I wanted another watch that could track steps and heart rate without breaking the bank, and this thing is it Music for the price it’s amazing, i even forgot – i was wearing it and got in a jacuzzi with it on and discovered it’s even waterproof. Thank you for making a good watch for a reasonable price. Let’S come smartwatch has a chic design. The monitor is ideal, it’s lightweight, but the rubber bands seem durable. It is very easy to use. You just need to press the function button and swipe the screen to access the interface and press the function button again to exit it, not only tracks the steps, sleep and heart rate, but has a sports mode with several options such as spinning running, etc. So you can track your exercise more accurately, Music. If you need some breathing exercise to calm yourself down here, you go, the relax menu will guide you. It does everything and even more that other famous brand trackers do Music. Plus it comes at a cheaper price. You can also connect the watch to your phone to see your texts and calls its battery is also very good lasts for a week or more depending on your usage in terms of accuracy. I compared it with my other famous brand tracker and they were close. My other brand slightly underestimates activity, and that was the case in this comparison. The bonus free one year extended warranty after downloading app great tracker, great price.

I could not figure why the watch does not pick up phone call alerts, the sms alert works, but the call alert does not maybe it’s a glitch. I will try setting the device again. I didn’t realize how much the older model was not what i really wanted. Until i received the updated version, larger color display more functions easier to charge screen options. I can actually read messages. Thank you. The price is great for product i received, the band is lightweight and flexible, the watch face is just the right size and the features complement my particular lifestyle. As a teacher, it is bluetooth, ready and easy to set up. I like that there are no complications due to needing a sim card. This was a definite bonus for me. This product works with my android based phone samsung, note 5 and i do believe, is ios compatible as well. The magnetic strip charging cord is fantastic. I would recommend this watch nice job let’s come exclamation mark great, looking watch fits comfortably and the battery lasts a long time it easily lasts about a week before needing to be charged, takes a couple hours also to fully charge the watch shipped and arrived quickly and In these packaging, the step in activity tracking seems to be pretty accurate. The mobile app is simple and easy to use. This watch looks and functions like some of the more expensive watches at a fraction of the price Music love.

The display of its bright and vibrant colors features are great and accurate. It goes toe to toe with my galaxy s3 frontier. The packaging is nice would recommend for a gift if that’s the case. The main reason i got this watch is that i wanted to try something with more of a square shaped display, but not too big or too small. This watch performed and works, as i intended to use it. 10 out of 10 would recommend received this product today and so far it’s super easy to use and has a ton of great features.