte of ram and 16 megabyte of internal memory, which, quite frankly, is expected for the price you pay, but it indeed is sufficient for what this watch has to offer. There is no wi fi, no microphone, no built in speaker, no gps, no internal music or image storage. Again, all this is expected at this price point. What was not expected, but they somehow managed to include it at this price range, is bluetooth 5.0, which is obviously a plus point versus the older bluetooth, 4.0 version, as well as the ip68 swim proof rating and the all around metallic body. The watch dimension is 48.7 millimeter by 11 millimeter. The screen is 1.28 inch, tft color display with 240 pixel resolution. The battery size is only 200 milliampere, but this tiny battery size is enough to power. This watch for 7 days on a regular usage and 10 days on power usage. It does take a while to charge, though, for me, it took an hour to charge it full from about 25 percentage, with all the specs aside, let’s see the navigation and the menu layout so to enter the menu press, the top right button. You get notifications where you can read all the notifications, but can’t interact except delete which will delete the notification from the notification tray and not the mobile phone.

This smartwatch is paired to my iphone, but the notification works about the same on an android device with no ability to reply or interact. You can also access the notification from the main screen by swiping up from the bottom. Next in the menu is tick exercise where you’ll find 14 workout options. When you click on any of them, you will get a prompt to start that workout to go back from any page. Just swipe right. You can quickly access all these workouts from the main screen by pressing the bottom right button, which is convenient. Next is tick pulse, where you’ll find the heart rate with your highest and the lowest as well as a graph. Next in the menu is tick sleep where it will show the total duration light, as well as deep sleep. Duration. Next is tick health, where you get the classic tri color ring that includes the calorie burnt steps and distance moving on it’s, the music control, which works pretty good with iphone and android. But sadly, you only get play or pause next or previous track options. There is no volume control, it would be really nice to have at least the volume control anyways next is stop. Watch then timer, where you get preset options from 1 to 60 minute. My personal favorite is weather, which works like a charm, and you can also check weather forecast for up to 3 days. Next is flashlight, which also works great and it’s good.

To have it next is find my phone, which i think every smart watch must have it and on this watch it works great as well. Lastly, under settings you can adjust brightness reset power off and about now from the main screen. When you slide down you can access quick settings like night mode or do not disturb mode which is so good and easily available power, saving mode find my phone and settings now on the main screen you can see if your watch is connected or not battery level. Time date day and steps, when you swipe right or left you can access thick health, take exercise, weather, timer, stop, watch sleep and heart rate, which is good to have with all that said, let’s talk about sleep and fitness tracking and then wrap this video up with My final say now, with sleep tracking, i have been wearing this watch for few nights and most of the nights, the watch did not record my sleep. Only one night was recorded, as you can see on this mobile app. It did accurately detect start and end time of my sleep, but it was a bit off and not right on the dot. It did record awake time, light and deep sleep time, but it failed to record rem. Sleep also known as rapid eye movement and it recorded the heart rate throughout so in terms of sleep tracking i’m, not that impressed it’s, not accurate compared to other budget smart watches.

I recently reviewed this more pro v19 fitness tracker, which is only 60 dollars and has ecg spo2 and did an awesome job at sleep tracking. Every single time check out its full review linked up in the card section once you’re done watching this one now about fitness tracking to be truthful. I am sad to say that this is the worst smart watch both for running and strength training. So, on 17th i did a 29 minute strength, training, workout and on 14th i did a 48 minute workout. Now, on both of those days, i did wear my apple watch. On the other hand, so let’s compare the data. This watch shows only 143 calorie and an average heart rate of 118 beats per minute and the highest heart rate was only 1′ beats per minute for the same workout. On the apple watch series 6, it recorded 515 calories, average heart rate of 159 beats per minute. With a maximum heart rate of about 188 beats per minute, which does make sense, as i know i was lifting very heavy weights here – are some live images that i took during the workout, and you can pause the video to see the techwatch gtx feels like it’s. Some sort of a gimmick, its recordings, are not even remotely close to apple watch and it’s, not just one time. This happened every single time, so, in short, i will never recommend this watch for fitness tracking period. So now it’s time.

For my final say, this stick watch, gtx does look good. It has cool features like custom watch, face good design metallic body functional apps like find my phone find. My watch flashlight timer, stopwatch night mode adjustable, brightness color display, shows notifications shows incoming call with option to decline or answer the call. All these features are cool, but this watch really sucks at fitness tracking heart rate tracking sleep tracking. So the choice is yours. If you want to spend eighty dollars for aesthetics and few functional apps, then this will be a good option, but i would rather pick up this forty dollar umi digi smart watch as it did good job at exercise, tracking it had the spo2 on top of the Basic needed apps, or i would just pick up this modpro v19 fitness tracker as it’s a complete package for just 60 canadian dollar. It has good ecg, spo2 blood pressure, awesome, sleep, tracking calls and notifications, and much more so. I personally would not use this watch as i find there are better options for the price you pay, but again your opinion may be different than mine, but at least this video will give you a complete insight of what to expect comment down below what are your Thoughts about this stickwatch gtx, so i really hope you found this video helpful. If you did, then please give this video a thumbs up. It really means a lot. Also.