Okay: okay invites to stay monkey, two thousand uh two hundred and sixty seven rupees, but in the actual gate of four thousand nine hundred ninety rupees on the online low okay, uh box, Music, Music, Music in the lower chassis um, google play store locally qr code scans. Okay, warranty card, yes, warranty card sharma, he’s, a brand ambassador for the noisy brand okay, uh register your warranty, equivalent download sorry equal code, concussions uh from the date of watching, is to activate the watch before you use it. Okay, charging bit is home Music, Music; okay, relax one minute, two minutes: okay, fine, okay, please calm down into him, such as none along the inter functionality. Okay, inhale, inhale, then exhale out then alarm. If you want to set up alarm okay, any time you can set up an alarm music stopwatch settings, that’s, all okay, okay, then phone could connect to my app download chassis, simple on my play, store locally it’s nice. If it pro nice. If you turn download, just continue, play store low or just today, okay, bluetooth, yes, it’s, an easy step. Okay, i think everyone knows how to pair this thing. Okay, step count, distance, heart rate, what is the heart rate under sleep hours and activity? Okay, if you want to start any activity, walking, okay or else treadmill anything, okay, yoga or anything, then watch face watch face okay, see here the there are so many watch face. I think okay limited watch faces only we have here.

These are the watch faces. If you want to have set a customized watch face, but call in again, then the customization manual photo gallery ninja go for customization wallpaper with go to the watch, face settings, um, settings launcher Music, sorry, what’s up checking for new messages. Oh, this is what’s up call that’s the reason it is showing for the song Music, Music with all notifications, and then i need to get on just put nana shouldn’t it: okay, even notification. Okay, the languages settings, my alarms, restaurants, they find my phone, my phone Music. Okay, this is one nice feature: okay, uh in 98 percent charging on the connected device, color of it pro 2 that’s, all okay review. You can go for it that’s all. Thank you.