First boys and girls. Don’T judge me with this uh video, because i have never done this and yeah. So this is my first billion trillion, uh dollar worth of uh unboxing studio, so yeah and uh. The reason i did the unboxing for this video because for this product, because obviously this is something which no uh technical reviewer youtuber have got this. So this is a video which is like in trend now, because boat is a pretty big company uh i don’t know about outside, but in india it’s a pretty big company like they are sponsoring a lot of teams and stuff like that in the ipl in the Indian premier league and uh yeah, so this is the first product which they are launching in this line segment, which is the fitness tracker and stuff like that. So yeah i was skeptical that, should i actually get this because it’s their first and in a content that uh should i actually buy it, but well i did it because uh at the time it wasn’t sale for uh on flipkart. I think it was on 29th. So i got it on that day and i got it for almost 26 dollars aka almost for 2000, like exactly 2 000, but for dollars i don’t know and uh yeah. So this is my review video not on unboxing stuff like that, so yeah and uh. So if you guys are new hit the like button and subscribe to the channel and enjoy the video because and guys and boys and girls and everybody and gals, please don’t judge me with this video, like i said: i’ve, never done this kind of unboxing or review Thing but uh, if you guys do like it, i can see that if uh, because obviously like and comments will be there uh, so i will, if you actually you guys like it.

I will do a same thing in future. Also so let’s not take a lot of time and let me start with the review so heavy. I have the whole unit, everything inside and uh. If i quickly show you the box, because the box is pretty nice, so here’s the box and the watch over all the four sides is a glossy thing which uh is there and then, on the right hand, side. You can see a lot of things that alert calorie compatibility, fine touch and everything is there and music control and on the back like if i find okay, so there it is, i can show you the mrp on the box it’s written. So let my camera quickly focus once again: almost there, maybe almost there and there we go so it says six thousand, but well here’s the proof. I have actually got it for 2000, which is uh 26 dollars. Something like that. So yeah i’m pretty pretty happy with the buy because i got in a cheaper way. So if it’s not bad, i still don’t affect me because a lot of people have bought it for a extra. So you see the box yeah. You know what you can see. This box, just throw it obviously why not? Now you see this plastic where everything came in yeah it’s, a good plastic, throw it now. This is the uh. I think this yeah. This is the one year warranty card uh you don’t need warranty because you’re a millionaire so throw it.

Now you need the sunburn. You see this uh family, where they show their sponsor their product and stuff. Like that. Yeah looks nice um. It seems like you know what just throw it. Oh yeah now you see something important, which is the user manual. You don’t know how to work these kind of stuff, yeah it’s user manual. You need to learn through it, but don’t throw this, because this is the food for your watch. This is everything because this is a magnetic charger and i do have a real fitness tracker from mi it’s a smart band, but i have never seen this kind of stuff. So i really like this thing, where it’s just automatically touches it and it’s, just like damn done so yeah. This is a good thing sums up from my side and uh just keep it aside. Don’T throw that remember now, let’s come to the watch wow. This watch is this watch watch and a smart watch within your watch. What i can say i have the rubber on. The bands are pretty well like it’s, a very well made thing and on the back, you can see all the sensors on the charges and stuff. Like that, so let me quickly just can i switch on my flash for a second yeah there we go so as you can see the flash is on and i will quickly show you the branding for the storm watch. Let me if i can, if my camera can actually capture it, okay, so it can, and let me just see if i can focus it on um now there you go so you can see and uh yeah looks nice, but the best thing is, though, these, like Buttons where, if you pull down and you can actually get your band removed, so i really like, but i didn’t do because it’s i don’t know how to like put it back.

So this watch is pretty cool and uh. I really like it, so i don’t think if you guys are able to watch or not because of the glare it can. Let me quickly turn off the flash which i turned on for in a sec. Okay, so you can see the whole uh specification. It has got 1.3 inches, full touch, screen curved display and a lot of them just pause it and you can read it because it’s a lot of things to see and tell you so let’s get back and there you see the watch, it is pretty nice it’s. A bit snappy as it’s the first device like i said they will. There will be some bugs and some problems with this device that’s for sure, because nobody’s perfect the first time, but they will create some impact, so we can actually buy the second or the second part of this. So let me quickly show you. Let me see the brightness slow, okay, so brightness now i hopefully you uh guys can see, because i was checking you guys, couldn’t and now yeah, so it’s visible right and let me quickly show you the display there a lot of therefore display at the moment, because But they will add in future and the you can see again. I do not like a lot but well. I cannot do anything so the button on the right it helps to get in back, so the display the brightness.

I showed you like right, so i will keep it on one because one is the nice moment and see about so you can see everything about the device over here and uh yeah. So let me click back and let me see so. I don’t want to shut down because, obviously not let me get back and go uh to the sports record because obviously it just came today and i did not do any workout and stuff like that, so no record will be there. Let me scroll back to up and there we have a lot of stuff, so you can run walk. Then we have bike, we have hike and then we have climbing and treadmill okay. So i think there will be another list yeah. So there is sprinting and there is yoga so that’s it. Let me go back and lots of stuff, so we can have the heart rate point over here, real time. It says that and uh yeah, so it’s nice. I have tried it and you can see this is all the chart and let me okay it’s focusing so as you can see: it’s uh, okay, so there it is the bar like when it was my high and low and stuff like that and yeah. So this has a short oxygen level counter, which is pretty nice, because i have not seen something in this spread segment and then we have the blood pressure machinery which tells you the your bp and stuff like that so that’s amazing.

So we have this relax. I have actually used it. I don’t know if it’s a very like effective or not, so it basically tells you like, breathe in and a breathe out stuff like that so yeah. It was interesting thing because i’ve never like experienced something like this uh until unless you have seen in the yoga channels and stuff like that, so yeah. This was interesting and there are a lot of amazing things which i’ve actually got in this brand segment and that’s. Amazing thing guys um so yeah. Let me just okay, yes dude! So now, let’s get back to the alarm. We have alarm. Obviously i have not said. Then we have this uh okay, this again, oh that’s, my job and then we have music control. So if i quickly show you uh okay, i cannot wait. Oh, where is my other phone? I will i have connected. So let me give me some time and i will be back. Oh, the music control works pretty well and let me go back and let me show you this timer, so you’ve got stopwatch and a timer, so that’s neat every everybody that has – and i show you this so let me quickly show you what’s in the left swipe. So we got the heart rate if you want to enable it uh or stuff like that right now: it’s off and it’s a pretty neat thing because it’s a very shortcut, so i can just toggle it on and off, and then i have this whole vibrating mode Which i actually turn it off right now, because it’s it’s, a good vibrating, then it’s, a dnd which i don’t want to get disturbed, and then it like shakes my phone.

So i can find my phone easily. So this is all the stuff and one more thing. So when you swipe up, you can see all this stuff yeah like everything all the details, calories from everything born so like i said i have not done anything because i just received the device um today so yeah. Let me swipe down and you can see the your notification appears, which i will hide because i’m. So sorry – and i will hide this video with uh the text because, obviously – and so you can delete over here and as you can see, i can delete all the text from all the notifications. I’Ve actually got and that’s it so that’s a pretty neat stuff and i actually kind of like this stuff and yeah. So thank you guys for watching stay tuned.