The watch can last for a day plus, and you may need to do a charge again in conclusion, although the battery doesn’t last for two days, but it is worth to wear because the moto 360 really gives you a premium, looks and have a good quality built. Music motorola offers the best looking smartwatch no question. Only the battery life disappoints even on the latest android wear version, it’s quite fluid with the latest version. The only reason i’m giving it four stars and not five – is because of battery life. Otherwise i love this watch. I am a watch person, so i always wear a watch and this thing looks like a real watch, but on top of it it also a tiny computer, very cool. I can text play music or have navigation on without getting my phone out. I had to buy a spare battery charger for my office just in case the battery dies before my work day ends, but that only happens if i use my watch a lot overall im very happy with my purchase when rumors flew that motorola was manufacturing an android Based smartwatch, i was really interested in the beginning: motorola used rectangular display prototypes, and then they took a decision that changed the world of wearable technology forever. I couldn’t believe that they were actually making a. The watch has gotten even better with the latest ambient mode update. Even the battery life has increased, i am still using the product after two years – Music love it, the full metal construct, gives a premium feel, and it is beautiful.

Battery life can typically last for more than 12 hours, for average use fully charged at the start of the day and by night. It ranges from about 15 with ambient mode onto about 40, with ambient mode off battery charging is wireless, which is nice, however, for those who wish to charge at secondary site may need to invest in another wireless qi charger once in a while bluetooth connect drops, but Can be easily fixed by re initiating bluetooth scan from watch so far encountered twice over a period of three weeks with phone notifications appearing on the watch, the need to check phone is reduced, it’s, a cool gadget it’s time smile, the moto 360 is lovely and beautiful. Smart watch, the cons its bright display shows you the time in a bright day. The vibrating notifications on your wrist is very, very helpful when you don’t have free hands so far. I am i’d happy with this product and its benefits would like a small speaker for notification. The motorola watch is a very good. Looking watch has no external speakers, so you cannot make a phone call on it or hear the other person as much as i like. The first watch i had with play pandora and make phone calls for the same price. This is the watch. I was looking for. I own many samsung smartwatches gear, 2 gear s gear one. While i was satisfied with them, i never felt i was wearing a premium product, but rather a piece of plastic, no offense.

I still use them once in a while. The thing i like about the moto 360 is the premium stainless steel, bracelet and the professional look. Definitely suits a suit and tie outfit. I have gotten so many compliments at work in the street overwhelming, while it’s does not have as many features as the gear s, such as browsing the internet.