This one uses very fit pro app here’s why colon won more features, has timer alarm meditation and more 2. user interface is easier to navigate. My other smartwatch couldn’t go back and forth on the screen. Three, a lot of features can be turned on or off for battery meter is visible, so i know when to charge it old, one would say low battery while i’m at work, then it’s too late to go home and charge 5.. It feels lighter 6. and ip68. I shower with it and it’s fine, seven, oh and the charging port is magnetic, so it won’t move or lose connection which my other one didn’t have nicer than i expected. I recommend this watch Music. The clock has everything i need. It works great with my iphone 6. receives messages, it is light easy to set up and in 72 hours of continuous use. I have not yet had to recharge the battery, so it lasts a long time. It is very worth it Music. My only issue with this watch is that the software is not compatible with the apps that i use for my digital scale, my fitness, pal or fitbit. It is compatible with google fit which is compatible with myfitnesspal, so you can still get a full overview of your daily food and water intake along with your fitness levels and activity. It would be better if the app accepted other android apps to connect with, in my opinion, though, because not everyone wants to use google fit, the band is exceptional, really comfortable much better than my fitbit band.

Honestly, Music love, the bright display and the various options. I can receive notifications for what i want, including social media and emails, and i love how it automatically tracks everything i do throughout the day, as well as my sleep patterns, if you are looking to gift someone who has just started on a fit the app that You download to your phone is super easy to understand and navigate would highly recommend it. This watch is definitely one of the nicer ones i’ve seen for this price. The display quality is very clean and the interface is simple and direct. I also like that. It previews notifications, which allows me to check, if it’s anything urgent without having to check my phone it’s been a week, and this watch is great it’s. A great value keeps track off my fitness and syncs up with the app with no problems. This smartwatch with its gadgets, is a pretty amazing piece and loaded with technology from heart rate, sleep tracking, including deep sleep cycles, activity, slash steps counter and different types of sports, all for a absolutely low price, wearing it 24 7. Since i’ve got it and absolutely no issues, great warranty and customer service as well, i definitely buy another one. For my lady, it looks very similar to the apple watch, it’s very pretty, and i like having the music controls. I love getting the facebook and text notifications without having to have my phone right next to me.

I love this smartwatch.