It does the work it monitors. My blood pressure, heartbeat steps and calories count. Battery can last for over a week got it last sunday and now it’s saturday still has half the battery. It fits. My wrist, not too big or too small Music. I really like the run doing smartwatch. I have been using this product for over a Music week it to monitor my bp and heart rate, while working out and feel that both are quite accurate. However, when it comes to tracking my workouts, it will show on my watch, but does not sync with my app to see my progress. I really wish there was an option in the app for this. I like how this watch is, is waterproof as well and not overly bulky charging. This watch is super easy by clipping it into the usb that it comes with the charge also lasts for many days, which is very nice. I will continue to use this watch to help monitor my health. If you are looking for a nice smartwatch on a budget, i highly recommend this one, so i recently went to walmart to look at smart watches. I liked the fitbit and the apple watch, but those were between dollar 150 200, depending on the models. My price range for now is around 50, and so after looking on amazon, i found the run doing brand. It has good reviews, so i am giving it a chance. I basically just want a watch with a few options for the face.

A pedometer and heart rate monitor, of course, it’s nice that it syncs up with my iphone. So i know about phone calls and text messages. Eventually, i think i will get an apple watch, but for my price range, this watch should do the trick. Elegant design, easy to use smartwatch it tracks activity, hearth rates, steps you also get notified. If you have a call so far, i like the product great watch for the money, highly recommend Music, pretty nice little pickup here looks just like an apple watch. The watch very well built has a nice weight. The watch does have different modes. It can measure your heart rate. It even has a blood pressure measurement im, not sure how accurate the bp feature is more testing to get a good determination on that. Overall, i really like this watch Music. If you’re looking for a smartwatch on a budget check this one out overall, i felt like it’s good to have smartwatch, as it helps track steps heart rate, blood pressure and night sleep pattern, it’s accurate in capturing night, sleep and heart rate. Blood pressure is near to accurate and steps it measures near correctly, Music. This also provides notifications on all notifications on mobile, while choosing selective notification from certain app as well. It is different from other smartwatch in market is that this has blood pressure monitoring, while others don’t have it. I also like the wrist move activation of screen. Wh Music.

I have been using it too extensively, trying all new features and its battery ran for three day. I think, with normal use, it will last for five plus day its style is awesome and it came in really nice packaging i charged it, and the battery lasts for about 31 halves days. My android only lasted hardly 12 hours. The heart rate, monitor and steps are great. It does stop the connection a lot and it hard to turn off, but i think it’s my internet connection. However, overall it is a nice watch, i like it, because i always forget my phone somewhere and it keeps track of my steps and has a phone finder, a plus for this absent minded. Professor it’s well made product for the price i paid. It has many options for people who like to keep a track of their fitness. Also, you can get all notifications from your phone Music. I only hope that you could answer or resent x through watch but again for the price i pay it’s great product. Why spend 100 of dollar for fitbit or other product? When you get all in one for 40, then i gave it to my younger sister, who has loved it. She has been using and exploring every feature and has upped her fitness game. She is always wearing it. This was my first smartwatch purchase. I didn’t want to pay an arm and leg for an apple watch, but yet wanted some features of it.

The is very well made and is attractive. It comes with a charger, a screen protector and a color manual, multiple languages, it’s very easy to set up. You download an app called h band to sync your phone, in my case, an iphone xs max. It has quite a few features to monitor your physical activity. Calorie counter from running walking, riding a bike, stepper elliptical and rowing along with checking your heart rate and your blood pressure, it also monitors your sleep. The one feature i love is the fine phone, as i turned my phone on silent, then misplaced it, but with a simple press of the button, your phone will make an audible noise to locate it. Priceless is my eyes. While you can’t take a call or text from it, it notifies you, then you can also sync your email. If you use gmail, you can also sync with a host of other apps e facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc. Along with being ip68 waterproof rated, not a diving watch, this watch is perfect for those looking to enter the smartwatch world.